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English is one of the most frequently used languages in Hong Kong. It is always a good idea to polish up your English. You can learn English and improve your conversational and writing skills, from general English grammar rules to daily English conversation, regardless of your age.

English Language Lessons are classified into different levels. If you are a beginner in English, consider starting with the elementary English courses!

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Featured English Tutors

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                      Actual English Class Requests

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                      • "Looking for an English Teacher for my son"


                        Hong Kong - Central

                        What is the student's current English level?Elementary
                        How old is the student?6 - 8 Years Old
                        Purpose of learning EnglishAcademic purpose; Own Interest
                      • "Work requires advanced English conversation skills"


                        Kowloon- Kowloon City

                        What is the student's current English level?Intermediate
                        How old is the student?18 - 25 Years Old
                        Purpose of learning EnglishWork-related needs
                      • "Looking for an IELTS English Class"


                        New Territories - Sha Tin

                        What is the student's current English level?Intermediate
                        How old is the student?11 - 17 Years Old
                        Purpose of learning EnglishImmigration

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                      • Cherry Chiu
                        June 1, 2019

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                        May 25, 2019

                      • 陳怡樺
                        March 19, 2019

                      • Fuis Shuying
                        March 5, 2019

                      • 李鴻維
                        February 23, 2019

                      • Nick Huang
                        January 18, 2019

                      About English Tutors - English Language Classes / English Courses

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                      What can I learn through English Language Lessons?

                      Regardless of your English level, tutors can teach you conversational English, English oral practice, English reading comprehension, and knowledge of the like. If you are taught in groups, you also have chances to practice daily English conversation with your classmates.

                      How can I learn English?

                      You can either have English language lessons with a private tutor or sign up for a language school. Self-learners can make use of online resources to learn basic English vocabulary and grammar rules. But mastering grammar rules is not the sole goal of learning of a language. Apart from grammar, there are a lot more to learn, say IPA and phonics, idioms and slangs, etc. All of these have to be learnt in the long term through attending classes as well as through watching films and reading books in students' own time.

                      What should I pay attention to when I enroll in an English class?

                      There is a wide range of English language classes to choose from, especially that for children. They range from interactive English to parent-child English classes. Before you pick a class or teacher, make sure you know which style and what goals you are going for. For example, you might want to aim at consolidating basic grammar knowledge or practising daily conversation, and make these clear to your teacher.

                      Average cost for hiring a English Tutor
                      Minimum$ 200
                      Average$ 250
                      Maximum$ 400

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