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Best Air Conditioner Installation and Repair in Hong Kong

If you encounter Air Conditioner issues like not cooling, leaks, or noise, or need installation, contact our AC technician for immediate on-site inspection, repairing, and AC installation. We provide air conditioner repair services with a one-year free maintenance. Our licensed AC technician at Toby has extensive AC repair experience. Inquiries: 3703 3250.
If you encounter Air Conditioner issues like not cooling, leaks, or noise, or need installation, contact our AC technician for immediate on-site inspection, repairing, and AC installation. We provide air conditioner repair services with a one-year free maintenance. Our licensed AC technician at Toby has extensive AC repair experience. Inquiries: 3703 3250.

Common Air Conditioning Issues & Inspection Items

AC Repair: Cooling Issue
AC Repair: Cooling Issue

There are various reasons why an air conditioner might not cool effectively. Schedule a comprehensive inspection with our experienced AC technicians at $400. If issues are identified, AC technicians will provide repair or parts replacement quotes through Toby. One-year free maintenance guarantee.

From $400
AC Repair: Leaking Issues
AC Repair: Leaking Issues

An air conditioner that drips water can consume more electricity and affect its cooling efficiency. Cost only $400 for an on-site inspection to find the cause of the dripping. Parts replacement and AC repair costs will be quoted separately through Toby.

From $400
Other Issues: Noise/Not Starting/Slow Airflow, etc.

Our AC technicians have years of experience in air conditioner repair and hold relevant professional licenses. The inspection fee is just $400/unit. If repairs or parts are needed, they will be quoted separately through Toby. Our AC repair service includes a one-year maintenance guarantee.

From $400
Air Conditioning Installation/On-Site Inspection
Air Conditioning Installation/On-Site Inspection

All our AC installation technicians are qualified professionals, ensuring compliance with the Building Department's regulations. AC installation fees vary depending on the model and size of the job. Inquiries are welcome regarding split-type AC installation, window AC unit installation, and other fees.

Air Con Cleaning
Air Con Cleaning Services
Sold 8,189 times

Looking for Air Con Cleaning Services, such as Window Air Conditioner or Split-System Air Conditioner Cleaning? Click to browse Toby's Air-con Cleaning service page to learn more!

From $466From $568

Standardised service procedures

Professional licensed air conditioning technicians will come for an inspection. We promise a full refund if we cannot identify the root cause of the air conditioning malfunction. Additionally, after repairing the air conditioner, we offer a 1-year free maintenance service to ensure the quality of our work.
On-site Checking
Full Air Con Inspection
Test Report Provided
Quotations Provided (If parts changing is needed)
Professional AC repairment
Basic Cleaning
Examination & Testing after Services
Detailed After-repair Report Provided
One Year of Free Maintenance

How It Works

Make a Reservation
Make a Reservation
Submit your requests on AC inspection and repair services, by stating the AC problems and your preferable timeslots, prepay and wait for confirmation.
Confirmation quickly received
Confirmation quickly received
Email confirmation of successful reservation will be sent at earliest 30 minutes after order placement.
Enjoy the service
Enjoy the service
"Professional air conditioning technicians will promptly serve you based on your requirements.
Safety Guarantees
Personal Safety Insurance
Toby has purchased Personal Safety Insurance for every helper in case of workplace injuries.
Labour Insurance
Labour insurance have been bought for every air conditioner cleaning technician in case of workplace injuries.
After-sales guarantee
Half-year of free maintenance will be provided. Follow-up will be made within the maintenance period if issues occurred caused by our cleaning procedures.

Why Us?

The largest Home Services Reservation Platform in HK
All AC Technicians are experienced and have passed background checks
Transparent pricing. No hidden charges
Full refund for unsuccessful inspection
Monday to Sunday Professional Customer Support
Services Cover all 18 districts in HK

AC repair service includes one year of free maintenance
Professional equipment and tools for air conditioning inspection and repair

Top Pros

Mr. Chan
Hired 350 times
5yrs+ experience
Hello everyone. I'm Mr. Chan, and I've been an air conditioning repair technician for 5 years. Like other authorized technicians at Toby's, I specialize in repairing air conditioners. During cleaning procedures, I've sometimes identified issues with customers' air conditioners. If needed, I can also offer my repair expertise to clients. All my customers have been satisfied with my work because I follow each step with great care. With my help, your air conditioners will not only be clean but also operate at peak performance.
Mr. Chan
Hired 450 times
5yrs+ experience
Hello everyone. I’m Mr. Chan, and I have a keen interest in air-con repairing and cleaning. I've received numerous compliments from customers regarding my performance and attitude. What's most important to me is always giving my best to provide quality air conditioning services. My family is supportive of my work, and they believe it brings me a great sense of satisfaction.
Ying Gor
Hired 397 times
Hello everyone. I’m Ying, and I bring over 10 years of experience in air-con repairing to the table. I've become very adept at my job, having encountered diverse situations over the years. I'm especially familiar with window air-cons, split air-cons, and ceiling-type air-cons. All my customers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of my work!
User Reviews
Jun 04 2024
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Very good service attitude, explaining possible causes in detail and providing solutions. I hope the master can purchase parts as soon as possible and make a quotation for replacement.

xiao jiale
May 27 2024
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The chef made an appointment to come to the door, he came on time, and Fat Chang solved the problem quickly.

May 26 2024
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Very professional and great service attitude. If you have any questions next time, please contact Master Li.



What is the appointment process for air conditioning services (repair and installation)?

Once you've completed your payment, we will send you an email confirming your appointment. We will then start arranging an air-conditioning technician for you.
Typically, you should receive an SMS and an email confirming the appointment and providing the technician's contact details within about 20 minutes. Our AC technician will contact you the day before the service to confirm the order details and the time for the on-site inspection.
If any issues are found with the air conditioner upon inspection, the technician will provide a quote for repairs or part replacements via Toby. After obtaining the client's confirmation and agreement, repairs can be scheduled for either the same day or a later date.

How does Toby's air conditioning repair and installation service differ from other air conditioning companies?

Toby's air conditioner repair services are provided by experienced technicians, with clear and fair pricing without any hidden charges. All costs for inspection, repair, and part replacements will be itemized. If clients have any questions after using the air conditioning services, Toby also offers a special 1-year free maintenance period and seven-day-a-week customer service follow-up.

Can I cancel or modify the booking after purchasing?

Yes, you can, but the following cancellation policy applies:

Cancellation - You need to cancel at least one business day before the service usage time. You will be charged a $100 administrative fee for cancellation, and the remaining balance of the service will be refunded within 7-14 business days. If you cancel on the day of the service, no refund will be given. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

Changes - we only accept change requests submitted at least 1 business day before the service usage time. You can only choose a date within one month before or after the originally scheduled service date. We will charge a $50 administrative fee for each service change. If you request changes on the day of the service, your request will not be accepted. We suggest you continue to let the service personnel serve you.

If we are unable to successfully match a service personnel, and you request to change before the service usage time, you can change the service date and time for free.

What is the general procedure for air conditioning repairs?

When the air conditioning technician arrives on the scheduled date, they will first conduct a thorough inspection of the air conditioner. Once the problem is identified after the inspection, the technician will provide you with a repair quote via Toby. Repairs will be carried out only after the client agrees to the charges.
If there's a need to replace parts or refrigerants, the technician will provide a quote for the parts/refrigerants along with the repair cost through Toby. If you agree to the repair arrangements and the price, Toby will provide a payment link, and the payment can be completed on the spot. The technician will then confirm the availability of parts or the delivery date for ordered parts, and then a new repair date will be scheduled for you.
*Please note that air conditioning parts may need to be specially ordered. If it's during the summer peak season, the delivery time might be longer. We appreciate your understanding.

Who provides and is responsible for the air conditioner repair and installation services?

Toby's air conditioning services are provided by third-party service providers. For inquiries about appointments and details of the air conditioning services, you can call 3703 3250 for more information.
Since the service is supplied by a third party, Toby, as a platform, only acts as a matchmaker for you. If there are any issues, they need to be communicated and resolved directly with the service provider.

Apart from the onsite inspection fee and repair costs, will there be any other charges for the air conditioner technician?

Toby's air conditioning service prices are transparent and fair, with no hidden charges, and only include the following costs:
  1. Onsite Inspection Fee: The fee for the technician's onsite inspection of each air conditioning unit is $400. This fee does not include the cost of repairs and parts. Even if you choose not to proceed with the repair, we will still charge this onsite inspection fee, which is non-refundable.
  2. Cost for Parts Replacement, Installation, or Other Repairs: After the completion of the air conditioner inspection, if it involves parts replacement, installation, or other repair work, the technician will provide a detailed quote for the repair items and parts through Toby. Please note that the onsite inspection fee will not be deducted from this quote.
  3. Additional Costs:
    - An additional fee of $800 will be charged if false ceilings need to be removed and reinstalled.
Example: If a customer is looking for air conditioning repair in Yuen Long, but their residence is located in the Yuen Long village house area, they may be subject to a remote area charge.
The air conditioning technician will inform you of any additional charges before the service date and will collect the fees on site in cash.

Are there any extra charges for the warranty services?

All Toby Air Conditioner Repair services come with a 12-month warranty for the same issues encountered previously. If our technicians determine that the problems or errors were not a result of our repair service or aren't covered under the warranty, the original price for a one-time repair service will be charged, along with an additional $200 for emergency service.

How long does air conditioning installation typically take?

The duration of the installation process varies based on the type of system and the job's complexity. On average, a standard installation may range from a few hours to a couple of days. Our team will offer an estimated timeline during the consultation.

Can I change the air conditioner repair service to an air conditioner cleaning order?

No, once the air conditioner inspection and repair service is successfully booked, the technician will charge the full inspection fee of $400.
If after the inspection it is determined that the air conditioner needs cleaning, customers need to place a new order for air conditioner cleaning service on Toby.


Customers must ensure that the environment for the air conditioning work complies with the safety regulations of the Labor Department. If the technician finds that the on-site environment does not meet safety standards, they have the right to stop work immediately and suspend the service. Toby will not issue a refund for this.
If there is a need to change the date or time of the installation or repair due to safety issues, an additional administrative fee of $150 will be charged to the customer.

For more information:

For more FAQ about home cleaning service, please refer to https://support.hellotoby.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023890633-Toby-Home-Service-FAQ-T-C

About Air Conditioning Installation, Air Conditioner Maintenance, Handyman, Air Conditioner Repair

Which air conditioning repair service is the best?

Looking for recommended air-con technicians in Hong Kong, or want to schedule a home service for air-con repair or installation? Toby collaborates with the best air conditioning companies across Hong Kong to serve you. Our air conditioning service includes: air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner repair, air conditioner installation, etc.

Our Air Conditioning technicians possess expert knowledge of air-con repair and installation in Hong Kong, and have extensive experience in inspection and repair. They ensure that they provide professional air-con repairing services!

Why is your air conditioner not working properly?

Whether it's the installation of split air conditioners, repair of dripping air conditioners, dismantling of air conditioning units, or resolving issues like non-cooling, frosting, our AC technicians can comprehensively and carefully inspect and diagnose the root cause of the problem of your air conditioners.

Scope of air conditioning repair and installation services

The most common issue with residential air conditioners is water dripping. Depending on the model (window-type or split-type air conditioner), air conditioning technicians will conduct professional inspections and repairs.

On the commercial front, the most frequent issues are component malfunctions, which require professional technicians to inspect and repair on-site. Our Air Conditioning service targets a wide range of clients, including government agencies, high schools, primary schools, offices, shops, restaurants' fresh air exhaust systems, and more.

What types of air conditioning systems do you install?

We install a wide variety of air conditioning systems, including central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, window units, and more. Our expert technicians can recommend the best system tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

How can I schedule an on-site air conditioner inspection and repair service?

If you notice any abnormalities with your air conditioner, you can click "Check Price" at the top of the page, select the number and type of air conditioners you need to be inspected and potentially repaired. Please briefly describe the malfunction and indicate your preferred time for the technician's visit to directly book the inspection service. The basic inspection fee is only $400 per unit.

We will confirm the actual service date and time with you via SMS and email, and our professional AC technicians will arrive to conduct a thorough inspection. We promise a full refund if we cannot determine the root cause of the malfunction.

How much does air conditioner repair typically cost?

The cost of air conditioning installation services varies, depending on factors such as the type of system, the size of your space, and the complexity of the AC installation process. Our team will provide you with a detailed estimate after assessing your specific needs during the consultation process.

How much do Air Conditioner repair services cost?

The basic on-site inspection fee of $400 does not include repair and parts costs. After the air conditioning diagnosis, the AC technician will provide a detailed quote for repairs or part replacements via Toby. If the client agrees, repairs can be made immediately or scheduled for another date.

The detailed costs for all repairs and part replacements will be itemized. The actual repair costs depend on the complexity of the job, part prices, whether scaffolding is needed for outdoor work, etc. The total is generally around $1,000. Our repair service includes up to one year of free maintenance.

Toby's air conditioning technicians are professionally certified.

Considering the potential risks in air conditioning works, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department stipulates that air conditioning technicians must be registered as an electrician at the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong and receive relevant professional license. Air conditioner handymen have to receive Grade R Electrical Works qualification by law before they can be responsible for low-voltage air conditioning system installations.

All Toby air conditioning technicians are qualified craftsmen, compliant with legal regulations. They have extensive experience in air conditioning inspection, installation, and repair and have been thoroughly reviewed and certified by Toby.

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