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Toby Cost Guide

In hourly rate

HK$ 400Average reported costs

Most people spend between

HK$ 300HK$ 500

Toby reports that the average cost to hire a personal trainer in Hong Kong is HK$ 400per hour and most pay between HK$300 and HK$500 per hour.

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No matter the season, it's always important to keep fit and healthy. Not only is it great for your health and body, it will make your mind feel fresher too. If you're looking to get fitter, there's nothing better you can do than hire a coach. A trainer will be on your side every step of the way, designing a fitness program to meet your goals and get your fitness on track. No matter if you're new to the fitness game or you are a seasoned pro looking to improve your performance, we're able to match you with the right coach for you.

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How does it work? It's simple. Step one, submit a request. Just answer a few simple questions relating to your existing skill level (from complete beginner to advanced) and your fitness goals. Maybe you want to lose weight, get toned, increase your flexibility or improve your endurance? Our personal trainers will help you do it. Step two is to browse through our list of fitness professionals and choose the one that will suit your needs. With such a wide range to choose from, you'll be matched with the perfect trainers for your fitness goals; all you have to do is take your pick and select the one that's best for you. Step three: contact personal trainers (or tennis coaches) directly on our search listing database. Forget having to trawl the internet, only to find half of them don't pick up their phones. Get the job done and speak to the trainer directly. When they list on HelloToby, they're competing for your business and will stop at nothing to offer a superior service at a great price.