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Where should I learn Korean ? To learn Korean, you should first look for a suitable teacher who can teach you Korean alphabets, Korean characters, Korean pronunciation, and so on. There is a wide range of quality Korean courses in Hong Kong, from Korean language schools which provide courses for beginner Korean language learners to private tutors who teach one-to-one according to the student's Korean level.

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  • Korean Tutoring ( Face to face/ Online )
    (8 Reviews)
    Hi I have taught Korean for over 10 years in Hong Kong. If anyone is keen to learn in Korean , it will sure be a good opportunity to learn Korean with me! I teach Korean in English. Pls contact my WhatsApp 619***38
  • Cherie Co
    (1 Reviews)
    I am a native Cantonese speaker who is able to speak Mandarin and English fluently and Thai at a conversational level. I completed a 10-month Korean language course in South Korea last year and obtained TOPIK level 6 in one attempt. I have roughly 1.5 years of experience in private tutoring. I provide services in Korean teaching for beginners and Korean translation.
  • Yonsei Language Education Centre
    (9 Reviews)
    Hi there! We strive our best to provide the most comprehensive and complete Korean course for Korean language learners of all levels. Our mission is to help students master Korean language and culture in a fun and interactive way.
  • ✅ 안녕! 我係擁有6年教育資歷既 星級韓語導師NOAE!‍
    (11 Reviews)
    I live in Korea and is a student at Dongguk University. I have attained an advanced certificate in Korean from Yonsei University, which is equivalent to TOPIK Level 5. I have taught Korean for a year. As a student myself, I understand that students do have questions when they learn Korean. I will interact more in class to make all students learn happily without pressure. I am now offering one-to-one Korean classes by video call. 1) Elementary Korean 2) Intermediate Korean. Materials of Yonsei University will be used. As for tuition fees, my classes are not as expensive as I have no expenditures on rent at all. I will not delay teaching progress, and will make sure students learn everything they need. Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes. $220/ per lesson for one-to-one classes. $200/ per person for classes of two $180/ per person for classes of three. My schedule is rather flexible at the moment. I will find a time as suitable for you as possible.
  • 羅美美
    Supreme Service
    (28 Reviews)
    Standard Mandarin training and Korean for beginners!
  • Melody專業韓語導師‍‍
    (9 Reviews)
    I have studied in Korea and graduated with a Grade 6 in languages at university. I have the experience of teachign Korean. Beginners and non-beginners are both welcomed. Contact me if you're interested~
  • Rei Jung
    I'm Korean and living in Hong Kong now. I have studied Fashion Design in Tokyo and worked in Japan for around 3 years. Later I began working for Japanese companies in Korean, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.
  • Kristen
    I major in Korean and got Topik Level 5 within a year. I have been a translator and am very familiar with Korean culture. It's not difficult to attain Topik Level 4-5.
  • Miss Lee
    I have lived in Korean before and published books related to working holiday in Korea. I have 3 years of Korean-teaching experience and I teach with interesting ways. My students range from adults to high school students. I can offer both individual and group courses. I have my own classroom. Lesson time is flexible. I teach beginners using Cantonese. My students have achieved good results in Topik I.
  • Tony Park
    My Name is Tony Park, native Korean and Korean language tutor. I have over 10 years of experience in teaching Korean language. - With both individual and group/class (e.g: Korean instructor in HKMA) - In both Hong Kong and Canada (mostly Hong Kong) - With all ages and different levels (beginner to advance) - Helping you learn practical Korean depending on your goal (Korean alphabet to all different/trendy subjects: TOPIK, KR drama, K pop,and even finance) Tutoring will be conducting in English and Korean.
  • Judy Ji Won Kim
    Hello, I'm currently a Korean student studying veterinary medicine in Korea. I have had all my previous education until high school in Hong Kong for IB and IGCSE. I can teach in English or Korean! My family lives in Hong Kong so I come back to Hong Kong during my holiday and I am available for around two months offline. I am very flexible with time and am also willing to do online lessons even after I go back to Korea.
  • Chiman Cheung
    Hello! I am a Chinese Korean who grew up in Hong Kong. I have studied in Korea and got Level 6 in TOPIK. I can teach in Cantonese, Mandarin, or English. Beginners and TOPIK I candidates are welcomed.
  • Cheng Sin Man
    Thank you for your interest in learning Korean. I am a graduate from CUHK which minor in Korean, and also I have obtained level 4 in TOPIK. I have travelled to Korea few times and my friends are current undergraduates in Korea University. Therefore, I am confident in assisting your Korean learning process in a fun and informative way;)
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 184 reviews
    Dec 06 2023

    Friendly and patient tutor Explained the content well~

    Lau Stephanie
    Sep 15 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The teachers are very polite and attentive. The class will not feel dull or stressful, and will make people interested in continuing to study👍🏻

    Aug 05 2023

    very patient to teach

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    Korean Language Lesson Average Cost

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    Actual Korean Lesson Requests

    • “I need to learn Korean to pass TOPIK”

      Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

      What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?No Experience
      How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?18 - 25 Years Old
      Purpose of learning Korean?Own Interest
    • “Improve my Korean language and conversational skills”

      Kowloon-Sham Shui Po

      What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?Beginner
      How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?18 - 25 Years Old
      Purpose of learning Korean?Own Interest
    • “Korean Language Tutors for TOPIK preparation”

      Kowloon-Mong Kok

      What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?Intermediate
      How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?26 - 44 Years Old
      Purpose of learning Korean?Job-related needs

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    How long does it take to learn Korean? What are some ways to learn elementary Korean, like Korean alphabets and Korean prounciation

    The time it takes to learn Korean depends on your requirements and goals. If your goal is to attempt TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), it takes at least 4 months and up to a year to achieve TOPIK Level 1 / 2. Without a doubt, it takes longer time if you learn Korean yourself using Korean study sites, Korean Apps, and other self-learning materials. Korean websites and tutorial videos can teach you the 40 Korean alphabetics and its pronouncication, equipping you with the basics.

    Where should I learn Korean? What types of Korean courses are there? Can I learn Korean online?

    Korean language schools are where most students learn Korean. Some universities in Hong Kong, like HKU Space and CUSCS offer Korean courses. They require students to take the full-time and part-time courses and assess them using assignments and exams (not Topik). The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions teaches Korean courses as well. If you want to be tutored 1-on-1, you can look for private tutors. They are flexible in adjusting teaching contents and materials to cater your needs and level of knowledge. Learning Korean online might not be the best choice for beginners as they need more guidance when they aren't familiar with the gramatical and voaculary fundamentals.

    How could I know the quality of a Korean school / centre?

    To decide if a Korean lesson or course is suitable for you, you can first refer to the Korean instructor's qualifications. Besides deciding to learn Korean from Korean native speakers and "Korean as second language" speakers, students interested in learning Korean can ask for the tutor's examination qualifications. In the TOPIK examination system, TOPIK II Level 6 is the highest. Also, students can see if the prepared teaching materials are of high quality. You should also be aware of teachers who charge an unreasonably low fee.

    How much does it cost to learn Korean?

    Korean teachers charge at least $220/hour. Korean language schools charge a bit less as students are taught in groups. Students are able to communicate with one another in Korean and practice daily Korean conversation. If you find 1-on-1 private Korean lesson out of your budget, you can consider to learn Korean in small groups.

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