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  • Andy Chau
    Supreme Service
    (33 Reviews)
    Hello there! I graduated from the Bachelor of Journalism at the University of Hong Kong. I was the President of the School of Photography at he University of Hong Kong. I was awarded finalist award for the National Geographic Channel's Photo Contest (Open Group) in 2013 and won the Honary Work award at International Photography Award in 2016 (Portrait Group). My former partners include: Golden Scene, JW Marriott Hotel, handbag brand Paprika, Yijie International Charity Fund, Harvard Business School, NBA Cares, Nike, Outback Steakhouse‧, FredPerry, McDonal's,Vitasoy, HK Express, Commercial Radio, Friends of the Earth, Foodie Magazine, Tom Lee Music e.t.c.
  • Alex Leung
    (16 Reviews)
    With many years of photography, video work experience, and professional equipment, I also photographed the opening and promotional activities for many companies in addition to the wedding. I personally serve every guest with my enthusiasm and sincere attitude towards photography. Guests remember all the precious and memorable moments.
  • Jaspar
    (6 Reviews)
    Hi, I am Jaspar! Here is my website: , whatsapp: 62332649. With 5 years of professional experience, I created Jaspar Cheng Production with my full endeavor. As a part-time rock climbing enthusiast and a full time foodie, I tend to see the world as a fun and lively scene. From food to landscape photography, portrait to timelapse, I believe that my unique perspective can interpret every story into the most original and aesthetic work.
  • YOLO Photography by IsaBella Sze
    (12 Reviews)
    Hello there, thank you for your interest in Yolo Photogrpahy. I am not a full time professional photographer but I am definietley passionate to capture moments in life while constantly learning and improving my skills. If you're on a limited budget, I can offer simple and cheap outdoor photography, portraits, family portraits and so on... I volunteered at Hong Kong Photography Volunteers Team in the past and provided service at vaiorus corporate events. My photography skills are verfied by a board of professional photographers. If you wish to learn more about my work, feel free to contact me and I can provide my work for your reference. Thanks!
  • Mac Tsang
    (9 Reviews)
    Working as a studio photographer, he has been in the art for 6 years. He is also active in the art world. He works with local art groups or organizations (eg, Studiodanz, Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, FRESHWAVE) to capture the most Naturally, she believes that shooting is never a one-way, only trusted photographers can take good photos in the interaction. 2018 Established a company to produce a team that loves filming, photography, web development, and program development. Combine IT and aesthetics with new media. .... She has been...
  • Kent Cheung
    (17 Reviews)
    Service Menu: Big day photography and video service, lighting division service, early shooting/late broadcast professional cut film, baby shower/hundredth day banquet photography service, on-site photography service, photo/music/animation/dvd production, innovation growth segment production film dubbing and subtitle production
  • ILLUISM Photography Studio
    (3 Reviews)
    ILLUISM is a Hong Kong-based photography production company founded in 2014 by photographer Garret Lai. The name ILLUISM contains the three most important elements of our work, "illustrate" - shaping, "illuiminate" - lighting, "illusion" - illusion. Our range of services includes a wide range of photography, with portraits. Our team members have a variety of professional skills that allow us to offer a variety of additional services beyond photography, such as make-up, film production, design, and even marketing. “Young” is another selling point of ILLUISM. Our team members are just graduated...
  • Memorable Studio
    (1 Reviews)
    HKPPN會員,擁有10年專業人像,廣告,活動,大型演唱會,婚紗婚禮等不同拍攝經驗 為商台,叱咤,SONY MUSIC,道地,百事亞洲區,FNC Entertainment 韓國娛樂公司香港區TRIKS攝影師 包括 CN BLUE,FTIsland, SS501,金亨俊,李洪基 ETC。 少女時代 CONCERT,YUI,陳奕迅,容祖兒,張敬軒,杜德偉 ,陳芳語,衛蘭,K-POP FESTIVAL MUSIC BANK CONCERT ETC。 MEKO,HSBC ,AIA ,AFA FI...
  • Master R
    (2 Reviews)
    📷Master R ✨Our specialty is to stop time for you to enjoy✨ Wedding video recording|Pre-wedding photography|Family group photo|Baby photography|Company event photography|Promotional publication|Finture photography|Graduation photography|Art photography, etc... 🖇About We 📌 have been invited to shoot at the American Club, Deep Water Bay Yacht Club, kindergarten, multinational companies and other places. 📌The wedding banquet shooting experience that has been deeply recognized by all walks of life allows the newlyweds to enjoy the entire wedding process. 📌We provide professional wedding photography, pre-marital photography, company events, publicity photography and other services. ✅We will formulate appropriate plans according to the budget of each client. Looking forward to serving you and the price we provide is absolutely reasonable. 🔎Welcome to ask for prices and email inquiries...
  • thomas infinity
    (2 Reviews)
    I and my team are engaged in photography and video recording for nearly ten years. The scope of work consists of photography, video recording of commercial, wedding, family, various types of outdoor and indoor activities (such as company opening, publicity activities, 100-day banquet, etc.), as well as making micro-movies, growing clips, early shooting and evening broadcasting for customers. The field is equal to the service. Sincere work attitude, record every precious and memorable moment of the guests. All photos and videos (1 month apart from the time of marriage) can be handed over to customers from now until 7 days. Due to the type of work, welcome to inquire. Tel: 927***04 Thomas Lau (thomas.infinty photo gallery workshop) Website:
  • Henry chau
    (4 Reviews)
    Freelance photographer. Provides a variety of photography, post-production services, including personal photos, family photos, theme photography, event photography, pet photography, pre-wedding, advertising photography and more. Major in multimedia and advertising production, know how to use photoshop, lightroom and other software.
  • Kaiserks
    (5 Reviews)
    我們是一家拍攝公司,主要提供拍攝event、wedding等等的服務。我們有專業的攝影設備,用心向大家服務: Canon 1D Mark2 Canon 5D Mark IV Sony A7 Sony FS5
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 458 reviews
    Nov 29 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    The result is very satisfactory. The photographer is also very professional. During the shooting process, if you don’t know how to pose, the photographer will prompt you where to look. Angles and furnishings will also be recommended. Recommend recommendation~

    Nov 28 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Henry is a photographer full of humanism. In addition to his extremely professional qualities, his works also incorporate my own exploration and thinking about society, humanities, life, and freedom. This is also the reason why I must finally invite Henry as the photographer for my college graduation ceremony. Whether it's a formal occasion or casual modeling shots, Henry can do it well. He is both a professional photographer and a very good friend. Add your own thoughts on humanities and society in your works, and use your works to influence and contribute to society. Henry is such a photographer.

    Judy Wang
    Nov 17 2021
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Ask Marcus to come and take the photo. The filming is good and the service is good.

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    What kind of photography service is offered?

    Generally speaking, there are 5 types of photography, which is venue (indoor/outdoor) photography, portrait (infant, headshoot, group, couple, lifestyle photography), commercial (product, food photography), event photography (wedding, party, graduation, sport photography), and specialty photo service (pet, aerial photogrpahy and photo editing).

    What is the job duties of a photographer?

    Job Duties as below: q. capture moments of living and non-living entities through camera and recording equipment. 2. Video or photo editing and even special effects to create the desired atmosphere 3. Adjust and maintain equiment. 4. Execute and plan photography: aethestics and compositon of photography.

    What is the salary for a photographer? How to become a photographer?

    Entry level as a photographer apprentice may have a hourly wage as low as $40 per hour. For regular photographer assistant, monthly salary might range from $12,000 to $17,000. Accumulating experience and portfolio materials while promoting through social media is the best way to gain recognition and charge higher fees.

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