2018 Average Cost for Tablet Repair in Hong Kong

Average 300 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for tablet repair is HKD300 per hour. To hire a tablet repair technician, you are likely to spend between HKD200 and HKD 400 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 200$ 400$ 300

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          Tablet Repair Hong Kong Cost Details

          Tablet devices are very popular today for work and leisure. But what if you accidentally damage your tablet, say cracking the screen or leaking water in? How much does it cost to repair a device? Let us tell you some cost details of tablet repair.

          1)Tablet Repair Actual Cost

          Different brands have different quotes. The actual repair fee includes the cost of labour and accessories used. Taking a damaged screen as an example, the fee depends on your tablet's model, but the minimum fee would be around $1,000, maximum around a few thousands. Like when the screen appears to abnormal, leaking light, etc, the inner screen has to be repaired at around $300-$800. If the touching is problematic but the screen is fine, the cost of repairing the outer screen is around $300. If it is the system which needs reassembly, optimization, installation of software, etc, the charge would be minimum $100/each. If the tablet appears to be a dark screen or cannot be turned on, the charge would be $300/each or above. Having used a tablet device for a long time, problems in network connection, dial-up internet access, wifi sharing, etc. might appear, costing around $50/each. If you want to have specific parts changed, the price depends very much on the market price of those parts, as well as a labor cost of $30-50.

          2)Tablet Repair Services Content

          If your tablet shows a black screen or cannot be turned on, the tablet repair technician will choose as safe mode for you and delete the software or drive downloaded beforehand. If it is the hardware which has led to the black screen, the respective hardware parts will be repaired. If the screen is damaged or cannot work, the technician will check if there are damages on the surface, such as the condition of the screen and gap between the screen and the core device. After that, your device will be restarted, installed a drive, and set accurately. Also, an external OTG keyboard mouse can be used and a tablet drive can be installed, then the device is ready for use.

          3)Tablet Repair Additional Cost

          During the repair process, software, hardware, side products, and miscellaneous items have to be purchased. Also, if the technician fixes your device at your place, there would be a service charge of around $30-$50.

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            Nice guy and helpful, he got professional skills Thanks for the help 👍🏻

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            I’m so fast, my attitude is very friendly!

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            From the purchase of parts to the maintenance of the computer process is very careful, Zheng Sheng explained in detail, it is recommended that the left several useful software than me. Good handcuffs help me to complete 3 computers, Zhong recommended masonry hardware is very professional.

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            Excellent, quick respond, provide professional suggestion, well prepared, 3 words, 平靚正, strongly recommended and will hire again, thanks

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            Help me upgrade the left computer, relying on the line to get fast, 俾 left good both recommend the same left wifi with secure. Will continue to help next time!

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            I am very dedicated to help me solve the problem.

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