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Featured End of Lease Cleaners

  1. ProMaid-我們是PRO MAID...
    我們是PRO MAID...
  2. 家居易服務有限公司
    • Susan  Wong
      Susan Wong
      • 家務王
        • 吳鳯嫦
          • Dion
            • Sophy Wong
              Sophy Wong
              • May suen
                May suen
                • 君姐清潔 silverspoon catering
                  君姐清潔 silverspoon catering
                  • 邱生
                  • Smart Home 智舒適
                    Smart Home 智舒適
                    • 卓爾清潔公司

                      Customer Reviews

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                      • Joey
                        April 18, 2019
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                        Super thanks to Jeff! I tried to buy a bomb myself, throwing a left old bed, spraying insecticide, and I’m getting it. Nothing is better than bed biting until late in the evening, the children crying, and the pressure is strong.... It’s so annoying when you return to the house, the most annoying department has children, the training hall has won, the night before The husband finally realized that it was early. Thank you Master Li, Qu Chao has patience, I have a lot of questions on the left, so I have patience and explanation, good professional, worthy of recommendation 👍🏻👍🏻

                      • Tam
                        April 15, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Very good attitude, very polite, punctual

                      • lam***@*****.com
                        April 7, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Very good attitude, very professional, superb, top quality, very efficient value, return fare

                      • Yolanda
                        March 26, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Very good attitude

                      • 蔡佩玲
                        March 14, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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                        Today's service is superb, and the whole service process begins when you get home on time. It took about three hours before and after. During the process, the service staff was super-dedication and had no rest for cleaning. The first time I found such a reassuring expert, I was really super invincible.

                      • 蘇瑋茵
                        April 1, 2019
                        Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
                        show original review

                        On the same day, the experts arrived very punctually. They disassembled the washing machine and explained how to maintain the condition and suggestions. The cleaning process was also very efficient. It also helped to replace the stainless steel shaft parts. It was safe to see the inside and outside of the washing machine. Wash your clothes!

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                      Average cost for cleaning an Unfurnished Apartment
                      Minimum$ 130
                      Average$ 150
                      Maximum$ 230

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