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Fo TanLok Lam Garden Project
To welcome a new life, there are too many things to prepare in this world. It takes a lot of parental care just to choose baby products, not to mention the design and materials of a whole new home? The guests this time are very special. Their little lives were born during our construction, so that we can also enjoy this joy. This unit has a usable area of 530 square feet, which is more than enough for a family of three. However, the principle kitchen is too small, so the designer changed the stem kitchen to a semi-open type to broaden the view of the kitchen and living and dining room. The owner likes the stylish design. The stone surface of the kitchen is specially selected with more exaggerated stone patterns, which extend along the cabinet surface to the side of the cabinet. This location is directly opposite the door, allowing guests to feel the atmosphere of the whole design as soon as they enter the house. Due to the lack of space in the kitchen, not only a small amount of space in the porch was borrowed, but a set of tall sideboards made of the same material were placed next to the dining room. This sideboard set can be regarded as a collection of high-performance, not only in the open cabinet to reserve space for coffee machines, milk steamers and other appliances, but also in the middle of a space for the hostess to place an electronic organ for the hostess. There is also space below for an air purifier. The dining table especially uses the stone-patterned folding table to echo the kitchen real estate, and it is completely hidden in the kitchen cabinet when it is stored, which greatly saves space. "At least find a spot as a highlight" is a line that our designers often say. In this project, the designer first designed a large TV wall and sideboard to meet the owner's large storage needs. But the room is full of cabinets, and it will inevitably look very oppressive. Seeing this, the designer used the material to integrate the two completely different spaces into one. In the living room, a warm checkered fabric panel is used, which is matched with the walnut panel in the dining room. In the middle, a hidden door made of two materials is connected to form a huge feature wall, which serves as the focal point of the entire living and dining room. Both bedrooms have platforms, while the master bedroom walkway and wardrobe remain at their original heights. Carrying out the style that the owner loves, the master bedroom is made of dark brown eucalyptus wood, whether it is the wardrobe, the platform or the large locker on the back of the bed. The wardrobe door is specially selected with black glass sliding door, which can bring out the atmosphere while saving space. The large locker on the back of the bed is too large for the view, so the designer added light strips in all open positions. When the light is turned on, the original locker also becomes a feature wall. Since the child was just born, the owner hoped that the child's room could be kept as blank as possible, so that it would be more flexible to add furniture when they grow up. The light wood-colored platform ensures enough storage space, and a playful wardrobe is specially designed to adorn the entire children's room. It is worth mentioning that the two owners not only gave us a lot of space during the whole construction process, but also actively participated in the whole project at the same time, which we sincerely appreciate and appreciate. Just like the suggestions given by the designers, the owners are very accepting, and they will buy items based on these suggestions. For example, the lighting that the owners purchased by themselves are all beautiful, especially the chandeliers in the dining room and the cloud lights in the children's room.
2 BR 2 LR 1 WC
550sq. ft(Actual)
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