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  • Yan
    (4 Reviews)
    Classrooms available. My students have got generally 6.5+ in IELTS. Native speaker level English. 8 in my IELTS, B in HKALE Use of English, 4A2B in overall HKALE and A in HKCEE English (B). Living and working professionally in London and Nairobi f...
  • natalie shing
    (2 Reviews)
    Currently studying Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Graduated in band one traditional EMI secondary school. Experienced in IGCSE, GCE tutoring. Specialised in Maths tutoring.
  • Nicolas老師,專補IELTS等公開試
    (8 Reviews)
    DSE ENG/IELTS study at York University, UK. English Department BA.ENG LANG Adult English, senior officer of government department, inspector designated trainer to be promoted to grade king in English public test, specially for difficulties in English grammar and word usage. It can be supplemented or intermediate. Unique sentence structure method: sentence structure scriptures, easily dismantling long sentences. Good at guiding students to focus on mastering different skills of paper 3 IELTS self-created reading, specializing in "generalization" difficult questions IELTS short texts teach you what is your main features ​Analyze the potential risks of magic skills 2017 DSE successfully helped BAND 3 students in English. ..
  • Whitney Too
    Supreme Service
    (86 Reviews)
    Founder and Director in Hillstar Education - Graduate of the School of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong ( Journalism and Communication) - Graduated from St. Paul's Secondary School and Hang Seng Business College (now known as Hang Seng School of Management), and graduated from St. Paul's Lu Middle School has been ranked No. 1 for a long time - was selected as the 2008-2009 Hong Kong Outstanding Student, and continued to serve as a consultant of the "Hong Kong Outstanding Students Association" after joining the society - Served as a steering committee of the "Young Crop Academic Progress Award" to discover, commend and nurture young people Talents - Invited to many middle schools as keynote speakers and tutors for remedial classes,...
  • Daniel P.
    * Currently a lecturer in the English Department of a junior college * Ten years of private tutoring experience, three years of adult English education experience, teaching is lively and interesting Expert, to the point of conversational issues
  • Johnny Hui
    I graduated from São Paulo School of Men and Women (F.1-5), studied at Bromsgrove School in the UK (2010-2012), studied at Psychology & Langauge Science in University of London, University of London, and obtained in 2015. The degree was later transferred to the United States and completed the MA in Psychology Master's program in 2017. The internship is currently being offered for the Psychology PhD of Psychology. The teaching method integrates basic pronunciation skills and face-to-face English communication, and the content of the class can be diversified to meet the needs of students.
  • Jasmine
    (2 Reviews)
    I obtained GCSE and A level results in a British secondary school (A* in English literature), and then graduated with second-class honors from the Law Department of the Chinese University of China. I am currently working as a company secretary assistant. After returning to Hong Kong, he was hired by his alma mater as an interpreter every year. He was responsible for solving the language barrier between Hong Kong parents, students and British principals in Chinese and English on the spot at the Higher Education Expo. In addition, my full-time job is mainly dealing with clerical affairs, often dealing with documents in Chinese and English and writing the content of documents. I believe that my language ability is worthy of recognition. "Service Provision" - Chinese and English document translation - Chinese and English content writing - British education consultation - daily private secretary work - English tutoring - piano...
  • 黨小姐
    MSc BM B.S. BA 普通話國家認證一級乙等水平 (92.7,93分為國家級播音主持水平) Chinese Mandarin (Native, National Mandarin Proficiency Test Certificate: 92.7) Chinese Native Speaker IELTS 6.5 Experience: Chinese tutor for undergraduate/ postgraduate foreign students(18-30) Chinese tutor for foreign students. (3-12)
  • 英語 讀寫聽說 提升班
    (1 Reviews)
    曾就讀拔萃女書院 對英文語法有一定水準 IELTS考獲8分 就讀澳洲3大 UNSW 流利英語 廣東話 普通話
  • 英國碩士補習招生
    Graduated from Imperial College HKU First Class Honours Graduated HKCEE Eng All details including A. Private tutoring and tutoring agency experience Welcome IELTS/TOEFL tutoring one-on-one or group
  • Katrina Lau
    Experienced in tutoring for 8+ years and good at providing systematic learning of languages (English/Mandarin/Cantonese). Personal background: - English major graduate (IELTS 8/9) - Native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin (DSE Chinese:5**/5**)
  • 補習介紹📕只收導師首堂學費作為中介費 學生免費 🔺私補、導師加盟、小組補習可在本網站登記,亦可留資料,等我們細心替你揀最適合都可以!😀
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    Based on 252 reviews
    Sean Chiang
    Dec 27 2023

    Professional, structured and insightful

    Nov 28 2023


    Mr. LEE
    Nov 28 2023

    Very professional

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