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Do you want to play acoustic guitar songs? Acoustic guitar for beginners might seem irritating as there is a bunch of basic chords and fingering you will have to practice. As long as you have an acoustic guitar teacher, you can start from the fundamentals of music theory and play whatever songs you like.

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What is the student's current acoustic guitar experience?

  • No experience
  • 6 months or less
  • 6 - 12 months
  • 1 - 3 years
  • 3 - 5 years
  • 5 years or more

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Featured Acoustic Guitar Teachers

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                          Actual Acoustic Guitar Lesson Requests

                          See other similar requests in Hong Kong 

                          • “Guitar Chords”


                            Hong Kong-Mid-Levels

                            What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?Intermediate
                            How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?26 - 30 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?Cantonese
                          • “Beginner Level Guitar Lesson”


                            Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

                            What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?No experience
                            How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?19 - 25 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?English
                          • “Please teach me guitar”

                            Tony Chan

                            Hong Kong-Tin Hau

                            What is the student's current acoustic guitar level?No experience
                            How old is the student who wants to learn acoustic guitar?13 - 18 years old
                            Which language do you prefer to conduct the guitar lesson in?Mandarin

                          Customer Reviews

                          Average Acoustic Guitar Teacher Rating:
                          Based on 174 reviews
                          • Christie Lam
                            July 10, 2018

                            Ms Li is a friendly teacher who eagerly helps to support my child in learning guitar. My child had no background in music and Ms Li patiently helps her to learm.

                          • 黃淦忠
                            June 29, 2018

                          • 黃太
                            June 16, 2018

                            老師很有耐性,very good

                          • Chong Sin Lam Sigrid
                            June 13, 2018


                          • Alvis Wong
                            June 7, 2018


                          • 李主揚
                            June 2, 2018


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                          How much does the acoustic guitar lesson cost?

                          Generally, an acoustic guitar lesson costs $200 per hour. The acoustic guitar lessons for amateurs will usually be cheaper than those advanced acoustic guitar lessons. At the beginning of the guitar lesson, the teacher might give the student a guitar to facilitate the guitar learning. Some acoustic guitar teachers will also give them acoustic guitar's music scores, chord charts, and teaching of how to play guitar. If the amateurs wish to have another music scorebook or change the strings of the guitar, this might cost more.

                          How much does one acoustic guitar cost?

                          An acoustic guitar costs around $350 or more. For the acoustic guitar beginners, they are suggested to buy a cheaper acoustic guitar. The prices also differ due to the brand (i.e. Yamaha, Taylor, Martin etc.), the wood used, the quality of the wood, the way of manufacturing (the handmade acoustic guitar is usually more expensive). The rare acoustic guitar sometimes can cost more than $10000. For the beginners who wish to buy a high-quality acoustic guitar, they can go buy an acoustic guitar with good quality, which costs around $1200.

                          Where can I have guitar lessons?

                          Mostly there are two kinds of acoustic guitar lesson: acoustic guitar lessons offered by music centers and private acoustic guitar lessons. The music centers will provide different kinds of acoustic guitar lessons, such as children acoustic guitar lessons, adults acoustic guitar lessons, intensive acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons etc. Some of the acoustic guitar lessons are taught in groups. Some of them are one-on-one lessons, specifically taught be male or female acoustic guitar teachers. However, the quality of the acoustic guitar teachers varies that you should choose the reputable music center. As for the private acoustic guitar lessons, the teachers might have different experiences but without adequate teaching experience. Therefore, you should fully understand their background before having the private acoustic guitar lessons.

                          Average cost for hiring an Acoustic Guitar Teacher
                          Average 300 /hour in Hong Kong
                          Average$ 300MinimumMaximum$ 200$ 600

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