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Seek for air conditioner technicians’ help if your air conditioners do not freeze or are filled with dust. Technicians will help you eliminate mold, odor and minimize noise generated through the cleaning process! Every Toby technician is interviewed and trained. Appliance of Japan eco-friendly detergent, standard service procedures, 6-layer disassembling and cleaning completely favour you with ease!
Seek for air conditioner technicians’ help if your air conditioners do not freeze or are filled with dust. Technicians will help you eliminate mold, odor and minimize noise generated through the cleaning process! Every Toby technician is interviewed and trained. Appliance of Japan eco-friendly detergent, standard service procedures, 6-layer disassembling and cleaning completely favour you with ease!

Popular AC Models

Window Type AC
Window Type AC
Sold 8,189 times

Unlike other companies, every of our Toby’s technician passed our training. Deep-cleaning on your air conditioners will be done through 12 standard service checkpoints and 6-layer disassembling and cleaning. Service outcome will be far out of your expectation and up to 3 months free maintenance will be provided.

Split Type AC
Split Type AC
Sold 6,056 times

Bacteria and mites killing, cooling effect enhancement and low electricity consumption can be achieved by regular air conditioners’ cleaning. Cleaning will be completed through 12 standard procedures and 6-layer disassembling and deep-cleaning. Adoption of Japan’s newest formula effectively and quickly eradicates stubborn oil stains and dirt on metal air filters and aluminum heat sinks.

Ceiling-Type AC
Ceiling-Type AC
Sold 2,802 times

Every licensed technician is experienced. You can make your choice with no hidden charges. Our technicians will follow all 12 cleaning procedures with compensation guaranteed on any broken units during the cleaning process. 3 months of free maintenance and 7-day CS follow-up will be granted after the cleaning service. The service outcome will definitely be reflected on the price you paid for.

Cassette-Type AC
Cassette-Type AC
Sold 2,697 times

Having years of related experiences, the professional Toby team makes use of high-pressure water jet equipped with two 0.9 litres detergent cans for a complete cleaning on both visible and invisible dirt. 6-layer key parts of air conditioners disassembling and cleaning will eliminate dirt, dust mites and bacteria. Professional air conditioner cleaning can be provided on all types of units.

Duct-type AC
Duct-type AC
Sold 2,978 times

Toby undertakes air-conditioning cleaning, repair and maintenance services for office, apartments, schools and shops of all sizes. We can also provide free on-site quotation services. If the quantity is more than 6, you can directly call 3703 3250 for more discounts.

Standardised service procedures

More than 12 standardised service checkpoints, 6-layer disassembling and cleaning professionally achieve bacteria and mites killing, cooling effect enhancement and low electricity consumption for you.
On-site Visit
AC checking and testing
Electricity supplies checking
Wind speed test before and after service
Strict water-resistant measures
Professional disassembling
Detailed dust-filters cleaning
Spray-cleaning on cooling copper pipes
Cleaning by high-pressure water jet
Wiping, drying & assembling
Cleaning the location
Examination & testing after services

How It Works

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Choose your AC models and your preferable time slots, prepay and wait for confirmation
Confirmation quickly received
Confirmation quickly received
Email confirmation of successful reservation will be sent at earliest 30 minutes after order placement
Enjoy the service
Enjoy the service
Professional technicians will serve for you on time based on your requirements
Safety Guarantees
Personal Safety Insurance
Toby has purchased Personal Safety Insurance for every helper in case of workplace injuries.
Labour Insurance
Labour insurance have been bought for every air conditioner cleaning technician in case of workplace injuries.
After-sales guarantee
3 months of free maintenance will be provided. Follow-up will be made within the maintenance period if issues occurred caused by our cleaning procedures.

Why Us?

The largest Home Services Reservation Platform in HK
All Pros are experienced and passed background checks
Transparent price, no hidden charges
Compensation guaranteed on any broken units during the cleaning process.
Monday to Sunday Professional Customer Support
Services Cover all 18 districts in HK

3 month of free maintenance
Appliance of Japan’s newest eco-friendly detergent formula
Protection preventive measures

Top Pros

Mr. Chan
Hired 350 times
5yrs+ experience
Hello everyone. I’m Mr. Chan and I’ve been an air-con cleaning techincian for 5 years. I, as well as any other Toby’s authorized technicians, am specialised in repairing air conditioners. I sometimes discovered there were problems of customers’ air conditioners when during the cleaning procedure. I can also offer my repairing specialty to clients upon their needs. All customers are satisfied with my performance as I followed each of every step very carefully. Your air conditioners will transform into clean and high-performance ones with my effort.
Hired 450 times
5yrs+ experience
Hello everyone. I’m Mr. Chan with my interest to be air-con cleaning and repairing. I have received many customers compliments on my performance and attitude! Most importantly is that I can try my best to provide quality services to customers. My family also supports my work as they think I can gain sense of satisfaction during my work.
Ying Gor
Hired 397 times
Hello everyone. I’m Ying and I’ve got more than 10 years of experience in air-con cleaning. I am very familiar with air-con cleaning as I’ve encountered different situations in these 10-odd years, especially for window air-cons, split air-cons and ceiling type air-cons. Every customer is very satisfied with my performance!

User Reviews

Apr 13 2021
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Good service attitude and quality.

Apr 12 2021
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The master is good at serving and doing things fast

Apr 12 2021
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Very good attitude, polite and punctual



What is the procedure for booking air conditioner cleaning?

After completing the payment, you will receive an confirmation email. Meanwhile, we will start the matching process for you. You will receive a booking successful confirmation email once the service is matched. If no technicians can be arranged, you will receive an email stating your unsuccessful matching and the authorized payment will be refunded to your account.

Prevention measures of Coronavirus Pneumonia

For the safety of our clients, All Pros can only take orders after our examination proven they have not been to mainland China for the past 14 days and they will wear a mask during services. By the same way, we strongly recommend clients who have been to mainland China for the past 14 days or having related symptoms (e.g. fever/ cough/ sore throat) to seek for medical consultation and quarantine themselves at home. Please do not arrange any home service and inform Toby to reschedule the services during this period of time. (Administrative fee waived). Safety of clients and cleaners is our first priority.

Can I cancel or modify the booking after purchasing?

An administrative cancellation fee of $150 will be charged for cancellation proposed within office hours one working day prior to the service date. No refund for cancellation made on the service date. We would suggest the service to go on for you as scheduled. $150 rescheduling fee will be charged for rescheduling proposed within 24hours prior to service date.

What kind of cleaning tools and supplies are needed to prepare for technicians in advance?

You do not need to prepare anything as every of our professional technician will bring along with their detergent specialised for air conditioners’ cleaning and respective instruments.

Are there any extra charges for on-site visits?

Our pricing is transparent with no hidden charges expect the following situation: additional $800 will be charged if false ceilings are needed to be disassembled and re-installed; For far away districts like Islands / Ma Wan / Discovery Bay / Airport or Border areas; tunnel fee and Bridge fee will be charged according to government's fees and charges, also additional transportation fee will be quoted before the service dates. The additional charges are required to be paid to our technicians by the end of the service. If you disagree the extra transportation charges quoted, please inform our technicians or Toby customer support at 3703 3250 before the service date. If the technicians arrived the service locations, the order cannot be cancelled nor reschedule. Also, extra charges would not be waived. Moreover, if the service address needs to be reached by walking stairs, there will be an additional fee of $50 per floor. If the service cannot continue due to aging of components, $150 on-site investigation fee, and the above mentioned extra fees will be charged.

What is the solution for discovering abnormal conditions of air conditioners after on-site visits?

Our technicians will check and test the functions of air conditioners before the cleaning procedure. If your units are identified as damaged or not suitable for cleaning (units have been used for over 10 years), technicians will ask for your preference to see if you still want the cleaning service and inform you of the possible results that might arise. If you opt for continuing the cleaning service, problems mentioned by technicians during checks will not be included in the 3 months free maintenance period. Technicians will only charge you with $150 on-site visit fee if you choose to cease the service.

Is the service time confirmed after I chose it online?

After chosen the preferred service date, we would start to arrange the technicians accordingly. You may proposed your preferred on-site service time to our technicians, e.g. 9am or 12pm. Our technicians would try their best to fit you. However, if the time slot is fully booked, we might need to schedule other time slots for you. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

How and when should I pay for the service?

While booking online, we will charge 10% of the total service fee. For the remaining service fee, we will charge on the service date automatically from your credit card to ensure you can enjoy our service.

Are outdoor units included for Split Air Conditioner cleaning?

Technicians will only clean the indoor units for Split Air Conditioner cleaning due to occupational safety. Customers please propose in advance if cleaning for outdoor units are needed and are required to bear the extra spending on their own for outdoor units’ cleaning as well as scaffolding. For enquiries: please call 37033250.

Who is going to provide and bear responsibility for the Air Conditioner Cleaning Service?

Toby Air Conditioner Cleaning services are solely provided and performed by the third party service provider. Toby functions solely as a third-party platform to facilitate connection between consumers and suppliers and will only be responsible for booking enquiries. For disputes, please contact the service providers.

Are there any extra charges for the maintenance services?

All Toby Air Conditioner cleaning services are eligible for 90-day maintenance (for problems caused by the cleaning service). Please note that if the technicians found that the problems or errors are not caused by our cleaning air service, nor include in the warranty service, we will charge you the original price of one-time repair service, and $200 for emergency service. Please contact us when in need.

More FAQ about home cleaning services

For more FAQ about home cleaning service, please refer to https://toby.fyi/YP00Z5

About Air Conditioner Cleaning - On-site AC clean, Air Conditioning Contractor, Air Duct Cleaning

Getting annoyed at cleaning your air conditioner? Wondering why your air conditioner is not cooling? It might be dusty as it has not been operating frequently or in a long time.

How to clean your AC asap? One-click to professional air conditioner cleaner! We offer on-site AC cleaning service to remove mold, bad odour, and even loud noise.

Hard to find the best air conditioning cleaning service? The air conditioning cleaning professionals and technicians on our platform are verified and reviewed on a professional level. Our technicians are trained and well-educated with air conditioning cleaning knowledge, experienced in cleaning, mold removal, disinfection, maintenance with professional equipment and supplies (such as tools and detergents). No matter the service is for home air conditioner (split/window a/c unit), or central cooling systems in offices or stores, we can find you the best personnel to solve mould, bad odour, clogged drainage, water leakage problems! The passionate pros on Toby are here to help you solve any of your concerns!

What is the difference between cleaning the air conditioning unit yourself and cleaning service offered by on-site personnel? Which method is the best way to clean the air conditioner?

There are different ways to clean an air conditioner. If you wish to clean the A/C unit yourself, you can first remove the filter frame/trim panel, then use designated detergent to clean the unit. Contractors or companies offer on-site cleaning service that includes interior mechanical cleaning and usage of detergents to clean cooling coil. During the cleaning session, the handyman will perform simple air conditioner inspection as well. Therefore, the entire duration for hired A/C cleaning service will take longer than cleaning yourself.

What is the difference between cleaning a window type or a split type air-conditioning unit?

The cleaning method and process vary depending on which type of A/C unit. For window air conditioners, the plastic filter holder/trim panel will have to be disassembled before removing the unit from the window.

The a/c is not cooling, does it mean I have to clean or fix my A/C?

Various factors result in a non-cooling air conditioner. If your air-con has bad odour and not-cold, very likely there are dirt and stains clogged in the interiors of the unit. Don’t know what to do about odour control? Thoroughly clean the air conditioner with the use of specialized cleaning detergent, your a/c will be spotless in no time. On the other hand, if your air conditioner is creating a lot of noise, there might be a possibility of refrigerant leakage. In this case, it is time to get air conditioner maintenance service to inspect your air-conditioning unit!

Price Range to clean an Air Conditioner

The average price for cleaning an air conditioner is from $500 up. The handyman will charge accordingly to the type of air-conditioning unit. Usually the more units require cleaning service, the average cost to wash each air conditioner will be cheaper. If you live in “Tong laus”, cleaning companies might collect additional charge for stairs. If maintenance occurs during the cleaning process, customers have to keep in mind that the cleaning might not be as effective as it will be. When customers is inquiring about the air conditioning cleaning service, make sure to ask about the procedures included in the entire process. In addition to that, confirmation of the ac unit model (split type/ window type air conditioner), odour, disinfection, cleaning after inspection are key to generate an accurate ac clean service quotation.

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