2023 Average Cost for Swimming Lesson in Hong Kong

Average 250 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for swimming lesson is HKD250 per hour. To hire a swimming coach, you are likely to spend between HKD100 and HKD 600 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 100$ 600$ 250

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          Swimming Lesson Hong Kong Cost Details

          Swimming is one of the basic survival skills, and everyone should learn to swim. On the one hand, swimming belongs to aerobic exercise, which is beneficial to cardiopulmonary function. On the other side, there is no age limit for swimming, and both men and women, the old and the young are suitable for training. What is the tuition fee for adult swimming classes, children swimming classes and swimming classes on the market? Note the following cost guidelines for swimming classes:

          1)The specific charge of swimming coach

          The tuition fee for swimming lessons is more affordable than many interest-oriented classes because its supply and demand rate is larger. Generally, the tuition fee is different according to the institutions (LCSD swimming classes/swimming association/Hong Kong swimming association/swimming association, etc.), the number of students per class, students level, quality of coaches, as well as the venue.

          For all institutions, the LCSD swimming class is the cheapest, requiring only $100 for 10 swimming lessons. If the students are older than 60, they can enrol in adult swimming classes for free. However, due to a large number of swimmers, there are limited in the number of students of the LCSD swimming class and the quota is allocated by lottery.

          Students may also consider swimming classes held by swimming association and swimming schools at a price of $100-$280 per hour. For reference market prices, the average tuition fee for infant swimming classes is about $143 per hour. The average tuition fee for children swimming classes is about $137 per hour. The average tuition for adult swimming classes is about $116 per hour. The tuition fee for infant swimming classes will be higher, because the proportion of teachers and students is smaller, and it requires the swimming coach to supervise and teach along them. The number of participants in the classes by swimming association and swimming school is ranged from 5 to 20.

          If students have more budgets, they can find a private swimming coach for one-on-one or one-on-two swimming lessons. For the market price, hiring an ordinary private swimming coach is priced about $400 per hour on average; a senior coach is priced about $600 per hour on average.

          2)The duties of swimming coach

          There are all kinds of swimming classes, including the classes based on age or degree. Swimming beginners will mainly learn floating, self-standing and water breathing. When students are familiar with water, they will be taught the freestyle or breaststroke skills, breathing techniques and basic leg movements. Most of the swimming courses are based on 25 meters, and students can successfully learn a kind of swimming stroke.

          In the intermediate swimming course, students can learn more about backstroke and butterfly stroke. Advanced swimming courses will teach students to further improve four types of movements, such as the decomposed practice of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, as well as endurance and speed practice. The children or adults who learn to swim will learn the competition movements at the same time, such as diving, turning in water and so on.

          3)The addition charge of swimming coach

          The maximum additional cost for swimming classes is swimming pool’s entrance fee. For adult trainees, $17 to $19 is required for the single entry and exit of public swimming pool. $8-$9 is for the people aged 60 or above, children aged 3 to 13, full-time students and disabled persons. A monthly admission fee without unlimited times for adults is $300. Additional rent will be paid if you need to rent pool lanes.

          User Review
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          • Lai chung fat paulus
            April 15, 2024
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            fit me. It’s nice to have a professional coach. He was able to bring out my potential abilities and develop them gradually. It brings me swimming satisfaction and strong interest orientation. Thank you coach 😊

          • Isabella
            April 11, 2024
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            Be patient and caring, and adjust the progress according to the child's condition

          • 許澤森
            April 9, 2024
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            Patient teaching explains in detail how to correct mistakes according to different needs. You can master them in a short time, so it is worth recommending👍🏻👍🏻

          • KST
            April 7, 2024
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            My little friend Christy is only two years old. When she arrived at the swimming pool for the first lesson, she was already crying and refusing to go to class. This made me very worried that she was unwilling to learn to swim and was afraid of swimming. But what was unexpected was that when Sir Feng saw my child for the first time, he did not rush to drag my child into the water for class. Instead, he patiently communicated with my child next to the swimming pool and waited for her to relax. Finally, he expressed his willingness to bravely try to take the first step, then he hugged her and walked slowly into the water to start the swimming class. During the class, Sir Feng kept talking to the children and asked the children to do some very simple exercises until At the end of the class, the children left the swimming pool with a smile! I hope my daughter will learn to swim and master the most basic self-rescue skills in the water.

          • Charlotte
            April 7, 2024
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            Miss K is very thoughtful. When she sees any problems with our swimming style, she will immediately ask questions and tell us how to improve. She has a good temper. I used to go to the swimming pool and learned nothing in 8 lessons, but I learned it after 4-5 lessons with Miss K. Big recommendation!

          • Alisha
            April 4, 2024

            Alyssa is a great coach. She’s extremely patient and understands your individual needs and caters the class in accordance to you. I highly recommend as before starting I had 0 experience with swimming and had a fear of water. Now I can swim and am no longer afraid!

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