2018 Average Cost for Tennis Lesson in Hong Kong

Average 400 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for Tennis Lesson is HKD400 per hour. To hire a tennis coach, you are likely to spend between HKD300 and HKD 600 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 300$ 600$ 400

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    SAM Tennis (HK Island only)
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      Raymond Yiu
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        Curtis MAR
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          Sam Hung Tennis Coach

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        Tennis Lesson Hong Kong Cost Details

        Praised as one of the most noble sports in the world, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the European and American countries. As an elegant and intense sport, tennis can be played in singles or doubles. There are a lot of advantages in playing tennis. For example, it can train up speed, flexibility and the social skills of the players.

        1) Tennis Lesson Actual Cost

        Even though tennis has always regards as a sports for the elites, the threshold for learning tennis is not very high. The prices are similar to other sports courses. The change of the prices depends on the organisation, level of difficulty, age of the students, number of the students in the class, venue.

        The tennis class organised by the LCSD are the cheapest tennis class among all, requiring only $170 for 8 tennis classes. The tennis class organised by the HKFTU are the second cheapest as it is only $68 to $110 per lesson.

        Besides, the tennis lesson organised by the tennis club, the tennis sports organization or the tennis school. The Children tennis class, entry tennis classes for youth and adults will be cheaper, that you only need to pay around $80 to $150 for one lesson. The advanced tennis classes required high fees as it costs around $150 to $200.

        Hiring a private tennis coach is the most expensive since it costs $280 to $600 for an hour. Yet, it gives you enough time to do tennis training, the coach can also personalise a tennis course for you.

        2) Tennis Lesson Services Content

        Different tennis class and tennis coaches have their own means of teaching. Yet, the entry class will teach the students the gesture of holding racket and swinging racket. Later, they will allow the students to feel the strength of the ball by hitting the ball. The tennis coach will also teach the students how to hit and kick off the tennis ball. The intermediate class will teach more tennis skills like foot gesture, how to pull and forth, slice serve. The advanced tennis class will teach technical guidance, physical training.

        3) Tennis Lesson Additional Cost

        The tennis lesson rarely requires additional cost. For the private tennis coach, the students might need to pay the transportation fees for the coach if the venue is far away from the coach’s home. You can also consider the book the public tennis court managed by the LCSD which only costs around $5 for 30 minutes to $118 for an hour.

        User Review
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        • Vincent van de Belt
          January 28, 2019

          I'd like to highly recommend Aaron. He is very dedicated to improving my skills and and he does that in a very professional and at the same time relaxed style. Great combination if you want to learn a lot, get challenged, and have a good time!

        • Martin Chan
          October 20, 2018

        • Dionne Tai
          August 8, 2018

          I'd been playing on and off for years but was frustrated hence stopped. I am impressed by Einstein’s enthusiasm and passion. He is such a detail oriented and patient coach, he is observant, thoughtful, energetic and super skilful. His lessons are structured but not dull. He explained concepts clearly which made learning so easy to grasp! Within one lesson my forehand had improved dramatically and more importantly, I’ve regained the joy of playing! Einstein is now coaching my son as well!

        • Tracy Wong
          July 27, 2018
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          Jerry is a coach with good intentions and good people. At first I thought that I was single-handed and I didn't know what to look for. But the family just gave birth to a child, but my body was soaring and I wanted to be a gym. The determination to lose weight drove me to take the first step. The goal was to wear a fine-grained tennis skirt. Jerry is a good sun and a tolerant coach, and the canal is patient and patience. And my goal has been reached. I completely enjoyed the fun of playing the waves and repaired it to the body :)

        • Ramon Au
          June 27, 2018

          Coach Clare is very patient with kids and aroused kids’ interests to play tennis by using interactive games. My kids love playing tennis now, particularly my 10-year-old son, who has made significant progress in his tennis skills in a year’s time.

        • Kate Wong
          June 21, 2018

          Nice coach with patience. Fun learning & playing tennis experience for my kids.

        Actual Tennis Lesson Request

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          Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
          Do you prefer 1 on 1 tennis lesson or group tennis lesson?In groups
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          How old is the student who wants to learn tennis?11 - 19years old
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