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                      Actual Home Assistance Requests

                      See other Home Care Assistance requests in Hong Kong

                      • “can provide cleaning supplies or they can bring.”

                        Mr Scott

                        Kowloon-Mong Kok

                        What kind of home cleaning service are you looking for?Recurring
                        Which days of the week are best for home cleaning?Friday
                        What is the square footage of your home?200 - 500 sq. ft.
                      • “Looking for someone who can look after my daughter.”


                        Hong Kong-Causeway Bay

                        Which type of service are you looking for?Child Care
                        Which days of the week are best for home assistance?Monday, Wednesday, Friday
                        Anything else you would like your Pro to know?No need to clean the house but to take care of her (e.g. Feeding, taking her out for walks)
                      • “Prefer 3 x 3 hours per week”


                        Hong Kong-Mid-Level

                        What kind of home service are you looking for?Recurring
                        Which type of service are you looking for?Home Cleaning, Pet Care, Others (Please specify): Laundry, ironing
                        How long do you need the helper to provide service?3 - 4 Hour

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                      • MONICA LEE
                        September 24, 2018
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                        Very careful and patient

                      • Lloyd Tse
                        September 21, 2018

                      •  chan Lun kit
                        September 20, 2018

                      • mickychyola
                        September 19, 2018

                      • cherry lo
                        September 19, 2018

                      • 唐欣玲
                        September 18, 2018

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                      The housekeeper on the HelloToby, through real-name verification and professional review. Experts have a wealth of housekeeping experience and a sincere attitude. The experts on the platform have domestic companies that provide local employees, as well as private domestic helpers. Whether it is responsible for household cleaning, one-time cleaning, cooking, washing, take care services (such as taking care of children, care for the elderly, taking care of a pet) or other general housework, can complete devotedly. You can hire them assuredly.

                      All you need to do is to post your requirements on HelloToby, and the housework assistant will contact you soon to provide quotes. You can easily contact to four housekeepers and compare their quotes and past scores to choose the best one for you. Anytime, anywhere, HelloToby lets your service needs get the best solution as soon as possible.

                      Cost to Hire a Local Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

                      Hong Kong citizens are exhausted by their work, having a good rest is their only wish after work. Although it is hard for them to do the housework, after all, it is their own home. In this situation, it is a sensible option for you to hire a housekeeper to help you to finish the housework, such as washing, cooking, taking care of babies, children and the elderly which could lighten your load. The only question is how much should you pay for the home assistant service? If it necessary for you to hire a housekeeper, take a look at the following service guide!

                      The specific charge of Home Care

                      The housekeeper divided into maids, family assistants, part timers, cleaners, and the elderly’s care workers. The employers can choose whether they want the housekeeper live with them. Housekeeper charges will be adjusted according to different types of service and working hours. In terms of general household needs, most people will choose to hire part-time helper in Hong Kong because of their high flexibility and low cost. The charge of a part-time home assistant is about $100 to $120, There is also a single work unit to calculate, the basic charge is about $300 to $320. However, if the work involved is more complicated and requires a longer time to complete, the cost will be raised accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary to make clear with the housekeeper in this respect to avoid future’s disputes. If you are looking for a family assistant to take care of the elderly, you will be charged about $100 to $130 per hour. If the fee is charged per month, the fee will depend on the number of times of care per week and the duration of each session, which is about $9,000 to $40,000.

                      The duties of In-Home Help

                      According to the daily needs of your family, the housekeeper will carry out household cleaning, washing, laundry ironing, food preparation, other maid services, and simple care. The elderly care workers will also provide a comprehensive and caring care and professional escort.

                      The addition charge of Home Care Assistance

                      If you have been asked for providing temporary care for critically ill patients, the housekeeper will charge you an extra 10 to 15 percent per day. If the employers live in remote areas, the fees will be slightly higher. In addition, near the festival, like the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival, the service fees for housekeeper are usually raised. The most notable aspect of the additional cost is that the employer is required to purchase compensation insurance for local housekeepers. Under article 40 of 《The Employees' Compensation Ordinance》, employers must perform their legal duties regardless of the number of hours employed, full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary.

                      Average cost for hiring a Home Assistant
                      Average 110 /hour in Hong Kong
                      Average$ 110MinimumMaximum$ 100$ 120

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