2018 Average Cost for the Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Hong Kong

Average 300 per hour in Hong Kong

The average cost for pet grooming is $300 per hour. To hire an acoustic guitar teacher, you are likely to spend between $200 and $600 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 200$ 600$ 300

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          Acoustic Guitar Lessons Hong Kong Cost Details

          Playing heart-lighting music, acoustic guitar is always one of the popular musical instrument to play since the acoustic guitar is easy to learn. What is the cost of joining one-to-one acoustic guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons in groups?

          1) Acoustic Guitar Actual Cost

          The current fees of acoustic guitar lessons in Hong Kong range from $200 to $600.

          One of the most significant factors affecting the fees of acoustic guitar lessons is the grades. The cost of joining acoustic guitar will get higher when the students promote to a higher level. Generally, the junior grades cost around $200 to $350. The guitar lessons of the intermediate grades will cost around $350 to $450. The advanced courses will cost around $450 to $600.

          Apart from the grades, the costs of the acoustic guitar lessons are also affected by the qualifications and teaching experience of the guitar teachers. The fees charged by a college-graduated guitar teacher with rich performance experience will be much higher than the fees charged by a normal guitar teacher. Some guitar teachers out there might charge the same prices, despite the difference of the grades.

          The number of the students in the guitar lesson will also affect the prices. The guitar lessons in Hong Kong are mostly either guitar lessons in group or one-to-one guitar lessons. The lessons in group are charged relatively cheaper than the individual lessons. The guitar lessons consisting of 2 to 3 students can be cheaper by 30%. The price of lessons consisting of 4 to 6 students even can reduced by 50%.

          Lastly, the time and venue of the lessons will affect the price of the lesson too. After 4pm during the weekdays are the peak hours of having guitar lessons. Thus the prices of the guitar lessons will be higher. The venues and the music centre which teaches guitar also matters. The price charged by the music centre located in the central business district will be higher than those in other places. As for the private guitar teacher, the transportation will affect the prices they charged.

          2) Acoustic Guitar Services Content

          The guitar teaching usually last for 45 to 90 minutes per lesson, most of the students tend to have lesson 1 to 3 times per week.

          A good guitar teacher should teach student to guitar solo skills, guitar accompany skills, sight-reading skills, basic music theory, and the teaching of how to play guitar chords correctly, training on the flexibility of the fingers, listening skills etc. Apart from these, they should also teach how to play guitar songs with different styles.

          Instead of joining guitar lessons in group, more students prefer the private one-to-one guitar lesson since the guitar teacher can provide recommendation and teaching immediately. Besides, students will have more time to ask teachers for questions.

          3) Acoustic Guitar Additional Cost

          The price of a guitar is cheaper than other musical instruments. Most of the guitar costs around $500 to $5000. For the practice band room, the hourly rate will be $30 to $50. Besides, the additional equipment for learning to play guitar is that much. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to say that learning guitar will not be that economically difficult.

          User Review
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          • Angela Cheng
            February 20, 2019
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            He is a very sincere and serious teacher. You can feel that he really cares about the students instead of just coming to class. When he teaches things, he will tell you the current situation and deal with you.

          • 蔡小潔
            September 25, 2018

          • 林苑桐
            August 20, 2018
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            Very good and patience to teach

          • Joey Man
            January 4, 2018

            Nice teacher with patience. Teaching basic technic in detail.

          • 李小虎
            November 12, 2017
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            The teacher is very patient and often teaches overtime ^^"Haha recommended

          • Priscilla Hung
            August 1, 2017

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