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Tai Kok TsuiIsland Harbourview Project
This unit is for a young couple, and the female head of the household wanted the new home to have a little more color, and at the same time showed that she could accept bolder designs. After that, let go and let the designer play freely. The overall sense of space in the unit is large, but the triangular-shaped kitchen makes people feel oppressed easily. As a result, the designer changed the original kitchen into an open style. The kitchen cabinet panel is changed to light blue and light gray, and the rectangular characteristic wall tiles and terrazzo floor tiles are directly laid to create an open and natural atmosphere. In order to enhance the design sense of the kitchen and the dining room next to it, a set of half-waisted terrazzo bar is set in the middle. This bar counter can not only be used for storage purposes, but also make the kitchen and dining room look more coherent, and at the same time give the illusion that guests are in a cafe. Because the wall behind the dining table is relatively prominent, the designer embellished the wall with black steel strips. This simple design can not only elongate the proportion of the entire dining room, but also does not feel too dazzling. Black steel strips extend all the way to the living room, replacing the traditional base line. Because the floor of the unit is relatively short, if the base line of the same type of general floor tiles is used, the visual proportion will be very cramped. The designer specially designed a pink latex paint wall at the entrance to make the shoe cabinet that is usually hidden into a feature. The most fatal flaw of the entire unit is the design of the diamond-shaped hall. The designer added a hidden locker and a glass wine cabinet in the obtrusive triangular position of the hall. The entrance of the aisle in the middle is decorated with an arc to reduce the angle discomfort caused by the bit. The owner requested that the master room and a guest room be connected as a wardrobe room, and the other room was used as a study and a guest room. Since the owner of the house often entertains guests, a wooden slat hidden door is added at the aisle for sound insulation. Therefore, the location of the corridor will become darker, so the designer changed the guest room to a glass double door design, intending to introduce natural light into the corridor. However, an ordinary glass door is a little boring, so there is a design of half-clear glass and half-Changhong glass. The designer hopes that the guest room can keep a neutral and natural feeling as much as possible. The single bed features walnut slats, echoing the slatted walls in the hall and the hidden doors of the corridor slats. The desk uses a large walnut-colored log table, which is practical and stylish. The master bedroom has an invincible sea view, and the designer deliberately left it blank by the window, because sea view and natural light are the most beautiful decorations. The most important design selling point of the master room lies on the background wall of the queen bed and the curved glass master toilet. The designer hopes to match some natural elements in the fresh and elegant design of the whole house, so the background of the big bed is specially selected with cement pattern wallpaper, and a piece of walnut log with rough texture is added as the headboard of the bed, as a breakthrough in the master room point. The cloakroom is as simple and clean as possible, with black glass as the embellishment. The main toilet, which is the key point, uses granite and lake blue as the main tones to create a fresh and natural feeling. Finally, this unit has tried the first arc ceiling and air duct in the hall, the first TV wall terrazzo movable cabinet and so on. It is all thanks to the support and confidence given by the householders that these difficult designs can be realized one by one.
0 BR 2 LR 1 WC
750sq. ft(Actual)
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