4 Questions You Should Ask before you Pick Your Pre-wedding Photography Service

You’ve compared thousands of pre-wedding photography packages and you’re no clearer as to which to go for. Here are four questions you should ask before you part with your hard-earned cash.

  1. Don’t be swayed by low prices. Packages usually cover a limited number of printed photos. If you’re planning on printing extra or having your photos framed, you should budget that in.
  2. Ask if the package includes wedding gown and tuxedo rentals. Will you be paying extra for fitting sessions or bridal accessories.
  3. Studio or outdoors? Prices may vary. Ask how many unique backdrops or locations are included. If the weather is less than ideal on the shooting day, would you be able to postpone the shoot or get a refund? Be aware of overtime fees.
  4. Look at the photographer’s full portfolio and see if his/ her aesthetics suit your needs. Have a consultation session with the photographer if possible.

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