The Latitude Apartment1100sq. ft

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The Latitude Project
reputation. The Harbor Project was planned last year, because the owner's eldest daughter started to study abroad this year, so she renovated the unit. The unit interval is four positive, the hall is chef, and the room is back to the edge. Four-bedroom set, each bedroom is a reasonable size. It is precisely this typical pattern, and the owner wants to retain all the original partitions, so this time we started with furniture, hoping to create a comfortable and durable feeling. Both the owner and his wife are professionals. They pay attention to the sense of design, but also focus on practicality and the quality of furniture. Due to the need for a lot of storage space, the designer made a set of large storage cabinets in the dining room, which hides a set of giant shoe cabinets. In order to reduce the sense of oppression, we used marble pattern panels to match, and left a space for decorations in the middle to add a little color to the dining room. A TV cabinet of the same series was made in the living room alongside the dining room. Likewise, leave space in the middle and bottom to reduce the pressure. Gray-brown Italian marble floor tiles are used in the living and dining room, which is quiet and luxurious. The kitchen cabinets are also matched with marble panels. The difference is that the color of the wall cabinets is more brown, and the walnut color of the floor cabinets is more calm and natural. The little girl's room and study are made of the same series of light walnut and white veneer. Although the white wood color is the most stable, it is also the easiest to look cheap. Therefore, the quality of the wood is very important, and the texture can also be improved with the spun leather board. There is a hidden lift bed in the study room, which can be used when the eldest daughter returns to Hong Kong from vacation, and it does not take up space when stored. The elders room is also very spacious. In addition to a set of large wardrobes, the designer also set up a set of large lockers on the windowsill. Similar to the window sill and desk in the study, the electric switch is deliberately set at a lower position on the edge to make the overall feel more tidy and detailed. The master bedroom has an extra-large platform. In addition to a set of large wardrobes, the back of the bed is also a large-capacity locker. The designer chose brown leather panels on the lockers on the back of the bed, which not only enriches the layers, but also can be used as a feature wall. Except for the door, the designer changed all the doors to walnut color. Not only is it more compatible with the entire style, but the texture is also stronger. Although there is no change in the interval, the designer's intentions can be seen in the details such as the selection of materials, the decoration of the ceiling, and the details of furniture design.
Modern Style
1100sq. ft(Actual)