Mau Wu Tsai Village House or Village House550sq. ftTseung Kwan O

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500k - 600k
120 days

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Tseung Kwan OMau Wu Tsai Village Project
The owner of this unit is engaged in the work of removing formaldehyde and has seen countless units that have been renovated. Therefore, in addition to the sense of design, it also attaches great importance to the environmental protection standards of material selection. The female householder prefers to pay attention to the details of the design, and admits that she is tired of the frequent repetition of the design of the popular small house. It is hoped that the beauty and uniqueness are equally important, and at the same time, it can also achieve the realm of comfort and durability. The designer deliberately added different materials and curved ceilings in the design, in order to find a breakthrough point in the plain color. Even if different elements are mixed and matched, there will be no messy feeling. The biggest change in the design of the entire unit is the location of the kitchen and toilet. Because the owner likes Japanese culture very much, the designer specially designed a Japanese-style bathroom, separating the toilet, wash basin and shower. At the same time, it meets the requirements of the female head of household who wants to bathe with children, and the space is also sufficient. The designer also changed the kitchen next to the toilet to be next to the door to create an open kitchen. The cabinets with wood color and white baking oil are elegant and will not look cramped. The dining room is located in front of the kitchen and next to it is the living room. At the location of the TV wall, the designer designed two different stone noodles, hoping to draw soft lines throughout the living and dining room, bringing out the entire elegant and quiet design concept. Next to the living room, the designer specially planned a small study room for the male head of the household. A sliding door with a window is set in the middle, which can be opened left and right at will, becoming one of the children's toys. Since the owner wanted to keep the original wardrobe, the designer designed a new apricot-colored cabinet door for them to suit the entire design. The feature wall in the master bedroom is made of darker walnut slats, with purple and white wallpaper, to create a Japanese-style bedroom feel.
2 BR 2 LR 1 WC
550sq. ft(Actual)
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