Best Massage Shops in Hong Kong 【Exclusive Offers】

Yau Ma Tei
Thai Massage
Thai Heart Massage
Reasonable Pricing
Comfortable Environment
Thai Massage Therapists
90-Minute Thai Massage
Yau Ma Tei
Thai Massage
New Customer Offer
Thai Massage Therapists
Near MTR
Yau Ma Tei
Massage Shop
Instant Book
Reasonable Pricing
Good Reputation
45-minute Foot Steaming
Yau Ma Tei
Windsor SPA(Yau Ma Tei)
Yau Ma Tei
Thai Massage
May May Thai Massage
Instant Book
Near MTR
Spacious Environment
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Vivian Law
抵 乾淨 舒服 仲想要咩? 正牙 姐姐 勁好力 又岩哂位 Ki mo chi
Lydia Shiu
上去試咗通淋巴,姐姐手法好好👍🏼 通嗰陣有啲痛,痛完之後舒服晒 小店經營,店員服務親切,下次再嚟
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Why Toby?
Toby is the largest service-booking platform in Hong Kong. With our extensive list of partners and merchants, we can provide the best discounted deals on services from home cleaning, beauty and spa treatments, haircuts, and tutoring services. Toby users also provide their honest reviews of all the services we have so you can be rest assured before committing to a service.
How does Toby provide such discounted prices?
Toby negotiates with merchants on the platform for exclusive pricing to continue to bring our users a variety of exciting services.
How do I book a service?
To book a service on Toby, simply choose the service you want, fill out your contact info, then complete the purchase online. You will receive a confirmation email soon after which means that your booking was successfully completed. If you are already a Toby user, you can log in at any time to view the reservation details and promo code. If you are a new user, we will send you temporary login information via SMS after successful booking and a link to create an account and set your new password. Now, all your future Toby bookings will be in one place. That's it! Toby Tip: if you don’t see an email confirmation shortly after completing purchase, please check your Spam folder. To prevent this from happening in the future, be sure to mark Toby emails as “Not Spam”!
Does Toby charge a handling fee?
Toby does not charge any handling fees. Any applicable fees will be clearly listed in your order review before you complete the purchase.
Epidemic prevention measures for various message centers
Toby has been paying attention to the epidemic prevention measures of various message centers. We have carefully selected merchants with strict hygiene standards to ensure the safety of our customers. Customers can use Toby’s search filters and click into merchant profiles to get a better understanding of their hygiene standards.
What do you wear for a massage?
We recommend wearing something simple and comfortable to your massage so it’s easy to slip on and off. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry as you will likely need to remove those items.
Are there any medical conditions that aren’t suitable for massages?
Massage therapy is not recommended for those with infectious skin diseases, heart disease, high blood pressure, unhealed wounds/bone fractures, severe osteoporosis, pregnancy or menstrual cramps. For more info, check merchant profiles through the Toby webpage.
Can I get a massage while pregnant?
Toby does not recommend receiving more intensive or stimulating massages such as aromatherapy during pregnancy. Customers should inform the massage therapist of their pregnancy in advance and contact the merchant directly for any accomodation.
Should I get a massage if I have sensitive skin?
Those with infectious skin diseases should not receive massages. For all other skin conditions, we recommend contacting merchants directly with any questions.
Will the massage therapist speak and understand English?
Most massage therapists in Hong Kong should be able to understand and speak English. We recommend contacting the merchant directly to confirm before booking.
How should I prepare for the massage?
Avoid eating too full before receiving a massage and go in relaxed! Customers with skin sensitivities may also bring their own bath products if they’d like.