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Do you want to learn how to play the guitar to serenade someone? Acoustic guitar for beginners might seem challenging as there are a bunch of basic chords and fingering you will have to practice. As long as you have an acoustic guitar teacher, you can start from the fundamentals of music theory and play whatever songs you like. Some guitar lesson offers a free acoustic guitar when your subscribe to the course too. 1-on-1 private guitar lesson available to accelerate your learning experience!

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What is the student's current acoustic guitar experience?

  • No experience
  • 6 months or less
  • 6 - 12 months
  • 1 - 3 years
  • 3 - 5 years
  • 5 years or more
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  • 梁梓結他教室 TL ...
    (5 Reviews)
    Liangzi Guitar Studio TL Music According to your interests and ability, the course is designed to help you find your own music style on top of learning guitar. --- We provide group and individual courses instructed in Chinese, English and Mandarin, at your place, teacher’s place or a band room. What I teach you is music. Guitar is just the instrument.
  • 拯救音樂
    (23 Reviews)
    I am Mark. I have played the guitar for 10 years or so from various teachers so as to explore different playing skills and styles. I often take part in commercial performances, and once was an in-house singer at a coffee shop. The teaching materials are summarized by myself in an organized manner, including some important rhythms and music theories I create. That's why the teaching notes are either handwritten or programmed systematically. I believe I can help you in understanding what you are playing and flexibly making use of what you have learnt. Eventually you will be equipped with all the guitar basics.
  • Chuen Lee
    (20 Reviews)
    Chuen is a graduate of the Musicians Institute, a contemporary music school in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Having begun with classical and acoustic guitar in his teenage years, he mainly focused on electric guitar and received formal musical training at the college. Besides having private lessons regularly with Vadim Zilbershtein, guitarist of Earth, Wind and Fire, Chuen had a chance to learn and play with LA based guitar masters, like Sid Jacobs, Bruce Buckingham, Daniel Gilbert, Dave Hill, etc. In addition to receiving musical knowledge at school, he also performed different genre of music in live band setting regularly, from Rock/Pop to Funk/ Soul and Latin Jazz music. The journey of studying aboard tremendously widened his horizon of music. Before leaving Los Angeles and heading to New York, Chuen had a chance to record his first instrumental tune as composer, arranger and guitarist in a local studio and had a great time working with LA based studio engineer and musicians. During his stay in New York, he taught music at local music schools and shared his musical knowledge with students from different race and cultural background. Returning home after his musical journey in the US, Chuen is eager to share his experience and knowledge of music gained oversea with anyone who wants to study the beauty of guitar and music. Below is the hyperlink of my graduation recital in US, performing my own tune in jazz band setting. Feel free to watch it if you are interested in my playing!
  • 倬加綜合教育中心 Cheer Voice
    (7 Reviews)
    Courses are student-oriented and focus on basic skills. I never teach in a rush. Guitar tutor: A committed and qualified holder of the classical guitar certificate having more than 20 years of experience in teaching. I attended the master class of David Russell and received technical guidance from Roland Dyen. The learning experience is vivid, which can effectively help students to solve any difficulties they face.
    (13 Reviews)
    Deng Weifeng was admitted to rock school in 2006, and graduated from the music department of Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in classical guitar under the tuition of Huang Wenjin. He has performed in wedding banquets, commercial shows and bars for many years. He also takes part in music arrangement, music scores input and recording. He was once the musical director of a musical performed at the Hong Kong International Airport. His students range from 5 to 70-year-old. Some of his students have obtained the the Grade 8 certificate. He has many years of experience in teaching guitar at schools, classes , in groups. He acquires strong sight-reading and writing skills. He also teaches free jamming, composition, music theory, sight-reading, and even finger style. He takes Alexander's techniques as the teaching method and is good at the improvisation and theories of blues, jazz, pop, funk, metal and rock music.
  • Michael
    (10 Reviews)
    I teach wooden guitar, electric guitar and bass. I once performed in Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Kowloon Bay International Trade Centre, and Macpherson Stadium, etc. I have also participated in the compilation and recording of music albums, and have participated in the production of six albums. Style of music taught: Hong Kong pop Music, Christian music, foreign band music I am a freelancer now and can teach groups and individuals. Both beginners and advanced learners are welcomed.
  • 由資深導師任教,提供各類...
    (2 Reviews)
    Courses are taught by an experienced teacher, providing all kinds of guitar and music theory courses. I have relevant certificates in musical instruments and much experience in teaching, having graduated from the composition department. I was once guided by Roland Dyen and am now am a member of the HKIIM guitar band.
  • 松老師
    (10 Reviews)
    Rockschool Grade 8 - Guitar(Merit) I have taught in different piano studios, primary and secondary schools and community centers. I am a full-time teacher of electric and wooden guitar as well as ukulele. I am familiar with musical styles including pop, rock, metal, post rock, folk, etc. and stage sound equipment. My classes focus on the skill training and musical cognition. I start with the simplest and most basic knowledge and consider individual needs so as to teach flexibly. My studio has professional equipment, putting students in a good musical environment. Both one-to-one and group teaching are available at reasonable price. Please contact me for enquiries and free trial. Students mainly learn through song playing and practice process is interesting but not boring. Teaching outline includes five parts: 1: music theory 2: basis skill training 3: advanced music theory 4: Jamming 5: developing other music styles
  • 譚Sir
    (15 Reviews)
    Electric guitar, wooden guitar, classical guitar courses I have got ROCK SCHOOL Grade 8 Guitar, classic guitar certificate of Royal Academy of Music, and Grade 5 Theory in Music. I graduated from the music composition department of Hong Kong International Institute of Music, and followed guitar player Chen Guohua to study. Now, I am the guitar player of “Zi Kui” band. I once taught guitar in many music studios, schools, community centers, with rich experience! Different levels of teaching materials for different students!
  • Ka Sing
    (3 Reviews)
    Mr. Chen has a piano performance grade, 8-grade music theory, 8-grade violin and is also proficient in guitar, with many years of experience in teaching piano. He can make adult and children feel and cultivate the interest in music through the interesting teaching, and help students with piano/music theory examination. He teaches attentively with patience, and will also help students train for the test and make professional accompaniment for their practical examinations of various instruments.
  • Teacher of beginner guitar and electric guitar, as well as makign music scores and software application of guitar pro.
  • Tom Leung
    (5 Reviews)
    TL Music designs courses according to your interests and ability, letting you learn guitar and enjoy music in groups and individually. You can choose between Cantonese, English, or Putonghua; also to have lessons at home, at the teacher's home, or at a band room. What I teach is music. Guitar is merely the tool.
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    Jan 26 2024
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    Very detailed teaching, easy to understand and understand, very nice

    Dec 18 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Careful, clear guidance, and friendly Fair opinion

    Tin Ng
    Oct 30 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Speaks very clearly and has a patient tutor 👍🏻

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    Acoustic Guitar Lesson Average Cost

    Acoustic Guitar Lesson cost table
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    Actual Acoustic Guitar Lesson Requests

    • “Guitar Chords”

      Hong Kong-Mid-Levels

      What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?Intermediate
      How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?26 - 30 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?Cantonese
    • “Beginner Level Guitar Lesson”

      Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

      What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?No experience
      How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?19 - 25 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?English
    • “Please teach me guitar”

      Hong Kong-Tin Hau

      What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?No experience
      How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?13 - 18 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?Mandarin

    About Acoustic Guitar Teachers - Guitar Teacher, Guitar Lesson in Hong Kong

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    How much does the acoustic guitar lesson cost?

    Generally, an acoustic guitar lesson costs $200 per hour. The acoustic guitar lessons for amateurs will usually be cheaper than those advanced acoustic guitar lessons. At the beginning of the guitar lesson, the teacher might give the student an acoustic guitar to facilitate the guitar learning. Some acoustic guitar teachers will also give them acoustic guitar's music scores, chord charts, and teaching of how to play guitar. If the amateurs wish to have another music scorebook or change the strings of the guitar, this might cost more.

    How much does one acoustic guitar cost?

    An acoustic guitar costs around $350 or more. For the acoustic guitar beginners, they are suggested to buy a cheaper acoustic guitar. The prices also differ due to the brand (i.e. Yamaha, Taylor, Martin etc.), the wood used, the quality of the wood, the way of manufacturing (the handmade acoustic guitar is usually more expensive). The rare acoustic guitar sometimes can cost more than $10000. For the beginners who wish to buy a high-quality acoustic guitar, they can go buy an acoustic guitar with good quality, which costs around $1200.

    Where can I have guitar lessons?

    Mostly there are two kinds of acoustic guitar lesson: acoustic guitar lessons offered by music centers and private acoustic guitar lessons. The music centers will provide different kinds of acoustic guitar lessons, such as children acoustic guitar lessons, adults acoustic guitar lessons, intensive acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons etc. Some of the acoustic guitar lessons are taught in groups. Some of them are one-on-one lessons, specifically taught be male or female acoustic guitar teachers. However, the quality of the acoustic guitar teachers varies that you should choose the reputable music center. As for the private acoustic guitar lessons, the teachers might have different experiences but without adequate teaching experience. Therefore, you should fully understand their background before having the private acoustic guitar lessons.

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