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Where should I learn Japanese? Wondering how to learn Japanese? Japanese is very popular in Hong Kong. Not only are there websites for learning Japanese, but there are also Japanese language centers, making it easy to master the language.

Regardless of your preference to be taught at a language center or by a private tutor, you can learn Japanese words, Japanese phonics, daily Japanese conversation and Japanese grammar with their professional tuition.

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Featured Japanese Tutors

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    Japanese Language Trainer
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      Toby J-Class
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                  Machung Chan
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                        Miss Chiu

                        Actual Japanese Lesson Requests

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                        • “Looking for a patient Japanese language teacher”


                          Hong Kong-Admiralty

                          Have you learnt Japanese before?Never
                          What is the student's current Japanese reading/writing level?None
                          Anything else would you like your Pro to know?Provide learning materials
                        • “Learn Japanese from the basics”


                          Kowloon-Lai Chi Kok

                          Purpose of learning JapaneseInterest
                          What kind of lessons are you looking for?One-on-One Tutoring
                          Anything else would you like your Pro to know?I want to learn useful phrases for travel.
                        • “Japanese teacher for JLPT exam”


                          Hong Kong-Admiralty

                          What is the student's current Japanese reading/writing level?N4
                          Purpose of learning JapaneseWork-related purpose
                          Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I am going to take the N3 JLPT test.

                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 378 reviews
                        Average Rating:
                        • Brian Wong Yung Kong
                          November 16, 2018

                          A personalisedand step-by-step approach to learn Japanese. As a new learner, I get the general picture and know how to practice! I will continue learning! Great tutor!

                        • hung fuk to
                          November 27, 2018
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                          Teaching is very patient, and proposes that left studying in Japan should pay attention to the benefits and burying

                        • cel***@*****.com
                          November 11, 2018
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          Very responsible Japanese teacher

                        • Wing Leung
                          September 30, 2018

                        • Hung
                          January 2, 2019

                          Highly recommended! I’ve had 4 lessons with Mia now and they‘re fantastic! She asked me what my goals were at the start, and each lesson since has been structured towards achieving my goal. She’s qualified, professional, and thorough on pronunciation

                        • Caroline Eros
                          March 7, 2019

                          Mia is a great teacher, she explains everything while still getting straight to the point. I had lessons in the past with other teachers and I feel that Mia really helps me bringing all my previous knowledge together.

                        About Japanese Lessons

                        The Japanese Lessons on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your Japanese Lessons needs will be catered. You can hire our Pros without worries.

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                        Why shoud I join a Japanese lesson? Is a Japanese language teacher necessary?

                        To learn Gojūon (the 50 sounds in Japanese) and Japanese phonics, self-learners will need different Japanese materials. Japanese Apps and relevant tutorials are available online. However, there are less conversational practices in Hong Kong. By joining a private Japanese courses, you have the opportunity to practice daily conversations in Japanese.

                        What types of Japanese courses are there? Which one suits me best?

                        There are different Japanese courses in Hong Kong. According to students' age, Japanese language schools and centres provide courses for children, parent-child combinations, and for adults. As for students who aim at the JLPT exam, they can take N1-N5 courses or other intensive courses. There are also private tuition courses (including native Japanese living in Hong Kong), training students' conversational skills. Some teachers are willing to teach you one-on-one at your place.

                        What should I look for in a Japanese teacher or Japanese programme?

                        Every student learns Japanese for a different reason. Regardless of your reason, say to study in Japan, sit Japanese language exams, or just for leisure, there is a Japanese teacher that suits you. When you look for a teacher, you can refer to his/her background and experience. Say some teachers specialize in Japanese examinations, some like teaching about the Japanese lifestyle. Also, some langauge centres provide entrance exams for non-beginners to find courses that match their level.

                        Average cost for hiring a Japanese Tutor
                        Minimum$ 250
                        Average$ 350
                        Maximum$ 400

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