Hellotoby provides various nanny services all around Hong Kong, including babysitting, daycare services, kids drop off and pick up services, post-natal care, and so on. Nanny enquiry: 3703 3250

Hellotoby provides various nanny services all around Hong Kong, including babysitting, daycare services, kids drop off and pick up services, post-natal care, and so on. Nanny enquiry: 3703 3250

Hellotoby provides various nanny services all around Hong Kong, including babysitting, daycare services, kids drop off and pick up services, post-natal care, and so on. Nanny enquiry: 3703 3250

Most Popular Service Packages

GET $180 OFF on 3X Booking
GET $180 OFF on 3X Booking
Sold 6,697 times

Worried about finding the perfect-matched Nanny? Our 3X package, recommended by >30K users, grants you the flexibility to find the right one on 3 tries.

From $113/hrFrom $120/hr
24X Plan ‧ Save YOU $1800 up
24X Plan ‧ Save YOU $1800 up
Sold 6,889 times

Domestic Helper takes leave for a while and no one taking care of your children? 12T C&N plan best serves your needs. 1st time purchase enjoys 50% off of 1 session.

From $99/hrFrom $110/hr
Standardized Nanny Procedure
Over 20 standard service checkpoints, fulfilling 99% families caring standards. <Service duraion would have affected the final outcome>
Meal Preparation
Homework Check
Constant Company
Punctual Pick-up
Lunch Box Ready
Put Child to Bed
Safe Food Handler
MSG-Free Cooking
Home Cleaning

How It Works

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Fill out a few simple questions and confirm the service details.
Assigning a Cleaner
Assigning a Cleaner
The confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you once the cleaner confirms the job. Normally it will take 1-3 business days.
Service Completion
Service Completion
The cleaner will help you solve your household issues effectively and efficiently on the cleaning date.
Safety Guarantees
Personal Safety Insurance
HelloToby has purchased Personal Safety Insurance for every helper in case of workplace injuries.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the service quality, we will replace the helper for you for Free! We strive to provide the best service you deserve.
Why Choose Us?
Certified Professional & Background Checked
Monday to Sunday Customer Support
Absolute Standardized Pricing, Get what You Pay
Quality Guaranteed, Caring After-Service Follow-up

Top Pros

Ms. Chan
Hired 206 times
Certificate in Care Support Worker
Hi Everyone, this is Ying! I have 10-year experience of babysitting . I have attained Foundation Certificate in Care-related Support Worker to further equip myself. I have served over hundreds of families, and gained wide popularity from them. Book me now!
Ms. Lee
Hired 157 times
Foundation Certificate in Post-natal Care
This is Lee. I was a full-time mom before. Through referral, I studied the Post-natal Care Course and started to serve families who need babysitting service and post-natal care service. Several years ago, I have attained Foundation Certificate in Western Food and Beverage in order to bring flavour freshness to my family members. Till now, I have served for hundreds of families, definitely a hot pick.
Ms. Hwa
Hired 308 times
Certificate in Chef in Japanese Cuisine
Halo, this is Hwa. Nanny, Cooking and Cleaning are my specialities. A lot of customers praise me for my high efficiency. No matter it is move-in cleaning, or regular claning, I can always tidy up fast. I also have 8 years cooking and babysitting, if you are looking for full-set part time helper, I am your choice.

User Reviews

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  • 陳太
    August 1, 2019


  • Natalie
    July 11, 2019
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    very polite

    July 10, 2019
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    Excellent, Professional &amp; far beyond expectations, highly recommended!! July 1 moving house, going online to find a moving house company, finding hellotoby, writing a request, immediately responded (4am), Sunny came to the door on the second day, Sunny is very careful睇Every item to be moved, due to work relationship, I have five wardrobes. There are so many clothes, because there are more sundries and furniture to be moved, but the price is flatter than others, and some reports are 40% more! On the day of moving the house, he arrived early and sent 5 large hanging boxes. Sunny and his team consisted of 4 people. They were very professional. Every item was carefully moved. Never tried to move the house. It was an item and did not break! Sunny is so smart, the wardrobe has to be demolished, but the canal has to think of a way to dismantle it, because the wardrobe is ready to be removed! In the handling, I talked to Sunny. He was a professional long-distance single rider. He was the first person in Hong Kong to complete all the global competitions. I asked the media to report that there was no report. It turned out that he was relatively low-key and listened to his entrepreneurship. The story, I feel that the channel is really good intentions, I hope to use the strength and reputation to fight the industry. I have used other moving house companies before, this time is very smooth! I also made friends with him, I will introduce my company more than all friends, because the company has to move at the end of the year, Suuny has been selected! If you think that I am blowing water to do the media (because there are too many hairs on the Internet), I can upload the phase!

  • 陳太
    July 5, 2019
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    Very good attitude, very polite, punctual

  • Fung
    July 14, 2019
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    The next day, the relevant Master was also hired to carry out the &#39;washing air-conditioning&#39; service. The work is punctual, careful, and thoughtful, so that customers can rest assured. After washing, the effect is remarkable, and I feel the cool feeling that I have lost for a long time.

  • Leung梁先生
    June 28, 2019
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    Thank you, Hello Toby, for introducing the company of Sunny Wong. Today, I arrived on time. I feel that the number of people is relatively small, but the work is not sloppy. I don’t waste time. The final charge is the same as the price of $2,800. I am embarrassed to give a tip. He refused, but in the end it was hard to give him a tip of $1,000. It may be a bad rule, but this time the company of Sunny Wong is worth it. Once again, thank you Hello Toby for introducing a good company. I will introduce this app to my friends. Thank you. You guys

Can I request the nanny to provide cleaning services?
Do I have to purchase Workers' Compensation Insurance for the nanny?
Things to be aware of after completing the reservation?
How to get along with the nanny?
How can I find out whether the nanny qualifies or not?

About Nanny Services

About Nanny - Caregiver, Daycare, Child Care, Babysitter in Hong Kong

When should I start looking for a nanny? Since it takes time to understand the family and household situation, and then perform screening to prepare the matching procedures, we recommend parents to contact us 1 month prior to the desired service start date. Meanwhile, please allow time to communicate with the nanny and observe on the compatibility among the nanny and the kid. Leaving more time will ensure the adequate nanny service is allocated.

How to select the most suited nanny?

In order to save your time, our platform will pick the most suited nanny for you. When you have submitted the request online, we will gather the child's information and choose the nanny according to the following requirements: Experience, Age, Relevant Certifications, Current number of kids the nanny is taking care of and Nanny's location. 1. You can learn the information of our recommended nanny as outlined in the sent information. 2. We will send the nanny's name and contact after the payment has been approved. You can contact the nanny to agree on the service details and scope, thus confirming the service time and date. 3. If you are not satisfied and want to change to another nanny after the probation period, we will follow-up the case and rearrange another nanny for you.

How to get along with the nanny?

If you're leaving your kid in the nanny's hands, please prepare items and instructions to handle the kid in order for the nanny to be familarize themselves with the kid

How can I find out whether the nanny qualifies or not?

1. Communication via phone: You can learn the nanny's professionalism and mannerism via the phone call, and thus estimating how well the nanny adapt to take care of your kid.

2. Listening to the kid's voice: Even before your kid learns how to speak at infant stage, parents can pay attention to the kids' cries whether if the tone is different ie. turn husky. You would be able to differentiate apart from the kid's fear from being away from the parents or the incompatibility with the nanny.

3. Observe the psychological changes in your kid: We do not recommend parents to ask the nanny to bathe the kid because shower time is an intimate moment to bond with your child. Another reason is often times the nanny might not be aware of wounds of the child, avoiding showering the kid will prevent further injuries and discomfort brought by someone that the child is not familiar with. Besides, you should observe the kid's mood and behavioural changes after the hiring of the nanny. Beware of verbal and physical abuse scenarios.

4. Observe the interaction between the nanny and the child: The nanny should know how to cope with cranky or stubborn behaviours, make an initiative to play and spend time with the kid. Besides, you can pay attention to household changes, for example, whether any hazardous items (i.e. sharp) or daily supplies are misplaced.

5. Observe the nanny's personality and habits: To prevent the nanny spoiling the kid, you can observe whether the nanny has bad habits. For instance, does the nanny purchase snacks for the kid without permission? Does the nanny display any rude and loud mannerism that results in insomnia for the child?

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