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Featured Mandarin Tutors

  1. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Jumbo Tutor
    Jumbo Tutor
    26 Reviews
    資優補提供外籍導師/本地老師上門教授。外語導師均來自英國、美國、加拿大、澳洲、紐西蘭、南非、愛爾蘭、韓國、日本、法國、義大利、西班牙、德國、俄國、中國、香港、新加坡…教授語言包括: 英文、西斑牙文、法文、普通話、日文、韓文、義大利文、德文、俄文、廣東話等。 導師教育程度方面,所有導師均擁有大學學士學位或以上。而所有導師均以所教授的外語為母語以及取得相當的語文水平證明。 導師教學經驗方面,資優補均詳細審核外語導師的履歷及家長的口碑,以確保我們能提供最佳的學習經驗以及相當素質的外語導師予學生。...
  2. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Education and Culture Promotion Society
    Education and Culture Promotion Society
    18 Reviews
    Hi! My name is Lucille, you also can call me Ms.Lo. I graduated from the master degree of CityU. I have been working in Education and Culture Promotion Society(position: Secretary General of Youth Council) for few years. The main range of our orga...
  3. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-香港專業普通話學校
    6 Reviews
  4. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Chester Fung
    Chester Fung
    18 Reviews
    Literature passionate. Ielts results: 8.5. All students pass ielts with 6.5 or above over the past 4 years of teaching Over 10 years as a rugby athlete with numerous medals and awards. Skills and conditioning coach of the uni rugby team Diving ins...
  5. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-羅美美
    11 Reviews
  6. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-International Language Centre
    International Language Centre
    New Pro
    we are a Hong Kong based professional language centre providing Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and French courses, ILC was found in 2006. We provide classrooms in Central.
  7. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Practical Mandarin Learning Centre
    Practical Mandarin Learning Centre
    6 Reviews
    Recognized by Hong Kong Eudcation Bureau, Practical Mandarin Learning Center is one of the biggest and leading Chinese language schools in Hong Kong specializing in Mandarin teaching to professionals of corporations and their families. It is an id...
  8. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-香港普通話語音教研所
    3 Reviews
    本教研所成立於二零零八年,旨在開創有意識的發音方法,運用每位學員的母語發音本能,引導學員知道何謂發音的原理,從而掌握準確、肯定的發音。全體同人使命:要令香港人學普通話變得快捷、有效,填補社會在語音教學方面的不足。 原則:所作承諾一定做到,不靠包裝,靠實際的試堂教學效果令學員明白所需。
  9. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-普通話中文教育中心
    2 Reviews
    本中心老師持有国家语委(一级二級等)证书。 學好普通話的最好方法是為自己找一位來自北京的, 以普通話為母語的專業導師。 老師的母語是普通話,語音純正,十分了解中國背景文化和風土人情。定居香港十年,同樣對香港的生活環境、學習要求以及香港的教育制度十分了解。教過的學生年齡從2歲至50多歲,入學時水平參差不齊,都幫助他們取得了滿意的成果。 成人學習: 根據學生的要求度身訂做,更具行業的專業性,學習講,說,聽和普通話的習慣用語。專業名詞的學習。包括傳譯,當地風俗習慣,一些日常生活的習俗,普通話水平...
  10. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Clarity Academy
    Clarity Academy
    2 Reviews
  11. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-花朝月夕書室
    5 Reviews
    *服務範圍: 1.中文補習:小學、初中、DSE課程(包括本地學校、國際學校課程) 2.普通話補習:兒童、成人課程 3.小學升中面試班 *公司理念:為學習者度身訂造課程,助學習者邁向成功。 *導師資歷:-註冊教師 -國家一級普通話水平 -二十年教學經驗 *收費:$400-$500/小時 歡迎致電查詢。
  12. Mandarin Language Lesson-Mandarin Tutors-Rachel
    6 Reviews
    Graduated from the UK, I can provide English tutorial classes for secondary, primary and kindergarten students. With the knowledge of Linguistics and Phonetics, IPA and phonics lessons could be provided. Please contact me for more details. Thanks.

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    2 months ago


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    last month

    Quick response and good service. The teacher is very professional and experienced. Great!

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