2018 Average Cost for the Pet Grooming in Hong Kong

Average $195 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for pet grooming is $195 per hour. To hire a pet groomer, you are likely to spend between $156 and $250 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 490$ 1,100$ 650

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      Pet Grooming Hong Kong Cost Details

      More people in Hong Kong tend to keep pets for companionship. Besides, the cost of keeping pets is lower than the cost of raising a child. Among all the cost for keeping a pet, pet grooming cost is one of the main expenses. Don't miss out this article if you want to know more about the information of spending on pet grooming Hong Kong.

      1)Pet Grooming Actual Cost

      The actual cost of pet grooming depends on the content of pet grooming services , the breeds and the size of the pets, place to work. According to the research, the pet grooming Hong Kong ranges from $480 to $1100.

      For the dog grooming, the basic costs charge on the size of the pet. Usually, the bigger dog will charge a higher price. The toy breed which weigh less than 20lbs will charge from $220-$450. The medium breed whose weight ranges from 20lbs to 30lbs will charge from $300-$550. The large breed which weigh from 35lbs to 50lbs will charge from $440 to $950. The ultra large breed which weigh more than 50lbs will charge from $640-$1,000.

      For the cat grooming, the prices will charge on the length of the cat fur. For cat cleaning and haircutting services, the long-haired cats, such as Turkey angora, Himalayan, and Persian, costs around $485 to $780. For short-haired cats such as Scottish fold cats and home cats, their services will be charged less expensive.

      2) Pet Grooming Services Content

      The pet groomers will provide basic service include cleaning, cutting fur, clipping and trimming etc. The pet owner will usually help their pet to cut their fur during the services. The tied fur

      3) Pet Grooming Additional Cost

      Long and uneven fur is difficult for the pet groomers to deal with. The pet groomers will charge $50 to $200 more on dealing the tied fur. Some pet grooming shops will charge a higher price on the long-haired pets or ultra-size pets, such as Skogkatt, Pyrenees, Chow Chow etc.

      The pet grooming services at customers' place will charge higher than normal pet grooming shops owing to the additional transportation fees and insurance fees. Some top pet grooming shops will provide pet image design, pet massage, aromatherapy, hair oil services etc.

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      • Elaine
        February 8, 2020
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        Careful and professional with cats, praise

      • 悦晴
        January 21, 2020
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        Thanks to Heidi Shan Changshui Yuan Yuan for helping me cat cat pet grooming! Heidi is patient and burial. He is careful and gentle with animals, pet grooming and experience. He communicates well in advance. No matter the attitude, professionalism, efficiency and quality are very good, I will definitely book next time. Back to Heidi! Highly recommended!

      • Yuki
        January 19, 2020
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        Heidi's professional and reliable service will take care of the cat's emotions and state, so I can rest assured that I will give it to her

      • INeng Ho
        January 15, 2020
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        The price is much better than pet grooming. I have tried other visiting beauticians before, but as soon as I heard the words, I would only do evil things when I heard of them. But Heidi was patient and tried to feel safer than Cat. Very satisfied, recommended!

      • Galen
        January 11, 2020
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        My house company ’s long-haired Jinjila had knotted her belly with her buttocks. Heidi left a detailed solution. I chose a process with patience. Zhongbang buried my cat for Spa. Afterwards, I left a lot Suggestion, 5 stars! !!

      • Dada Ng
        January 11, 2020
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        Although cats and cats are struggling, Heidi Zhonghao has a caring heart to help ♥ ️ ♥ ️ Recommended!

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