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Toby Ambassadors

Interior DesignRowena Gonzales

Rowena Gonzales

Toby ambassador badge
2 Reviews
Kowloon–Tsim Sha Tsui
Liquid Interiors Limited is a healthy and eco conscious interior design studio based in Hong Kong. Our interiors are designed to inspire, to be eco friendly and improve health. Our team is equipped with LEED AP’s, designers and strategic partners who design and execute green residential and commercial spaces to certification level. We work with LEED® ID+C, BEAM Plus and WELL® Building standards and specialize in creative design for hospitality, show flats, residential development and innovative workplaces. We offer 360 degrees eco interior design service from concept to completion. A lush, beautiful and sustainable world for future generations is within reach. It all starts with a sustainable community of like-minded people. – inspired by the film Within Reach
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Yoga LessonMaggie Lin

Maggie Lin

Toby ambassador badge
4 Reviews
Kowloon–Kwun Tong
Maggie is devoted to cultivating well-being through yoga, mindfulness and sensory experiments. 

In the past ten years, she began her yoga practice as she retired from semi-professional tennis. She wrote a thesis on yoga, for her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.), in Anthropology, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

Maggie received her professional yoga teacher training with Janet Lau, and furthered her training to teach yoga for kids with Karen Wightman. She works as a Yoga Therapist at the Hong Kong Pain Medicine Center.

She has trained at the Hong Kong Center For Mindfulness; and the Oxford Mindfulness Center in England. 

Maggie Lin簡介
作爲香港的前網球及長跑青年軍代表,Maggie 對運動和身心健康有很深的體會。退役運動員生活後, 十年前遇上瑜伽,變成她碩士論文的研究題目外,並實踐在瑜珈教學和生活中。
從小,她習慣用努力去達到目標──瑜珈的練習,慢慢讓她明白到剛柔並重,照顧身體,心靈需要的重要性 。 
香港中文大學人類學系哲學碩士 --  論文研究瑜珈與身心靈的關係
瑜珈老師 – Yoga Alliance 200小時訓練
Hong Kong Pain Medicine Center 瑜珈治療師
分別完成香港靜觀中心「靜觀減壓課程」及 「靜觀認知療法」
完成兩次英國牛津靜觀中心的 Masterclass
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Personal TrainingBrandon Ip

Brandon Ip

4 Reviews
New Territories–Tai Wai
Brandon specialises in working with fitness beginners as he understands the significance of bio-individuality and gradual progression. Since everyone’s bodies and fitness levels are different, it is not ideal, for beginners especially, to attempt random training programmes.

BIPCoaching’s fitness programmes are, therefore, specifically designed for the clients based on their personal fitness level and goals, current lifestyle and exercise habits. A well-personalised programme will not only help you attain your goals most effectively but also provide the safest environment.
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Mandarin Language Lesson for AdultsTrista Li

Trista Li

2 Reviews
New Territories–Tuen Mun
I have experience in tutoring across Economics, English, and Chinese. With more than 5 years of reaching experience, I am often described as enthusiastic and patient in boosting students/ academic knowledge as well as assisting them in getting good results in public examination.  

我有多年補習經驗,補習科目包括英文、中文(廣東話/普通話) 及經濟,亦在HKDSE分別取得5*、 5**、 5**的成績。本人滿腔教育熱誠、且有耐性,願助莘莘學子一臂之力,增長他們在學科上的知識,並在公開試取得佳績。
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