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No matter what problems your tablet has, such as software and hardware problems, OS upgrade, low space issues, speed problems, data recovery, network troubleshooting or regular maintenance etc., the Pros on HelloToby can help you fix them.

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Featured Tablet Repair Technicians

  1. Tablet Repair - tablet computer - Ivan Lee-Ivan Lee
    Ivan Lee
    • Tablet Repair - ipad repair hk - Gary Lam-Gary Lam
      Gary Lam
      • Tablet Repair - google tablet - iSecure-iSecure
        • Tablet Repair - samsung pad - MingChi Repair Center-MCRC明志手機維修中心
          • Tablet Repair - huawei tablet - Fynd-FYND
          • Tablet Repair - window tablet - John-John
            • Tablet Repair - android pad - Computer Life Ltd-Computer Life Ltd
              Computer Life Ltd
            • Tablet Repair - repair ipad battery - Him NG-Him NG
              Him NG
              • Tablet Repair - samsung repair hong kong - Grand Strategy Computer-Grand Strategy Computer
                Grand Strategy Computer
                • Tablet Repair - toby tablet - DrPhone-Dr.Phone 專業電話維修
                  Dr.Phone 專業電話維修
                • Tablet Repair - google pixel c repair - 浪漫手機醫生-浪漫手機醫生-專修iphone. iPad
                  浪漫手機醫生-專修iphone. iPad
                  • Tablet Repair - repair shop - Mo Chan-誠功科技手機店

                    Actual Tablet Repair Requests

                    See other similar requests in Hong Kong

                    • "Ipad stopped working after water damage"


                      Hong Kong-Mid-level

                      What brand is the tablet that needs repair?Apple
                      What problems does the tablet have?Water damage
                      Where do you need the service?Pros should travel to my preferred location
                    • "Broken Screen. Urgent Tablet Repair"


                      Kowloon-Kowloon City

                      What brand is the tablet that needs repair?Apple
                      What problems does the tablet have?Cracked screen
                      Where do you need the service?I can visit the Pro’s office
                    • "The tablet literally uses its battery up in 1 hour and less"


                      Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

                      What brand is the tablet that needs repair?Samsung
                      What problems does the tablet have?Battery Issues
                      Where do you need the service?I can visit the Pro’s office

                    Customer Reviews

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                    Based on 134 reviews
                    • Jessica
                      July 21, 2018

                    • Louis Ho
                      July 20, 2018

                    • Mandy Lui
                      July 18, 2018

                    • 關振山
                      July 16, 2018

                    • Tsoi
                      July 12, 2018


                    • Ava Chan
                      July 5, 2018

                    About Tablet Repair - Table Repair Shops near me / Table Repair Prices

                    The Tablet Repair Technicians on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered regardless of what services your tablet device needs, including your tablet's model, brand, software or hardware problems, computer viruses, data recovery, and so on. The average cost for a professional tablet repair services is $300 per project. You can hire our Pros without worries.

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                    Is there anything I need to pay attention to before sending my tablet to a repair technician?

                    Just like computer and mobile phone repair, the tablet repair process involves clearance of the data inside. Before passing your device to the technician, make sure you make a copy of important data, such as contacts, photos, account passwords, and the like, and save them in SD cards or cloud storage, preventing data loss.

                    What should I do with a broken tablet screen?

                    Normally, damage of the screen does not do any harm to the devices' inside parts. According to the average HelloToby's table repair prices, you can have the whole screen changed at around $500-1,000. Users should use protective tablet cases or glass-made screen stickers.

                    How do I make sure the repair is effective?

                    Before sending a device to repair, clients should first check the condition of the device clearly. You can take a picture and let the technician know what the problematic issues are. After the repair, you should check the device thoroughy before paying.

                    Average cost for hiring a Tablet Repair Technician
                    Average 300/project in Hong Kong
                    Average$ 300MinimumMaximum$ 200$ 400

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