2018 Average Cost for Piano Lesson in Hong Kong

Average 250 per service in Hong Kong

The average cost for haircut is $250 per hour. To hire a hair stylist, you are likely to spend between $120 and $600 total.

Minimum CostMaximum CostAverage Cost$ 120$ 600$ 250

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      雙對論琴弦中心 鋼琴課程
      雙對論琴弦中心 鋼琴課程
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      Ka Sing
      Ka Sing
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        碩士級Kelvin Sir皇家演奏級導師
        碩士級Kelvin Sir皇家演奏級導師

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      Piano Lessons Hong Kong Cost Details

      Learning piano is almost a must-do for every children in Hong Kong. Since there are so many piano teachers available, the costs for having a piano lesson is much cheaper than other musical instruments.

      1) Piano Lessons Actual Cost

      The current fees of piano lessons in Hong Kong range from $120 to $600.

      One of the most significant factors affecting the fees of piano lessons is the grades. The cost of joining piano will get higher when the students promote to a higher level. Generally, the junior grades cost around $120 to $250. The piano lessons of the intermediate grades will cost around $250 to $350. The advanced courses will cost around $350 to $600.

      Apart from the grades, the costs of the piano lessons are also affected by the qualifications and teaching experience of the piano teachers. The fees charged by a college-graduated piano teacher with rich performance experience will be much higher than the fees charged by a normal piano teacher. Some piano teachers out there might charge the same prices, despite the difference of the grades.

      Lastly, the time and venue of the lessons will affect the price of the lesson too. After 4pm during the weekdays are the peak hours of having piano lessons. Thus the prices of the piano lessons will be higher. The venues and the music centre which teaches piano also matters. The price charged by the music centre located in the central business district will be higher than those in other places. As for the private piano teacher, the transportation will affect the prices they charged.

      2) Piano Lesson Services Content

      The piano teaching usually last for 45 to 30 minutes per lesson, most of the students tend to have lesson 1 to 3 times per week. Before the piano examination, some students will opt for intensive piano training.

      A good piano teacher should understand the ability of students and thus plan the prompt learning schedule. Apart from teaching the students with piano music theory, the piano teacher also should do fingers exercise with the children, plus teaching the skills of performing.

      Instead of joining piano lessons in group, more students prefer the private one-to-one piano lesson since the piano teacher can provide recommendation and teaching immediately. Besides, students will have more time to ask teachers for questions.

      3) Piano Lessons Additional Cost

      The cost of buying piano-related equipment costs most in the whole spending. Piano with different brands, models, kinds can cost very different. In generally, a brand new piano will cost around $20000 or above. Besides, you have to buy the Piano cover, moisture-proof tube, tuner, beater, music stand, piano chair as well. If you do not have a tight budget, you can buy a cheaper second-hand piano or rent the piano room. Besides, piano needs regular tuning services, which costs around $200 to $300.

      User Review
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      • Alan Look
        September 14, 2020


      • Mandy
        September 4, 2020
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        The teacher's teaching is step by step, very attentive, and the teaching mode and style are very relaxed and interesting, which will make people fall in love with music unconsciously

      • Manyi Wong
        September 3, 2020
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        The instructor is very attentive, so patient to improve my gestures, don’t just teach you how to read, play, and play 👍🏿

      • Star chan
        September 3, 2020
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        Teach attentively, focus on details, and answer student questions after class, is a good tutor

      • Wawaa Chuu
        September 3, 2020
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        A good teacher, focusing on the details of playing the piano and basic skills, with patience to teach, Zhonghui will work with you not to be bored, I have already felt very good after a few lessons 😬

      • Miko Chan
        September 3, 2020
        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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        To teach the skills of playing piano with ulterior motives instead of just teaching music content. Classes will also be designed according to my level

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