【 Freelance Job 】What is a reasonable charge and quotation?

Owing to the changing job nature and the lacking of standard, making quotes for the potential customers is of the greatest challenges faced by the freelancers. There is no standard free quotation and the cost guide for the inexperienced freelancers to make a freelance quotation. Therefore, HelloToby is hereby to give some tips on how can freelancer charge!

1. What is a reasonable freelance quotation?

In general, freelancers seldom discuss the issue of services charged. So for the fresh freelancers, they might not know how to quote prices properly. Hence, what is a reasonable price for each service? This worry is reasonable since charging a high price might deter people from hiring the freelancer HK while charging a low price might lead to a loss of money.

To begin with, there is no the “most reasonable price”. The existence of the freelance job is to fulfill the working needs of different people. Yet, their working background and the nature of the job will affect their value in the market.

For the freelancers, the quotations made should be based on your qualifications, working experience, economic conditions, address, clients and the nature of the job. Here are some tips on how to make a good quotation.

freelance quotation

Apart from making quotations, freelancers should have certain qualities to  be a good freelancer.

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2. Pay attention to the job advertisement

You can search the recruitment websites to look into the details of the job which fits your educational level, working experience, and monthly salary. By knowing the information, you can estimate your required daily/hourly rate. However, daily and hourly rate can never be applied to certain jobs, such as freelance design Hong Kong.

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3. Ask the experts

If you familiar experts who are specialising in the same field and having similar working experience as you, you can try to ask for basic details of price quotation and cost guide. However, you should not ask in a very explicit way to make people deem that you are trying to grab their business.



4. Use the freelance fee-estimating app

There are some mobile applications designed for the freelancers to estimate their hourly rate. However, most of the applications do not consider the working experience and the customers’ need. Therefore, the result is not as trustworthy as you think.
HelloToby has prepared you the cost guide of different jobs. You can take it as a reference.


5. Test your quotations

If you have come up with an estimated quotation by the above method, you can use the median and test the freelance quotation template with the new customers. If the customers do not reject your inexpensive quotations, then you can consider increasing your price. If the customers repeatedly rejected you owing to the high price, then you might need to reduce the price a bit.

As an experienced freelancer, you can use your experience and conditions to adjust the price.

freelance HK 


6. Is the quotation charged on an hourly or a project basis?

Most of the freelancers sent the freelance quotation based on the project basis. By counting the required time and cost, the freelancer will eventually send the quotation. Charging on a project basis is generally more beneficial than charging on an hourly rate.


7. Sending quotations is a kind of art

Based on the difference of abilities, background, experience and living conditions, it is no use to ask a freelancer for the quotations standard at random. The best way should compare the quotations of similar freelancers. You can also search the hong kong freelance websites, such as HelloToby, for sending quotations. You can gain experience from sending quotations and communicating with the customers.

One of the best things about being a freelancer is you can control your revenue. Facing a good customer, you are sometimes willing to earn less so as to work for him. For the troublesome customers, you will use the skill of adding price to reject the customers. Therefore, the freelance quotations are not definitely fixed.

price quotation

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