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Yuen LongThe Reach Project
This unit is located in the iconic housing estate in Yuen Long - Shang Yue. The two owners are young and fashionable office workers. The female householder hopes that the entire design can be dominated by simplicity, while creating a lively personality. Since the interior space is not particularly large, the designer chose nude color as the main color for the entire design, and the living room was matched with white and pink to create a lively and jumping effect. The TV wall should be matched with a simple TV cabinet as much as possible. On the contrary, the designer used a geometric feature wall to connect the living room and the kitchen, enlarge the kitchen part, and make up for the shortcoming that the kitchen area is too small to accommodate the washing machine. In addition, the firewall between the door and the kitchen cannot be removed and is useless for daily use. Adding an overhead locker to this, not only increases the storage space, but also makes it possible to ignore its tasteless firewall. Generally, in the open kitchen of new buildings, the ceiling position will be lowered to a certain height because it is convenient to store the pipes. In order to balance and modify its shortcomings, the designer specially drew a curved ceiling, which not only distinguishes the kitchen and dining room, but also extends to the living room, turning the entire shortcomings into a part of the design. The fabric of the kitchen cabinet is made of carmine of the same color as the main color, so that guests can be amazed as soon as they enter the room. Since there are only two people living in the unit, it is logical that the smaller room becomes a cloakroom, which is enough to meet the huge amount of clothing of the householder. In the master room, the designer chose the back of the bed as the feature wall, bringing out a lively and elegant atmosphere with two different waves and materials. The whole room is painted with the same type of pink art paint in the hall, and the ceiling is also designed in a curved shape, echoing with the living room. It is worth mentioning that the two householders have outstanding taste, and the oil paintings and accessories they choose by themselves are very compatible with the whole design. I especially like the white oil painting selected by the head of the household. Pure white is generally difficult to have a prominent effect. It is really not easy to bring out the finishing touch from pure white, so I am particularly impressed.
2 BR 2 LR 1 WC
450sq. ft(Actual)
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