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Family Chef

We are aware of hygiene cooking, all family chefs would wear face masks during the service! Want to enjoy home-cooked healthy meals? Book now !
We are aware of hygiene cooking, all family chefs would wear face masks during the service! Want to enjoy home-cooked healthy meals? Book now !

Your Choice for Cooking Service

1 Time Cooking
1 Time Cooking
Sold 17,623 times

No more MSG catering food! Try out Cantonese Homestyle cuisine provided by our trained Home Chef for you and your family!

From $120/hrFrom $130/hr
3 Times Trial Cooking Plan
3 Times Trial Cooking Plan
Sold 18,879 times

Worried about finding the perfect-matched home chef? We put you as our first priority, matching your home chef to your preference with flexibility.

From $118/hrFrom $130/hr
12 Times Cooking Plan
12 Times Cooking Plan
Sold 6,889 times

Free upgrade to Cooking and Cleaning package! From buying groceries, cooking and cleaning, we will best serve your needs!

From $109/hrFrom $130/hr

Standardized Cooking Procedure

Over 20 standard service checkpoints, fulfilling 99% families sanitary standards. <Final outcome would be affected by requested service duration>
Safe Food Handler
Food Preparation
MSG-Free Cooking
Cantonese Cuisine
Hot Chinese Soups
Western Cuisine
Lunch Box Ready
Catering Service
Kitchen Clean Up

How It Works

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Fill out a few simple questions and confirm the service details.
Assigning a Cleaner
Assigning a Cleaner
The confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you once the cleaner confirms the job. Normally it will take 1-3 business days.
Service Completion
Service Completion
The cleaner will help you solve your household issues effectively and efficiently on the cleaning date.
Safety Guarantees
Personal Safety Insurance
HelloToby has purchased Personal Safety Insurance for every helper in case of workplace injuries.
Home Assistant Insurance
The only firm cooperates with Insurfun and China Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, providing Home Assistant Insurance from $28(Premium levies are not inclusive) with $100M premiums of Labor Insurance and $1M premiums of Third-party Lability Insurance.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the service quality, we will replace the helper for you for Free! We strive to provide the best service you deserve.

Why Us?

The largest Home Services Reservation Platform in HK
All domestic helpers passed skills trainings and background checks
Transparent price, no hidden charges
Professional ERB Domestic Helper Training Cert
Monday to Sunday Customer Support
Services Cover all 18 districts in HK

Quality Guaranteed, Caring After-Service Follow-up
Average matching time as low as 3 hours

Top Pros

Ms. Chan
Hired 206 times
Foundation Certificate in Junior Chef in Western Cuisine
Hi Everyone, this is Ying! I excel at cooking. I have attained Foundation Certificate in Kitchen Assistant and Junior Chef in Western Cuisine. My signature dish is Fried Crab with Typhoon Shelter Style, Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce etc. Book me now before I am fully booked!
Ms. Lee
Hired 157 times
Foundation Certificate in Kitchen Assistant
This is Lee. Although I don't have chef experience, I do cooking a lot as a mom in my family. Several years ago, I have attained Foundation Certificate in Western Food and Beverage in order to bring flavour freshness to my family members. Till now, I have served for hundreds of families, definitely a hot pick.
Ms. Hwa
Hired 308 times
Foundation Certificate in Junior Chef in Japanese Cuisine Training
Halo, this is Hwa. Cooking and Cleaning are my specialities. A lot of customers praise me for my high efficiency. No matter it is move-in cleaning, or regular claning, I can always tidy up fast. I also have 8 years cooking and babysitting, if you are looking for full-set part time helper, I am your choice.
User Reviews
Apr 17 2024
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Very polite and on time

Apr 17 2024
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very polite

Apr 14 2024
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I am very satisfied with this service. The food is delicious, thoughtful and the communication is smooth. The whole family is very satisfied.



What is included in the cooking service package?

Cooking service by home chefs or part-time assistant includes customized menu planning and in-home meal preparation for lunch and dinner, ranging from soups, snacks, sweets and so on. If you wish the part-time helper to babysit or clean your house, we strongly recommend you to consider our other packages such as All-inclusive Nanny.

Are there any additional charges?

If you want the home chef to grocery shop or clean up for you, or any other service request, additional charges may apply. For remote areas, $25-$200 of transportation fee will be charged per service according to the calculated walking distance on Google Map. All additional charges will be listed in the detailed payment forms, so you don't have to worry about any charges at the door as all payments are upfront.

Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the part time helper?

According to Section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, all employers (including contractors and sub-contractors) are required to take out insurance policies to cover their liabilities both under the Ordinance and at common law for injuries at work in respect of all their employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time, permanent job or temporary employment. An employer who fails to comply with the Ordinance to secure an insurance cover commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and imprisonment for two years.

Any expiry date for service package?

After purchasing the service, all service should be used before the expiry date, otherwise they will be considered forfeit.

1-time:within one month
3-time:within 3 month
12-time:within 6 month
24-time:within 12 month

Can I cancel or modify the order after purchasing the services?

Yes, you can, but the following cancellation policy applies:
Cancellation - You need to cancel at least one business day before the service usage time. You will be charged a $100 administrative fee for cancellation, and the remaining balance of the service will be refunded within 7-14 business days. If you cancel on the day of the service, no refund will be given. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

Changes - We only accept changes made at least one business day before the service usage time, and a $50 administrative fee will be charged for each change in service. If you request changes on the day of the service, your request will not be accepted. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

If we are unable to successfully match a service personnel, and you request to change before the service usage time, you can change the service date and time for free.

Reminder before service provider comes

Please kindly pay attention to the door bell or phone's notification to ensure that you can open the door for our service providers. If customers failed to open the door on time, our service providers will wait nearby for 45mins. If customers still failed to open the door for the service, the service providers have the right the leave and terminate the services. If customers arrived, the service providers will continue serve for you according to the original time slots. No refund or rescheduling would be accepted for the above situations. For any service modification, please kindly contact us at 3703 3250 in at least 1 business day (within office hours) before the service.

More FAQ about Home cooking service.

For more FAQ about home cleaning service, please refer to https://support.hellotoby.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023890633-Toby-Home-Service-FAQ-T-C

About Home Cooking Services - Home Cook, Home Catering Service, Hourly Cooking, Home-cooked Meal Delivery, Cooking for the Elderly, Chef to home

For most families and singles, there's rarely time to cook at home. Tired of takeaway food or unhealthy meal delivery? Fancy a home-cooked meal with delectable soups delivered to your door? The home chefs on the HelloToby platform have got your back!

Whether you want to prepare meals for children, the elderly, or patients at home, or you're a 'meal-less' family craving home cooking but not ready for a full-time domestic helper, you can schedule Toby's home cooking service on an hourly basis. They will shop for groceries, cook, and make healthy food for you, offering you the best home-cooked meal delivery and cooking services!

Wondering which Home Chef Cooking Service is the best?

Home cooks, chefs to home, private cook on the HelloToby platform have been strictly verified and reviewed. They have ample experience and a serious attitude towards preparing home-cooked meals for families and singles. They can prepare nutritious, healthy, and delicious home-cooked dishes for you and your family. Our home cooks and family chefs offer their services to different regions accross Hong Kong. We will provide different plans based on your home cooking needs, ensuring you can hire your ideal Home Chef with ease.

How much does home cooking service cost?

The cost of Toby's hourly home cooking service starts as low as $109/hour. Whether you have a sudden need for a home-cooked meal delivered to your door, or you need a long-term private cooking assistant, Toby offers single-time or home cooking service packages. You can choose a suitable home cooking package and service time according to your needs, directly reserve the service and wait for the confirmation notice. We then match you with a suitable home chef. If you are not satisfied with the matched cook with a reasonable reason, we will re-match for you, ensuring the best solution to your needs.

Do personal chefs or part-time home chefs have certifications?

The home chefs/cooks or housekeeping assistants providing cooking services on our platform possess years of experience in home cooking, guaranteeing you a delicious home-cooked meal whenever you want.

What preparations should be made prior to the cooking service?

Before the service, homeowners should clear the kitchen of any clutter, dirty clothes, or rubbish to ensure the home chef can work efficiently. In order to avoid potential theft, all valuables such as jewelry should be securely stored in an inaccessible area. Important documents should also be securely stored and differentiated from other papers. If you have pets or plants, they should be properly situated for the convenience of the part-time home chef.

Additionally, any areas of the house that are off-limits should be clearly communicated to the home chef. If any individuals in the home have food allergies, this should ideally be communicated to the chef before the cooking session so they can prepare and adjust recipes accordingly.

Are you a Home Chef? Sign up now for free!