2018 Average Cost for Personal Training in Hong Kong

Average 650 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for personal training is HKD650 per hour. To hire a personal trainer, you are likely to spend between HKD500 and HKD 1,000 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 500$ 1,000$ 650

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      Personal Training Hong Kong Cost Details

      It is common for everyone to have the love of beauty. Everyone wishes to have a good body shape by going to gym Hong Kong , attending personal training session or even hiring a private personal trainer to train up muscle or reduce weight. Having the personal trainers will even more efficient since the private personal trainers can provide one-to-one services to evaluate your fitness performance. This passage serves to show the cost details of hiring a personal trainer or joining the gym clubs.

      1) Personal Training Actual Cost

      The cost of hiring a personal trainer depends on the trainers’ experience and the gym venue. In general, the hourly rate of a personal trainer is $400. Chain gym rooms and gym centres will provide personal trainers to hire. They also fitness training classes to apply. Still, the prices of these services are non-transparent. The membership fee of joining the gym centre costs from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per month. It is also restricted by different conditions with admission time, services restrictions.

      Relatively, it is easier to control budget if you hire a personal trainer to have a training session in a certain gym room. LCSD Fitness Room Monthly Pass only costs $180, which only costs $14 per hour. The gym rooms organised by non-profitable organisations like YMCA and South China Sports Association costs from $200 to $500 per month. Some clubhouses which also provide gym costs around $300 per month. And some of them are counted in estate management fees and have to additionally pay for the entrance fees.

      2) Personal Training Services Contentf

      The fitness trainer to help you to set up a training goal based on your body conditions and your fitness expectations. The fitness trainers should ask for your whole health conditions like cardiovascular conditions, past disease record, weight and body fat to set up the fitness goal.

      Weight-bearing training usually includes weightlifting by using weight machine or dumbbell to strengthen the specific muscle, including arm, leg and back muscles.

      Weight-reducing training includes training the heart and blood vessel by treadmill, elliptical cross-trainer and exercise bicycle. Besides, keeping on diet is also important.

      3) Personal Training Additional Cost

      Diet and exercise are both important to fitness training since the muscle is not only trained, it can also be consumed.

      If you wish to strengthen your muscle, you have to consume a lot of protein. 4 pounds of protein powder only costs around $400. Still, you are not advised to consume protein powder without any professional guidance. HelloToby can provides you professional personal trainers who can give you personalised diet and exercise schedule. It will no longer be impossible if you want to be slim or muscular.

      User Review
      according to 570 reviews
      • Sharon Kwok
        November 7, 2018

        At first I thought getting back into a workout routine will be annoying, turned out the sessions are always enjoyable. Richard always do his best to listen and to share his knowledge and experIences. This surely is the best gifts i ever given myself!

      • Hody
        September 12, 2018

        Professional coach with rich experiences. He will train you based on your body level and it is effective. Willing to teach you anything you wish to know. Wonderful coach and highly recommended!!

      • 馬力
        September 10, 2018
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        I think Bobo is a very responsible coach. In the past, I have invited several sports coaches (so there are some experiences of coaching). The coaching profession and teaching intentions are two things. Bobo is not only professional but also very strict and should Well, haha), the most important thing is that a good coach knows how to teach, he will use a lot of different ways to let students do the right thing, and he also communicates well, so I found Bobo personally. I feel lucky!

      • 王培剛
        October 9, 2018
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        For a newcomer like me, wave education is a very patient coach. During the training process, I will continue to correct the posture constantly, let me learn how to safely apply force and maximize the effect. The training environment is very friendly, and the coaches inside will also share the experience enthusiastically. I really recommend it to friends who want to find a personal trainer. The Church is a very good choice.

      • Natalie
        October 2, 2018
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
        show original review

        The teaching process is very careful, it will help you correct the action to the best position, and will always remind you which part should be done correctly. If you have any questions after class, you will have a question and answer within the first time. The content of the class is also very complete, sometimes it is clear that an hour has arrived or will take you out, in short, it is really very hard, people are super nice coach.

      • Amy Li
        August 11, 2018
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
        show original review

        1) After the first experience of the course, the coach gave me some simple tests and told me some bad postures that I have not found. I will take 10 minutes to correct the bad posture every time I go to class. This is really recommended! 2) When you are in class, you will also record the number of actions and times of the day, and bring warm-up and exercise before the exercise! 3) There is only one person in class time, and I am very satisfied with not using the equipment.

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