【Photography Jobs】How can I become a professional photographer?

Nowadays, as technology is getting more and more advanced, everyone has at least one smartphone with photographic functions. While the amateur photography can randomly take personal photos, if you want to take photo perfectly to satisfy a client, we must turn to professional photographer. Is it possible to turn a hobby into a job and become a professional photographer? HelloToby gives a breakdown below.

1. Improve photography skills

The frame looks fine as it is, but it needs to be done better, they are about photographic techniques such as composition, framing, and lighting. There are different requirements and preferences in different areas, such as Commercial Photoshoot, Portrait Photography and Family Photography.

Photography Job

To enhance their photographic skills, photographer artist may choose to enroll in institutions for that offer photography courses such as the Hong Kong Photo Association, the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Photography, the Chung Shan Professional Learning College and the YMCA College.

On the other hand, some may think online studying to surf on the photography websites is enough. Regardless of the method you choose, the most important is that you are able to enhance your ability in photography.


2. Purchase suitable equipment

Although it is not necessary for you to have the best equipment to take good photos, professional photographers are often equipped with different types of photographic equipment to cope with the different needs of photographic work.

In addition to a mid-range SLR camera, you may need secondary aperture fixed focal length mirror, wide-angle lens, a telephotometer, tripod and other equipment, with a spending of over $ 10,000.

Professional Photographer

In the beginning, you do not need to deliberately pursue the latest models, as taking time to familiarize yourself with the use of different equipment can be too late as new trends take over.

You may even rent photographic equipment if necessary before making a large investment in a purchase. Want to hire a photography equipment rental service? Let HelloToby help you.

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3. Make a personal portfolio

If you want to be a professional photographer, try different types of photography such as Wedding Photography, Sports Photography or Landscape Photography. Form a selection of previous works of different themes to create your own personal portfolio. This shows your level of professional photography and is good for selling yourself to guests.

When guests see you shoot a lot of good work, they feel more at ease to hire you. Of course, you also need to engage in social media, creating a Facebook Page and Instagram to promote yourself online!

photographer artist


4. Establish a network of people

It is not enough for a famous photographer to simply take beautiful photos. If you want to be a long-term professional photographer, you must establish your own personal network. For example, if you are specializing in taking wedding photos , you can engage actively with the wedding planning , wedding rental and other company contacts for other photography jobs opportunities.

 You can also create a personal website or business card promotion, so that more people know you. Many people will hire photographer artists through acquaintances. Therefore, you should also communicate with clients more, understand the needs of the client and meet their preferences. You must be willing to introduce yourself to new clients and sell yourself.



5. Start as an assistant of a professional photographer

There is a need to become a photographer at the very beginning as they need a lot of money to run their own studio, including investment equipment, studio rentals, and other costs. This is something not everyone can afford.

So there are people who will enter the photography art industry as a photographer’s assistant. First, they can learn skills from an expert. Second, they can to learn about the business mode of operations of the photography art industry.


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