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Looking for painting classes and art classes in Hong Long, learning how to draw or paint? At Toby, you can find various painting and drawing classes, including acrylic painting class, adult oil painting class, oil painting class for kids, sketching classes, watercolor painting classes in Hong Kong. You can easily compare the prices and offers from different painting class tutors and art class studios with no intermediary fees!

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  • 劉忠發-瘋狂画室
    Silver Tier
    I am Gibson Lau, the founder of Crazy Studio, the chairman of the Hong Kong Touring Exhibition, and won the "Golden Bauhinia Artist Award" at the "World Chinese Fine Art Exhibition". I was very interested in painting when I was in elementary school, and when I grew up, I became an amateur painter. My paintings were recognized and appreciated by my peers. Later, after I became a Coca-Cola beverage worker, I concentrated on delivering beverages and put my paintbrush down for 14 years. After retiring, I decided to pick up the paintbrush again and set up Crazy Studio, hoping to pass on my artistic spirit. In addition, I am also a street artist and perform quick charcoal sketches on the streets of Mong Kok from time to time.
  • Art Session 漫油創作
    "Mianyou Creation" is located near the Kowloon Bay MTR station, with complete equipment and styles. All courses are taught by full-time professional painters and refer to the Western art education model for teaching. The selection of teaching materials is diversified, and the blackboard-style setting of painting topics is not possible. The studio also provides selected picture albums, art books, animations and pictures of famous European teachers for students' reference, and often holds various types of lectures to introduce famous paintings, history, styles and backgrounds of famous teachers from all over the world. In a joyful atmosphere, enter the art world and roam in the creative space.
  • Superfactory Studio
    (1 Reviews)
    Superfactory Studio was established in 2015. The work team mainly provides painting categories such as illustration / comics / custom painting / murals / painting workshops...etc, as well as various types of design services, and more services will be provided in the future. .
  • 孔老師 @ 利美畫苑
    (14 Reviews)
    Teacher Kong@李美画园- Chinese calligraphy class✨Orthodox guide: majoring in painting ✨Painting class instructor from many middle schools and studios in Hong Kong✨Time flexibility: special evening courses and tuition price 🏷 $1050/four classes/each class 90 minutes (suitable for age 6 or above) *Single-class trial costs RMB 300/class/90-minute class address: ⭕️Block D, 5/F, Ying King Building, 192-198 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai (MTR Station Exit A4) Li Mei Hua Court ⭕️Prince Lai Chi Kok Road (tuition is more expensive, please consult again) ⭐️Introduction to Li Mei Art Gallery⭐️ Hong Kong Examination Board National Art Examination Designated Studio Registration Number: S165 Studio Opening Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...
  • Ark Studio
    (1 Reviews)
    Ark Studio Philosophy Hong Kong people are faced with busy work every day, and gradually even life becomes a need to cope with it. This 𥚃 is a place to learn to draw and understand art. Through this place to share our expertise, I believe that you can also have your own attitude towards life, and this space hopes to allow you to find your own refuge in this busy city.
  • Nightingale li
    (3 Reviews)
    Provide private painting classes, one or two people can take classes, explain carefully, and guide them intimately. There is a studio in Kwun Tong, and classes can also be visited at students' homes. Children to adults are welcome. Available in English and Cantonese, welcome to inquire.
  • 固獨思維工作室
    (1 Reviews)
    2017 Fantasy World Movie Mask Making Workshop (Half-Mask) Introduction: Students can make masks for common fantasy creatures in movies, such as orcs, zombies, goblins, aliens, etc., and students can also create masks with unlimited creativity . And it can be made into a latex mask like the latex mask sold on Halloween. You don’t need to buy it for Halloween or Cosplay, you can also make it yourself~ Process: During the learning process, you can learn skills such as pouring, flipping, sculpting and coloring, etc. Teach you how to make common foreign latex masks. ‌Time: 3 hours per class for 5 classes‌ ‌Tuition fee: 3200 (materials included in the class) ‌Now*New price: 2800 (materials included in the class) Location: 73 King's Road, Tin Hau...  
  • 專業視覺藝術繪畫導師
    Supreme Service
    (2 Reviews)
    Started painting at the age of three, with more than 30 years of painting experience and more than ten years of teaching experience. Can teach a variety of Western painting skills, including: watercolor, advertising color, oil paint, plastic paint, wood color, sketch and comics, in addition to collage and other art forms are also taught 🎨🎨🎨. Welcome to facebook to find a brother, or whatsapp 906***28
  • Andrew
    (7 Reviews)
    I am a graphic designer and hope to help other companies or brands build better confidence through design and provide quality Freelance Graphic Design services at a reasonable price. 1.Commercial Design - Business Card Design - Logo Design - Wedding Invitation / Logo Design Book - Booklet Design - Poster Design - Product / Magazine Advertising Design - Banner / Easy Frame Design - Menu Design - Leaflet Design - Packaging Design 2 Illustrator-Character Design
  • Tutor Match
    (9 Reviews)
    Tutor Match has been established for many years to provide one-to-one home tuition and various extracurricular activities for primary and secondary school students to adults. Popular with foreign and local parents. We teach according to the children's personalities and parents' requirements. Our instructors have extensive teaching experience and bring their own textbooks. In addition to home tuition, in order to provide comprehensive services, the Association also provides Party supplies design and printing and venue layout.
  • Customer Reviews
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    Carissa Yeung
    Dec 05 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The teaching is careful, the teacher is gentle and patient, and answers questions patiently.

    Dec 03 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The teacher is very patient, enthusiastic and teaches carefully.

    Nov 25 2023
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very gentle and lovely teacher, very happy to learn

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    Discover the Best Art Classes in Hong Kong: Art Classes Hong Kong, Painting Lesson, Drawing Classes for Kids, Online Art Class, beginners art class, adult painting class, oil painting class near me

    Thinking of enrolling your child in a Drawing Class for Kids or a summer painting course? In Hong Kong, finding the right Painting Class or Art Classes Hong Kong tailored to your needs is now easier than ever.

    Whether it's an Online Art Class for convenience, Drawing Classes for Kids to nurture young talent, or an adult painting class for those seeking to rediscover their passion, Toby can help you find the best-suited art classes in Hong Kong. Our curated list features everything from beginners art class to specialized oil painting class. And for those who prefer the convenience of digital learning, Online Art Class options are also available!

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    At Toby, all Art studios, art schools, and private Painting Lessons, art class tutors have undergone real-name verification and professional review, ensuring they possess expert art knowledge and rich teaching experience. All the painting classes are provided by professional painters from diverse backgrounds, including art and design graduates, youth workers, and current visual art teachers.

    Studios and Art Class tutors are spread across Hong Kong, including Central, Kwun Tong, Yuen Long, Mong Kok, Wan Chai, Tsuen Wan, Sha Tin, and more. Whether you're looking for an adult painting class, Drawing Classes for Kids, children's comic class, summer art class, or parent-child painting sessions, Toby will find the perfect art classes for you!

    How much does a painting class cost?

    All you need to do is post your service requirements for the art class on Toby, such as the location, time, and painting proficiency level. Art schools and painting class tutors will quickly reach out to you with quotes of painting classes. You can easily connect with multiple painting class tutors, compare their quotes and past ratings, and choose the most suitable one to hire. Answer a few questions now and instantly receive multiple quotes and recommendations for Painting Classes in Hong Kong!

    What do you learn in art class?

    In an art class, students learn a variety of painting skills and techniques, ranging from the basics of drawing and painting to more advanced topics like color theory, perspective, and composition. Depending on the course, students might also explore different mediums such as watercolor, acrylics, oils, or digital art. Art classes also foster creativity, critical thinking, and an appreciation for different art forms and cultures.

    How do I choose an art class?

    When choosing an art class, consider your goals and interests. Are you looking for painting classes for kids for adults? Are you looking to learn a specific technique or medium? Or are you exploring art as a hobby? Check the curriculum, the instructor's credentials, and reviews from past students. Also, consider the class size, location, and schedule to ensure it fits your needs.

    What can my child gain from Art classes for kids?

    Art classes for kids not only teach them about different art techniques, but also enhance their creativity, motor skills, and problem-solving abilities. It provides them with a platform to express themselves and boosts their confidence.

    Are there specialized Art classes for adults?

    Yes, art classes for adults are tailored to cater to mature learners, whether they are beginners looking to explore a new hobby or experienced artists seeking to refine their skills. These art and drawing classes often delve deeper into techniques, art history, and medium-specific studies. There are numerous art classes for adults in Hong Kong. You can search online platforms, visit local community centers, or check with art schools and universities. At Toby, you can find the best-suited art classes in Hong Kong, from beginners art class to specialized oil painting class to online painting classes.

    What can I expect from painting lessons for beginners?

    Painting lessons for beginners typically start with the basics. You can expect to learn about different types of paints (like acrylics, watercolors, and oils), brushes, and other essential tools. The beginner art lessons will also cover foundational techniques such as mixing colors, brush strokes, and creating basic shapes. Once you're comfortable with the basics and have built a foundational skill set, you can progress to more advanced painting lessons to further hone your techniques.

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