Announcement for HelloToby Pros

We created HelloToby with the vision of helping small businesses and freelancers to grow. Since then, we have had tremendous support from our customers and Service Pros. In little over two months HelloToby have received over 2,000 customer requests, made more than 5,000 business introductions and handled over a million dollar worth of businesses.

To thank you for your support we are offering you 50 free credits as well as a  HelloToby Credit flash sale on our credits which you can use to win more business!

We have also learnt a huge amount from you over the past couple of months. We have found that many service categories on our platform are very competitive causing some of you to miss out on submitting a quote for your desired request.

We also see that the amount of quotes received on higher value jobs tend to fill up quickly, while smaller jobs receives few quotes, leaving many of our service pros disappointed.

With this in mind we will update the number of credits needed to quote for each job request based on:

  • The average price of service
  • The volume of requests for the same service

Using the information from above, the amount of credits for requests with low demand will decrease, and the amount of credits for requests with high demand will increase. The new cost to quote can be seen directly on the customer’s request.

In the coming months we will increase our marketing activities to bring more exposure to the  HelloToby brand and most importantly, more customers to you.

Should you have questions regarding our new pricing system or any other questions regarding  HelloToby feel free to write to, or call us on 3703 3250, or whatsapp us on 6187 4534.

Best Regards,

Team HelloToby

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