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Looking for french classes in Hong Kong? Want to learn French grammar and French pronunciation ? Want to master french conjugation ?

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  • Charmaine
    (45 Reviews)
    Hello, this is Charmaine and I have 4 years of experience teaching French. This is the official French-Chinese translation of Christian Dior fashion show Dior Homme. I am also the official French-English translator of the Hong Kong French Wine Exhibition Center-Wine Expo. You will be immersed in a fun and practical French learning experience, including fashion, gastronomy, travel, cheese and wine, art, movies, and of course, the French lifestyle. As the winner of the French airline Bonjour Paris competition, I am honored to receive the Air France free ticket to Paris and to participate in the 25th anniversary celebration of Disneyland Paris. This game is a huge challenge to French culture and historical knowledge, of course
  • Leung's Institute
    Supplier of the Year
    (20 Reviews)
    Leung's Institute is a language school established since 2002. We provide language courses such as Japanese,Korean, English,German, Spanish and French and overseas study tours. Over 3000 students enroll in our courses every year.
  • French Class
    (1 Reviews)
    i am passionate in teaching French for English or Cantonese speakers.
  • Ronan LE GUEN
    French tutorial: My native language is French (from France) and I've been providing one-on-one tutorial in French language to adults, to enhance their level of French in the business area, to students preparing for University, and to children will...
  • F.Chan
    Experienced English, French and Cantonese Language Instructor/Tutor offering online/private/group lessons; proofreading/copy-editing, translating, interpreting, and polishing and ghostwriting services. 經驗豐富的英語,法語和粵語教師/導師提供在線/私人/團體課程;校對/複製編輯,翻譯,傳譯和...
  • Man-Ho Kam
    Bonjour! I am a native French speaker, born and raised in Paris. I have a journalist background and now work as PR Manager for a French organization in Hong Kong. I offer private lessons and translation services from English to French of Chinese t...
  • Patrick Gifford
    I am Patrick Gifford from France I provide Electric Guitar lessons ( rock,Heavy Metal) French Lessons for Children , teenagers, Adults.
  • Erick Chan
    Graduate of the English Department of City University, minor in International Languages, studied in Spain and France, and obtained DELE B1 and DELF B1 qualifications. After graduation, work full-time in the consulate, teaching foreign languages as a sideline
  • Becky Lau
    I hold French DELF B2 and Business French B2 certificates. I have studied in France and can teach French introduction and accept French translation work.
  • 陳珍妮Jenny
    Transmedia Animal, owner of JC PIXIE MEDIA. Former TVB Chinese and English news anchor, Bachelor of Chinese Department of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Journalism, graduate of Reuters London branch advanced training course, French B1 level, in 2017 at the Catholic University of Paris to study conversation. State Language Commission Putonghua B, etc. I love teaching languages and hope everyone can become a native speaker. Tel: 531***94 Website:
  • Tang Yat Fai
    本人精通幾國語言, 包括:希伯來文, 法文,英文以及中文 本人可提供翻譯不同語言的服務。 I was born in Israel so I can speak Hebrew fluently. My parents are from Hong Kong and I studied in a French school for 12 years so I can speak French, Cantonese as well as Mandarin.
  • Mong Lok Yiu
    Over 5 years teaching experience - experience - patient - outgoing
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 102 reviews
    Atena Liu
    Sep 07 2022

    Olivier is very fun to learn from! He would converse with me in french even tho I’m a beginner. He also helps me remember grammar in a fun, practical manner with lots of practice. He is also very good at explaining nuances in the language. Wholeheartedly recommend!

    Karen lam
    Aug 13 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Spencer sir is a good professional and nice. He will give appropriate guidance and give appropriate exercises according to students' different English levels. Compared with students, the school results have greatly improved

    Apr 07 2022
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Clear explanations and lots of notes. Class atmosphere is relaxed

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    Actual French Language Lesson Requests

    • "Wanna attempt DELF A2"

      Hong Kong-Pok Fu Lam

      What is the student's current French level?Intermediate
      What medium of instruction would you prefer?Cantonese
      Purpose of learning FrenchInterest
    • "Looking for a French teacher for my kids"

      Kowloon-Kowloon Tong

      What is the student's current French level?No Experience
      What medium of instruction would you prefer?English
      Purpose of learning FrenchAcademic purpose
    • "I want to learn French "

      New Territories-Hang Hau

      What is the student's current French level?Elementary
      What medium of instruction would you prefer?Cantonese
      Purpose of learning FrenchOwn Interest

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    What can a French teacher do for you?

    Depending on your goals, say sitting a French language proficiency test, learning French for travel, or preparing for in-school language exams, French tutors can go through French words, French grammar rules and practice French conversation with you, catering your specific needs.

    What are some French language exams I can sit?

    DELF and DALF are common French exams among locals. They are approved internationally and awarded by the French Education Ministry. There are a total of six levels - DELF can be further broken down into A1, A2, B1, and B2 while DALF breaks down into C1 and C2. High school students can consider taking DSE French or IGCSE French, but note that the materials are not as sufficient as that of DELF and DALF.

    Which French tutor suits me best?

    Depending on your intention of learning French, you should see if the tutor's teaching experience aligns with your goals. Some teachers specialize in preparing students for exams, some French tutors good at teaching French lessons for kids and conversational French lessons for beginners, and some even teach more advanced courses like French translation, French for travellers, etc. You should look for a tutor based on your own needs. If you are not a beginner, some language schools provide entrance exams, so that you can assess your level and pick the right courses.

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