2018 Average Cost for the Facial Treatment in Hong Kong

Average 150 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for facial treatment is $150 per hour. To hire a Facial Center, you are likely to spend between $120 and $300 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 120$ 300$ 150

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          Facial Treatment Hong Kong Cost Details

          Needless to say, everyone might have their own means to deal with their skin problem. But when it comes to dealing with specific problem, such as acne, blackhead etc. or you wish to have treatments such as full-body whitening, you might need to seek help from facial centers. With previous experiences on facial treatments and having understandings of different skin problems, they will offer you a much professional facial treatments in Hong Kong. However, there are different kinds of facial treatments Hong Kong, it might be different to find out the real price of them. If you want to check out the prices of each kind of facial treatments, make sure do not miss out this article!

          1) Facial Treatment Actual Cost

          Facial Treatment and skin care are taken steps by steps. The actual costs will depend on the customers' skin type, skin conditions, the facial treatments taken, the qualifications of the beauticians and the facial centers. Different facial treatments for different body parts will be sold individually or in packages. In general, the more experienced the beauticians are, the more experience the prices are. Having the facial treatments during the peak seasons and longs hour of treatments will lead to a higher price. Besides, some beauticians will provide facial treatments at your place might also push up the prices as well.

          Generally, the basic skin care treatment and whitening will cost cheap, it will cost around $120 to $300 per one treatment. However, the price will be higher if the beauticians use additional or high-quality skin care beauty products during the treatments. The full-body whitening or treatments, such as neck treatment, arm treatment, leg beauty etc., will cost less than $1500. If you purchase different treatments in package, then it will cost around $2000. For cleaning blackhead and acne facial treatment, it will cost around $100 to $200. Some facial centers will provide trial sessions which the treatments might cost less than $100. If you want to continue the treatments, you have to pay back the original price.

          If you wish to enjoy the sophisticated facial treatments, such as Intense Pulsed Light skin care, anti-wrinkles and counteract skin discoloration, will cost a much higher price.

          2) Facial Treatment Services Content

          The basic skin care services will provide normal hydration and massage. The regular facial treatments will include cleaning, cleaning off the cuticle, face-steaming, face massage etc.. If necessary, they will also provide you the massage all over the body and removing the blackhead.

          The better skin care treatments will provide you the treatments you required, such as anti-wrinkles, counteract skin discoloration, sensitive skin revitalization and Intense Pulsed Light skin care etc.. Some services like ovary, kidney, lung care etc. will be provided too.

          3) Facial Treatment Additional Cost

          The facial centers will provide different pricing schemes based on different treatments. However, if you use additional equipments like Steam capsule, light wave bath room, far infrared light etc., a higher price will be charged.

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          • Gett Mee
            September 12, 2019
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            The effect of the product is obvious. After the completion of the effect, Li will be released immediately. However, I have to do it several times before, and the beautician is 2x younger than me. The rock is tilting, the time is going too fast, I will hardsell me, and I will return to the house in Zhongbi time. The idea, the wilderness is exaggerated, it is the price of the regular price service, about 1000 times, Zhong considers tight.

          • Ryan
            April 14, 2019
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            Engraved in a comfortable environment

          • Angel Wong
            January 2, 2019
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            The first time to achieve a beautiful effect! He serves professionally! I am very satisfied!

          • 黎浩光
            October 6, 2018
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            The service quality is very good, and we will carefully introduce the most suitable treatment price to the guests. If you try to do it once, it will have obvious effect and will continue the treatment.

          • Chloe
            May 4, 2018
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            The price is fair and the effect is also very good.

          • Antetokounmpo Chau
            April 6, 2018
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            Reasonable price and good service attitude

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