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Wanna enjoy some home-cooked meal but don't have time to spare? HelloToby has over 100 personnel to provide in-home cooking service at your choice. Over 10K families choose us. Enquiry: 3703 3250

Most Popular Service Packages

GET $180 OFF on 3X Booking
GET $180 OFF on 3X Booking
Sold 18,879 times

Worried about finding the perfect-matched home chef? Our latest package, recommended by >30K users, grants you the flexibility to find the right home chef on 3 tries.

From $110/hrFrom $130/hr
24X Plan ‧ Save YOU $1800 up
24X Plan ‧ Save YOU $1800 up
Sold 6,889 times

Looking for recurring cooking service and cleaning service together? 12 times C&N plan best serves your needs. 1st time purchase enjoys 50% off of 1 session.

From $105/hrFrom $130/hr
Standardized Cooking Procedure
Over 20 standard service checkpoints, fulfilling 99% families sanitary standards. <Final outcome would be affected by requested service duration>
Safe Food Handler
Food Preparation
MSG-Free Cooking
Cantonese Cuisine
Hot Chinese Soups
Western Cuisine
Lunch Box Ready
Catering Service
Kitchen Clean Up

How It Works

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Fill out a few simple questions and confirm the service details.
Assigning a Cleaner
Assigning a Cleaner
The confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you once the cleaner confirms the job. Normally it will take 1-3 business days.
Service Completion
Service Completion
The cleaner will help you solve your household issues effectively and efficiently on the cleaning date.
Safety Guarantees
Personal Safety Insurance
HelloToby has purchased Personal Safety Insurance for every helper in case of workplace injuries.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the service quality, we will replace the helper for you for Free! We strive to provide the best service you deserve.
Why Choose Us?
Certified Professional & Background Checked
Monday to Sunday Customer Support
Absolute Standardized Pricing, Get what You Pay
Quality Guaranteed, Caring After-Service Follow-up

Top Pros

Ms. Chan
Hired 206 times
Foundation Certificate in Junior Chef in Western Cuisine
Hi Everyone, this is Ying! I excel at cooking. I have attained Foundation Certificate in Kitchen Assistant and Junior Chef in Western Cuisine. My signature dish is Fried Crab with Typhoon Shelter Style, Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce etc. Book me now before I am fully booked!
Ms. Lee
Hired 157 times
Foundation Certificate in Kitchen Assistant
This is Lee. Although I don't have chef experience, I do cooking a lot as a mom in my family. Several years ago, I have attained Foundation Certificate in Western Food and Beverage in order to bring flavour freshness to my family members. Till now, I have served for hundreds of families, definitely a hot pick.
Ms. Hwa
Hired 308 times
Foundation Certificate in Junior Chef in Japanese Cuisine Training
Halo, this is Hwa. Cooking and Cleaning is my speciality. A lot of customers praise me for my high effienecy. No matter it is move-in cleaning, or regular claning, I can always tidy up fast. I also have 8 years cooking and babysitting, if you are looking for full-set part time helper, I am your choice.

User Reviews

according to 3260 reviews
  • Yip sum yu
    June 11, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Efficient! Meet the needs of the guests! Good taste Character very nice!!Thanks 😘

  • Vicky Lai
    June 9, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very good attitude, very polite

  • Po Yan
    May 30, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    I only cat cats, and wtsapp talked with Heidi. I have confidence in the dialogue. Heidi is also a good deal, and it is fully equipped. Basically, I only need to prepare a small stool to catch the cat and you can enjoy the service easily. In the process of hearing me, I only heard the cats and ghosts, but Heidi can finish it before the scheduled time. When I open the door, I see the canal and hug my cat. I have been scared by the hood and the net bag. . I really appreciate Heidi&#39;s ability and satisfaction with the service. I have agreed on the next service time and sincerely recommend it to everyone.

  • Christine
    May 13, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    We Recommend Heidi is a good person, so careful. I only have a lot of cats and feet, and I thought I had to shave the sun. I know that Heidi is going to comb slowly, and finally I will dry and shave. The cats are comfortable. The most important thing is that the cats and cats are innocent, and when they are in peace, they are afraid of strangers. This time they have no point to rebel, and Zhongyi has tried to help me. 👍🏻

  • Chimmy Yung
    May 12, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    A total of three inspectors have carefully examined the service for nearly 4 hours, and can submit a report on the same day. The report is full-text and the unit is carefully marked for damage. However, it is recommended that the guest should save the photo record by himself, so that he can follow up later.

  • iris
    April 21, 2019
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
    show original review

    On time, very polite, very good attitude

What is included in the cooking service package?
Are there any additional charges?
Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the part time helper?
Any expiry date for service package?
More FAQ about Home cleaning service.

About Cooking Services - Home Chef/ Home Cook/ Family Chef/ Housekeeping Cook

Are you longing for home-cooked meals, Chinese soup prepared on your table or delivered to work? Whatever your food desires are, HelloToby can find you the perfect personal home chef without the hassle to do grocery shopping or cooking. Tired of having to prepare meals and dealing with dirty sink, greasy stove every day? Our cooking services are here to provide you with delicious, healthy home-cooked meals in the comfort of your home.

Home chef on our platform is verified and reviewed on a professional level. They are especially experienced in cooking, meal delivery and balancing housekeeping duties at the same time. We will also find you a suitable personal chef as they are all around Hong Kong. If you are looking for fresh and healthy made meal solution that grants you time flexibility and variety. Viola! Make your reservation now and Bon Appetite!

Apart from the recommended personal chef, I'd also like to check the price of hiring a home cook!

You can click "Buy now" on our web page to see our service details and rates. Or you could download our mobile app Hellotoby to place your customized request for home cleaning. In no time, you will receive quotations from at most 4 home cleaners. You can pick the Pros according to your preference, and hire the one who suits you most based on his/her quotation or past reviews. Your service requests will be solved by the best solution on our platform.

Are the personal chefs or part time assistant certified?

Home chefs/cooks or housekeeping assistant providing cooking service on our platform have years of home cooking experience, home-cooked dishes at your convenience.

What kind of preparations should be done prior to the cooking service?

First of all, the homeowner should spare clutters, dirty clothes, rubbish, etc. to elsewhere for the convenience of the home chef to manage the kitchen. To avoid any possible thefts, all valuables like jewellery should be locked at the place in which cannot be accessed by the maid. Please kindly store important documents and differentiate from other scrap paper. All pets and plants should be placed properly for the convenience of the part-time home chef. Also, the client should notify the home chef to the restricted area(s) around the house. Please inform the home chef any potential allergies ideally before the cooking session so he/she can prepare and adjust the recipes.

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