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Where should I learn Korean ? To learn Korean, you should first look for a suitable teacher who can teach you Korean alphabets, Korean characters, Korean pronunciation, and so on. There is a wide range of quality Korean courses in Hong Kong, from Korean language schools which provide courses for beginner Korean language learners to private tutors who teach one-to-one according to the student's Korean level.

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Featured Korean Teachers

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    Cherie Co
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          Rei Jung
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              Miss Lee
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                Sarah Ouyang
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                  Tony Park
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                    Judy Ji Won Kim
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                      Chiman Cheung
                      • Korean Lesson - learn korean hong kong - Cheng Sin Man - learning korean-Cheng Sin Man
                        Cheng Sin Man

                        Actual Korean Lesson Requests

                        See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                        • “I need to learn Korean to pass TOPIK”


                          Hong Kong-Sheung Wan

                          What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?No Experience
                          How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?18 - 25 Years Old
                          Purpose of learning Korean?Own Interest
                        • “Improve my Korean language and conversational skills”

                          Lucy Wong

                          Kowloon-Sham Shui Po

                          What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?Beginner
                          How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?18 - 25 Years Old
                          Purpose of learning Korean?Own Interest
                        • “Korean Language Tutors for TOPIK preparation”

                          Cindy Man

                          Kowloon-Mong Kok

                          What is the student's current Korean reading/writing level?Intermediate
                          How old is the student who wants to learn Korean?26 - 44 Years Old
                          Purpose of learning Korean?Job-related needs

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                        • lam
                          October 27, 2018


                        • 王生
                          October 8, 2018

                        • Wong Po Yuk
                          September 10, 2018
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                          At the beginning, I was not sure about the class time. I was very polite and took the initiative to confirm the time to me. I wouldn’t have Hard Sell, and I’ve always maintained good communication. The teacher is professional, the price is fair, and there is no delay. Because I have never been exposed to Korean, I chose to teach one-on-one. It was a little hard for two hours at first. The teacher took the initiative to propose to me to adjust the progress of the class for half an hour, which is very intimate. Always looking forward to the church

                        • Lui
                          July 26, 2018
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                          The answer to the major is also direct. Seeing that their social platforms also see a lot of positive repercussions, confidence has increased! So I decided to start class next week. Highly Recommend !

                        • KissKiss Chan
                          July 1, 2018
                          Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                          show original review

                          Patience, professionalism, and serious class.

                        • Rosalie
                          September 10, 2018

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                        How long does it take to learn Korean? What are some ways to learn elementary Korean, like Korean alphabets and Korean prounciation

                        The time it takes to learn Korean depends on your requirements and goals. If your goal is to attempt TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean), it takes at least 4 months and up to a year to achieve TOPIK Level 1 / 2. Without a doubt, it takes longer time if you learn Korean yourself using Korean study sites, Korean Apps, and other self-learning materials. Korean websites and tutorial videos can teach you the 40 Korean alphabetics and its pronouncication, equipping you with the basics.

                        Where should I learn Korean? What types of Korean courses are there? Can I learn Korean online?

                        Korean language schools are where most students learn Korean. Some universities in Hong Kong, like HKU Space and CUSCS offer Korean courses. They require students to take the full-time and part-time courses and assess them using assignments and exams (not Topik). The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions teaches Korean courses as well. If you want to be tutored 1-on-1, you can look for private tutors. They are flexible in adjusting teaching contents and materials to cater your needs and level of knowledge. Learning Korean online might not be the best choice for beginners as they need more guidance when they aren't familiar with the gramatical and voaculary fundamentals.

                        How could I know the quality of a Korean school / centre?

                        To decide if a Korean lesson or course is suitable for you, you can first refer to the Korean instructor's qualifications. Besides deciding to learn Korean from Korean native speakers and "Korean as second language" speakers, students interested in learning Korean can ask for the tutor's examination qualifications. In the TOPIK examination system, TOPIK II Level 6 is the highest. Also, students can see if the prepared teaching materials are of high quality. You should also be aware of teachers who charge an unreasonably low fee.

                        How much does it cost to learn Korean?

                        Korean teachers charge at least $220/hour. Korean language schools charge a bit less as students are taught in groups. Students are able to communicate with one another in Korean and practice daily Korean conversation. If you find 1-on-1 private Korean lesson out of your budget, you can consider to learn Korean in small groups.

                        Average cost for hiring a Korean Teacher
                        Average 250 /hour in Hong Kong
                        Average$ 250MinimumMaximum$ 220$ 300

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