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For many women, weddings are a once in a lifetime experience. On the big day of your wedding, the wedding makeup and hairstyle is important because you want to feel good and look good. A professional bridal stylist can cut down on your pre-wedding preparations and stress, no less have you look absolutely stunning on the wedding day. However, it is no secret wedding costs are incredibly expensive – but is spending a lot to get married really necessary? (→Chinese Version)

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1. A breakdown of  wedding makeup and hairstyle prices 

There are many freelance workers in the market who provide bridal hair and makeup design services. The fees vary from person to person. For the same service, different prices are calculated by the number of stylings and previous bridal makeup experience.


Wedding makeup prices range from $1500 to $4000, and are suitable for bridal registration, the bride and groom’s grand entrance, or other occasions. If the bride and groom will change makeup at one point, the two styles range from $3000 to $5000, while prices for unlimited makeup range from $4000 to $8000. If the bride wishes the makeup artist to attend the wedding and add touches as necessary, the prices range from $5000 to $13,000.


As for your siblings, bridesmaids makeup, day/night makeup prices are cheaper. One styling costs between $400 and $ 3,000, and a styling for two costs between $ 800 and $ 5,000. Retouching and redoing makeup a few times is not necessary, so as not to be overwhelming, a simple one or two stylings are appropriate throughout the event.


2. A breakdown of wedding makeup and hairstyle services

Every wedding makeup artist will have conversations with the bride and groom about makeup brands they will use, and would refer to their own makeup look ideas. The makeup artist will suggest the most appropriate wedding makeup styles for the bride’s skin colour, taste, face shape and silhouette.


During the wedding makeup process, the first step is to clean the face of the bride or groom, and apply toner and moisturizer to prevent smudging or alterations. Second, the bride make-up artist will apply concealer and the liquid foundation to make the skin glow, then dust on the honey powder makeup. Then, according to the wishes of the bride, apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. Finally, the wedding makeup artist will sweep the lip rouge with lipstick.


Wedding makeup services are more expensive because the bridal styling is more thought-provoking, while most bridal make-up sets include false eyelashes and wedding headdresses.


3. Wedding makeup and hairstyle extra costs

Wedding makeup stylist generally requires payment for trial makeup services in order to test different looks and styles, taking around 2.5-3 hours. Each bridal makeup test costs between $200 and $600, in which the bridal makeup artist will attempt 2-3 makeup and hairstyles in order to find the perfect look. If a suitable look found in the initial tests, no further costs for the other tests are needed. If guests do not require full-time follow-ups, makeup and hairstyle modifications are negotiable.


Furthermore, the distance to the service venue will affect the bride’s makeup and designer fees. If you need to go home, work outdoors or overseas, you usually pay an extra fee for transport expenses, travel expenses, accommodation, and other services. 


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