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Office Cleaning

Tailor-made all-round office cleaning plan, followed up by the professional team from start to end.
Service Features
Diverse Business Service Solutions
A one-stop service pairing platform with 800+ service types
Professional Service Standards
Strict screening of service providers with tight quality control
Excellent Customer Experience
Customized service solutions with follow-up by specialists
Complete After-Sales Service
Professional 7-day customer support
Why Toby
Service Plan
Regular office cleaning.Flexible plans from one-time to monthly services
Regular and scheduled deep cleaning to completely remove bacteria and dust and benefit employee wellbeing
Quotation Request
Services will be customized based on the office environment and come with follow-up by specialists
Basic Cleaning
Basic Office Cleaning (Choose between session or monthly based)
Regular Cleaning
Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Air-Conditioner Cleaning
Other Services
Pest Control, Indoor Sterilization, Post-Renovation Cleaning, VOC Removal, Move-In Cleaning, Health Check-Up, etc.
Basic Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Pest Control
Carpet Cleaning
Air-Conditioner Cleaning
Indoor Pandemic Prevention & Sterilization
Post-Renovation Cleaning
VOC Removal
More Services
How It Works
Make a Reservation
Fill out a few simple questions, confirm the service details and pay the 1st month payment online.
Assigning a Cleaner
Receive email confirmation in as soonest as 3 hours
Service Completion
The cleaner will clean your office effectively and efficiently on the cleaning date. HelloToby Account Manager will manage your office cleaning solution during the time.
Client Testimonials
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Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tang Medical Centre
Shop Cleaning
Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tang Medical Centre
We were not confident at first, because we saw that Toby provides many different types of services. We were afraid that the cleaning services provided were not as good as other professional cleaning companies. Recommended by the service agent, we tried a 3-month service plan. There's a designated service agent to follow up all the time with service reminders. The experience has been fabulous. We will continue using Toby's services.
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Heal Medical Group
Office Cleaning
Heal Medical Group
We had a long-term contracted janitor. Once the janitor was on leave and we urgently needed a replacement. After that, we've been booking a short-term cleaning service via Toby. The cleaning staff they paired, Ms. Mok, has made us very satisfied and she worked very seriously. We also book pest control services. The service provider is reputable. It's convenient and secure.
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Morison Heng CPA Limited
Office Cleaning
Morison Heng CPA Limited
In the past, our company hired full-time cleaning staff, but unfortunately the staff failed to meet our requirements. After using Toby, the cleaners are very professional and the price is reasonable. We have been working together for several years. It's great to know more about their services, such as pest control, carpet cleaning services, etc. We're very confident in their service quality.
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FAQ About Office Cleaning Service

What is the procedure for booking?

After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Meanwhile, we will start the matching process to find a cleaner for you. Upon successful matching, you will receive a booking success confirmation email. After 1st month's service, Toby account manager will remind you to pay the next payment (if applicable). If no matching can be made, you will receive an email stating your unsuccessful application, while the authorized payment will be refunded to your account.

How and when should I pay for the service?

If you are package users, the service fee need to be fully paid in advance. If you are monthly plan users, while booking online, we will charge you for the first month. To ensure you can enjoy the service, for plans with more than 1 month, the next monthly payment will be charged automatically from your credit card 7 days before the next month started.

Can I cancel or modify the booking after purchasing?

Rescheduling: You can modify the service time and date, but it will be subjected to the following terms: We only accept applications of modification 1 business day (within office hours) before the service, and there would be an administrative fee of $50 per service modification.
Cancellation: Cancellation charges will be assessed as an administrative fee based on when the cancellation notice is received 1 business day (within office hours) prior to the service date, an administrative fee of $100 will be charged. No refund would be approved when cancellation notices are received on the service date nor the business day before the service after office hours.

Can I cancel or modify the monthly Office Cleaning Plan after purchasing?

Rescheduling: You can modify the service time and date, but it will be subjected to the following terms: We only accept applications of modification 1 business day (within office hours) before the service, and there would be an administrative fee of $50 per service modification.
Cancellation: Cancellation request should be noticed 1 month prior to next month's service, an administrative fee of $300 will be charged as well as the equivalent amount of any extra discounts given.

Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the helper?

HelloToby has purchased a basic insurance plan for home service personnel. But since we are a platform matching jobs for service providers, we recommend you to purchase the insurance for pros according to the Employees' Compensation Ordinance.
According to Section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers (including contractors and sub-contractors) are required to take out insurance policies to cover their liabilities both under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of all their employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time, permanent job or temporary employment. An employer who fails to comply with the Ordinance to secure an insurance cover commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

Reminder before service provider comes

Please kindly pay attention to the door bell or phone's notification to ensure that you can open the door for our service providers. If customers failed to open the door on time, our service providers will wait nearby for 45mins. If customers still failed to open the door for the service, the service providers have the right the leave and terminate the services. If customers arrived, the service providers will continue serve for you according to the original time slots. No refund or rescheduling would be accepted for the above situations. For any service modification, please kindly contact us at 3703 3250 in at least 1 business day (within office hours) before the service.

How many days in advance shall I book the non-office-cleaning services. How do I reschedule and cancel?

For non-office-cleaning services, for examples, VOC removal services, pest control, rodent control services, leather care, carpet cleaning and laundry services etc., please refer to the terms and conditions of individual services for details.

About Office Cleaning - Cleaning Office Services, Cleaning Company, Legal Part Time Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

Looking for reliable office cleaning services? The office cleaners on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are especially experienced in office cleaning and are equipped with all the necessary cleaning supplies. We have numerous part time helper and domestic helpers that specialize in office cleaning. Your needs will be taken care of in great hands with our team of sincere and professional office cleaning experts. Depending on the size of your office, we will arrange you with the best-suited maid. You can hire our Pros without any doubt.

Apart from the recommended Office Cleaners, I'd also like to check the average cost of Office Cleaning!

You can click "Buy now" on our web page to see our service details and rates. Or you could download our mobile app Hellotoby to place your customized request for home cleaning. In no time, you will receive instant quotation. By confirming all service details and paying online, your service requests will be solved by experienced cleaning lady of our platform.

What is included in the office cleaning service?

Office Cleaning services focus on 10 Basic Cleaning Jobs: Empty Bins, Office Appliances Wipe Down, Washroom Cleaning, Dusting and Wiping Office Furniture, Indoor Window Cleaning, Door Cleaning, Pantry Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Main Entrance Door Cleaning and Printers Dust Down. Apart from regular dusting and cleaning works, our cleaning lady could also solve your customised tasks per request if they are reasonable enough.

Will the cleaner bring their own cleaning supplies?

We strongly recommend you to purchase and provide cleaning supplies. Or else you will be responsible to pay $300/month for cleaning supplies fee. Normally, serveral cleaning supplies will be needed in office cleaning:
[Detergents]: Blue Viva, Green Water,[Cleaning Tools]: black bin bags, white bin bags, gloves, Water bucket, towels, rags, towels, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner (if applicable),
[Window cleaning supplies]: glass fluid, glass scrapers,
[Washroom cleaning supplies]: toliet brush, Green Water,
[Pantry cleaning supplies]: dishwashing detergents, sponges.