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Pets are lovely but might come across as troublesome when it comes to pet grooming. For busy pet owners, the pet grooming services provided by a professional groomer can be very helpful, reducing your workload.

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            Actual Pet Grooming Requests

            See other similar requests in Hong Kong

            • "Dog cleaning at my place"


              New Territories-Yuen Long

              What kind of pet grooming services are you looking for?Hair care
              How much does your pet weigh?4.1KG - 6KG
              What breed is your pet?German Shepherd
            • "A pet grooming shop needed to do cat grooming"


              New Territories-Sai Kung

              What kind of pet grooming services are you looking for?Hair cutting
              How much does your pet weigh?4.1KG - 6KG
              What breed is your pet?corgi
            • "High-quality dog grooming at my place"

              Judy Chow

              Kowloon-Tsuen Wan

              What kind of pet grooming services are you looking for?Nail trimming
              How much does your pet weigh?12.1KG - 23KG
              What breed is your pet?Poodle

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 244 reviews
            Average Pet Grooming Rating:
            • Kent Leung
              February 24, 2019
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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              I have tried a lot of pet shops, and I refused to cut the hair with the Tang dog for a long time, so I tried the beauty of the door. I feel that it is convenient and convenient. I used to go to the door of the pet shop and I was so nervous that I would go into the shop and grab the rope. The house company knew that it would be stressful to shower, but it was a lot of calm, and the sister was very careful. , squatting in the channel, all the way to the appeasement channel. The most end-of-life babies are getting a wet sun in the toilet, but the sister will help me to clean it up... I really recommend Happy Grooming.

            • Connie
              February 4, 2019
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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              Paparazzi pat pat is more sensitive to the same ear. Very careful and patient, will comfort the dog. And I would suggest how to manage the dog. Very recommended👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

            • Cora
              October 2, 2018
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
              show original review

              It is important to be gentle with the dog, and even your timid brother will even use the water blower! Chris is a very good brother. The whole journey took about an hour to complete. As for the cleaning work after the hair washing, it is not too troublesome. So we have agreed on the next service immediately.

            • TszWing Chan
              September 27, 2018
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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              Because I am only bb old, I am so surprised that the pet grooming shop outside the street knows the point to the channel, but there can be a companion between the masters, the paparazzi can be learned and the house can help the paparazzi to clean. There is a car to pick up and wash the old dog. Shop sister super nice! For the pet, I will use my heart to have a good relationship with the paparazzi. I will carefully clean the haircut and clean the hair. I will be shocked by the outsider. I will be shocked by the outside, but I will be left and right. But the shop sisters are super-resistant. ~ The same as the burial will be based on the bb skin situation, suitable for the channel, the service will be the best, the wild, hope that the next bb can cooperate with less and then dip a spa The environment near the ps shop is good, the rock is buried, the dog is going to the next line.

            • Harmoni Wong
              September 22, 2018
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
              show original review

              The cat is more timid for 4 months, both handle well and fast, and Zhongbi has a lot of opinions and concentricity, I will definitely help you.

            • Chan Uen Ting Bonnie
              November 12, 2018
              Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
              show original review

              The first time I went to the door pet grooming, I met a good beautician. Even I have always been a timid dog! Hurry up! People are sweet.

            About Pet Grooming

            The pet groomers on HelloToby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced. Your needs will be catered, including services like hair cutting, nail trimming, hair care, and so on. You can hire our Pros without worries.

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            What kind of services will be provided by the pet groomer?

            There are two major types of pet grooming services, which are pet grooming services at your place and pet grooming services at the pet beauty shop.

            What kind of pet grooming services will be included?

            Pet grooming services in Hong Kong usually provide services for dogs and cats. Common pet grooming services include dog/cat washing, haircutting, image building. Other services such as tooth cleaning will also be provided by other professionals.

            Is there any license for the pet groomers?

            So far there is no specific pet grooming recognition system. However, the pet grooming courses under the supervision of the government will give the students different class of recognitions.

            Average cost for hiring a Pet Groomer
            Minimum$ 490
            Average$ 650
            Maximum$ 1,100

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