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                      Actual Personal Training Requests

                      See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                      • “Find TRX personal Trainer”

                        Mark Choi

                        Hong Kong-Happy Valley

                        What are your personal fitness goals?Weight loss, Flexibility
                        How old is the student who needs the personal trainer?31 - 44 years old
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Hi I'm specifically interested in TRX training
                      • “Lose weight”

                        Danny Kwok

                        Hong Kong-Central

                        What are your personal fitness goals?Weight loss
                        How old is the student who needs the personal trainer?24 - 30 years old
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Would like to lose weight within two months
                      • “Gain muscle”

                        Leo K.

                        Kowloon-Yau Ma Tei

                        What are your personal fitness goals?Increase muscle strength, Endurance training
                        How old is the student who needs the personal trainer?17 - 23 years old
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?I am a bit skinny.

                      Customer Reviews

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                      • 徐小桀
                        May 27, 2018


                      • Yi Jhan Huang
                        May 26, 2018

                      • Harry Lau
                        May 23, 2018


                      • Jacky Poon
                        May 22, 2018


                      • Cloudia
                        May 17, 2018

                      • 吳翔恩
                        May 16, 2018


                      About Personal Trainers

                      You will be charged differently for different fitness coach. The factors which affect the pricing may include: experience of your coach, length of your personal, training difficulty, special request and so on. When you post your request on our platform, there will be up to four fitness trainers to give you the quotation. Most of our personal trainers come from different chain fitness centers and some of them are the owners of their private Gym centers. They are all experienced fitness trainer. If you have some special requests for your fitness coach, for instance: you may want a trainer who provide courses for women or go to specific Gym room for training. All your requests can be written down and submit to us. We can match the most suitable fitness coach for you.

                      Under normal circumstances, your personal trainer will meet with you at the Gym center agreed by both parties. If you have a designated Gym room, such as a Gym center in a private club or you already have all the fitness equipments at home, you will need to inform your fitness Coach in advance.  If you are satisfied with his / her teaching, you can continue to hire the coach by contacting your private trainer.

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