2018 Average Cost for Haircut in Hong Kong

Average 500 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for haircut is $500 per hour. To hire a hair stylist, you are likely to spend between $250 and $680 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 250$ 680$ 500

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  1. Expert of haircut for girls

    La Môd Salon
    La Môd Salon
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      • Provide different hairstyle cutting

        • Impressive Long Bob Haircut

          Hello 我係資深髮型...
          Hello 我係資深髮型...

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          Haircut Hong Kong Cost Details

          A good hairstyle can affect others' perceptions towards you. Changing a look or a hairstyle can means a full upgrade of others' perception. Similar to purchase clothes, it can be difficult sometimes to find a suitable haircut. How can we find a suitable hairstyle? If you are troubled by this question, you can find a good hair stylist to help you out! How much does it cost to hire a hairstylist? Will it be expensive if I want to hire a hair stylist to design a hairstyle for me? You can check the price of hiring a salon or a hair stylist by reading this article.

          1) Haircut Actual Cost

          The actual cost of hiring a hair stylist varies based on the experience of the hair stylists. If you have limited budget, then you have to consider if you want to find a hair stylist, an image stylist, or an image director. Hiring an image director might cost much expensive than simply hiring a normal hair stylist. Generally, more experienced the hair stylists are, the higher price they will charge.

          The hair stylists will usually charge $100 for a haircut, while the image stylists will charge for more than $200.

          Some salons will provide membership scheme that the customers will get discounts or additional hair treatments, such as hair mask maintenance and oil treatment, when they have shopped more than a certain amount.

          2) Haircut Service Content

          In general, the salon will help you washing, combing, and cutting you hair. The hair stylist help cut your hair according to your wish. However, a good hair stylist should observe your head type and face type, ask you for you expectation on your new hair style such as if you want to have a long bob haircut or a korean haircut, which are simple but necessary for you to have a suitable hairstyle. Combing your hair based on your hair layers and status. Finally, the hair stylist will use hair gel to stabilize your hairstyle.

          3) Haircut Additional Cost

          No matter which salon you are going to, they will both additionally charge for hair treatments. They will ask for your approval before undergoing the hair treatment!

          User Review
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          • Kathy Fu
            June 1, 2022
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            The children return for half a day, and the salon opens after 10 o'clock. Only push the door. It was Toby who saw that Philip had a door-to-door service. This time I did dyeing and highlighting. I originally wanted to make electricity, but after communicating with Philip, I got my pertinent and professional advice. The result is very satisfactory.

          • ip
            May 25, 2022

            Ray is nice stylist, recommended! :)

          • lolethla
            April 20, 2022
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            Master Philip is so attentive and professional👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 The whole process is really one-on-one, shampooing, blowing, and cutting. I will personally complete the whole process. Zhong will be patient and teach me how to take care of my hair. So far, I am the most happy and satisfied with the whole head. 🥳🥳🥳

          • Anonymous
            April 2, 2022
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            Very professional 🥰Every step is done well enough, polite environment, good hair color effect! Good Chinese hair is very well cut 😆

          • Anonymous
            February 21, 2022

            Marco was very well prepared, fast but detail-minded, making home-grooming a very possible & enjoyable experience especially during social distancing, or even after that. Total time spent on setting up, trim & colouring was 2 hr. Highly advise to have your hair washed first, get the cut, then colouring (a bit different from normal steps). It’s because it will be easier to wait for the colour at your comfort, and wash at your own pace. Also, wear something that’s easier to take off for washing off the dye later.

          • Anonymous
            February 17, 2022
            Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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            Thank you very much for helping me solve the problem of hair quality for many years. In the past, the hair quality was naturally cramped, split ends, dull and welded, like straw grass. After listening to your opinion, I did a treatment, and now the hair quality has become smooth and fit. , shiny, straightened, makeover me. Due to the epidemic situation, it is not estimated that this effect will also be achieved at home. My colleague highly praised my look, and thank you for your careful teaching of my hair care procedures in the future. I look forward to visiting your store after the epidemic situation improves.

          Actual Haircut Services Request

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          • "professional haircut for men "



            Please choose your hair style preferenceRegular haircut
            Is the individual in need of this service male or female?Male
            What is your estimated budget for the hair styling?$300 - $499
          • "I want to have a long bob haircut "


            New Territories-Sha Tin

            Is the individual in need of this service male or female?Female
            Please choose your hair style preferenceRegulat haircut, Oil Treatment
            How old is the individual who needs hair styling?Between 18 - 25
          • "Best haircut Hong Kong "


            Kowloon-Shek Kip Mei

            How old is the individual who needs hair styling?Between 26 - 44
            What is your estimated budget for the hair styling?$700 - $999
            Which area do you prefer?Yau Tsim Mong / Sham Shui Po District

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