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Wu Kai ShaSeanorama Project
This unit, Xinglianhai, is located in Wuxisha, looking at the beautiful sunrise of Xinghai Bay. Because it is a top-floor special unit with a 3.4-meter-high floor, the designer specially made the unit to have the feeling of a vacation in Southeast Asia, adding a lot of curved designs and rattan fabrics, with different wood grains and gold steel, hoping to create a Casual with a touch of luxury. The living room maintains the original height, which is enough for a large chandelier. At the same time, the designer also designed a curved ceiling light trough to bring a different level of lighting to the atmosphere. The biggest feature of this unit is the 270 ° large floor-to-ceiling glass in the living room. Unfortunately, there is a gray slope in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass, which limits the use of the living room. In order to solve this congenital defect, we placed a set of L-shaped sofas in front of the window, and ordered a set of L-shaped low cabinets to be placed in the space between the sofa and the inclined table. Besides storage, decorations can also be placed on the cabinets. . The designer also specially ordered a curved wooden shell to replace the original wall, and then affixed wall covering and wood grain veneer to the wooden shell surface to draw a half-waist wood grain TV wall. The arc design can not only modify the shortcomings of the multi-angle position of the character hall, but also a major feature of this design. This time, the unit cooperated with the head of the household, from the principle of a three-bedroom suite plus a worker's suite, demolished one guest room and replaced it with two rooms, and directly made the kitchen an open plan, while the dining room was placed next to the kitchen. In addition to smoother moving lines, it also improves the cramped feel of the Principle Luzi Hall. The back of the dining room is the entrance to the workers' room. We used the back of the shoe cabinet to make a characteristic wall with three similar colors of woven rattan, which suddenly became the focus of the dining room. The male owner's study is located in the center of the unit. As long as you look up, you will see this aerial study. It has both appearance and practicality, and at the same time has enough strength. The loft has a curved design, and the back panel of the desk cabinet is made of beige woven rattan, which echoes the feature wall of the dining room. The arc design can avoid the discomfort caused by the corner, and this loft is located in the center of the living and dining room, so the arc design can be said to be a must-have design solution. The upper part of the attic is the study room of the male householder, and the lower part is the children's play space. The stair cabinet naturally becomes the children's toy cabinet. There is a large space for storing toys, which is convenient for children to play and can also improve the cleanliness of the living room. The master suite and the children's room have not changed the partition at all, but the platform bed and the loft bed are made by using the super-high floor. The children of the householder like the tree house design, and the householder wants to walk under the raised bed normally without bending over, so we designed a corner staircase. A normal-sized desk, bookcase, wardrobe and single bed can be placed in a room that is not particularly spacious. As for the master bedroom, the designer only built a platform bed at the position of the bed, which is convenient for the use of wardrobe and dressing table. Because the dressing table is set against the bed, it also creates an arc in the corner, which is safe and runs through the whole house design. The wardrobe uses the half-waist wood grain of the TV wall in the living room, the upper half of the waist is matched with a white leather surface, and the wooden ceiling fan shows a touch of laziness. We directly reduced the size of the bathroom and changed it to a standard tank. Choose the lake green characteristic bricks that the user prefers, and match the log countertops to create the atmosphere of a resort hotel.
2 BR 2 LR 2 WC
750sq. ft(Actual)
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