【Outdoor Camping】Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites 2018

Whether it is during the weekends or holidays, we all want to pack our bags and spend a few days in the countryside. This is to enjoy the beautiful nature and take time away from our hectic lives. Undoubtedly, camping is the best option. Barbecuing and hiking with friends and relatives at day, stargazing at night, and watching the sunrise at dawn – it’s an eye-opener. Despite Hong Kong being densely populated, there are actually many beautiful areas for camping. HelloToby will be introducing to you 10 of our favourite camping sites. (→Chinese Version)

1. Pak Lap Campsite – The Edge of Hong Kong Geopark

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Sai Kung East Country Park (Wan Yi Reservoir, Wan Yi Road, Pak Lap Village)

Number of Bridges: 10

Facilities: Barbecue pits, benches and tables, dry toilets.

Transport: Take Bus 94 in Sai Kung bus terminal; or Bus 96R at the Diamond Hill Bus Terminus on holidays and public holidays. After getting off at Pak Tam Chung, take MiniBus 7 from Sai Kung Town. Go along the carriageway of Section 1 of the MacLehose Trail and head for the camp. This would take about 2 hours on foot.

Features: Pak Lap Campsite is located near the Wan Yi Reservoir East Dam and Pak Lap Village. Visitors can enjoy the Wan Yi reservoir and the gorgeous scenery of the Sai Kung East Peninsula. During the early morning hours, you can to the East Dam to watch the sunrise! Friends who are interested in geography may wish to go to the East Dam, on the edge of Hong Kong Geopark, with hexagonal rock columns in its vicinity.


2. Long Ke Wan Campsite – One of the Most Beautiful Beaches

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Campsite Location: Long Ke Wan, Sai Kung East Country Park (Long Ke Beach)

Tent Space: 6

Facilities: Barbecue stove, table and bench, dry toilet

Transport: Take either Bus 94 in Sai Kung bus terminal, Bus 96R at the Diamond Hill Bus Terminus on holidays and public holidays, or Minibus 7 at Sai Kung town (Hoi Ha), and get off at Pak Tam Chung. Follow the carriageway of the first stage of the MacLehose Trail, then walk about 3 hours on foot to reach the campsite.

Features: To see the unique geological formations, you should go to the other side of the Long Ke Wan, to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong! We don’t even need to mention the crystal clear water and silky sand. The beach is flat and large, plus, with its remote location and difficulty to be accessed, you can spend a carefree day without others in the same area.


3. Lo Kei Wan Campsite – For Newcomer to Camping

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: South Lantau Country Park

Tent Space: 10

Facilities: Barbecue stove, table, stool, sewage hole, drying rack, dry toilet

Transport: Take Bus 11 or 23 from Tung Chung Town Center, or Bus 1 or 2 from Mui Wo and get off at Shuikau Tsuen Station. Go along the stage 9 of Phoenix Path to the camp (towards Shek Pik) on foot for 25 minutes.

Features: If you are a newcomer to camping, Lo Kei Wan Campsite is for you! It is not difficult to get there due to the convenience of transportation options. Secondly, Kei Wan is surrounded by clean and beautiful beaches and is a prime destination for watching the sunrise.


4. Tung Lung Chau camp – Beautiful Scenery and Fortified Monuments

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Tung Lung Fort special area

Number of Bridges: 10

Facilities: Barbecue grills, chairs, information boards, trash cans, pavilions, dry toilets

Transport: Visit Tung Lung island by taking the ferry service at Sam Ka Tsuen, Lei Yue Mun or Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter, Sai Wan Ho. However, keep in mind these services run only on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Remember to plan ahead to see what time fits best in your schedule!

Features: The camp takes about 20 minutes to walk to from Tung Lung Chau pier. The road is flat, and the camp is near the entrance of a few shopes to purchase supplies. The camp is surrounded by the sea on three sides with beautiful scenery. More fortified monuments are nearby and evoke the history of Hong Kong’s defence against invading pirates.


5. Wan Tsai West Campsite – Stargazing at Night

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Wan Tsai Peninsula West, Sai Kung West (Wan Tsai Ext.)

Tent Space: 20

Facilities: Gazebo, grill, bench, stool, large bathroom and toilet facilities

Transport: Take the Minibus 7 from downtown Sai Kung and get off at Hoi Ha Tsuen MTR Station. Follow along the Big Beach Trail and walk about 45 minutes to reach the campsite.

Features: The camp has a large grassland, with space for up to 20 tents. It is in an open environment, particularly good for stargazing at night. The camp has a barbecue grill, a large bathroom with toilets and other complete facilities. Near the camp is Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, where you can see marine animals such as starfish, jellyfish, coral, and mangroves if the weather is good.


6. Ngong Ping Campsite – Alpine Grassland in Hong Kong

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Campsite Location: Ma On Shan Country Park

Tent Space: 20

Facilities: Barbecue stove, benches, dry toilets and sewage drain

Transportation: Take NR84 village bus from Ma On Shan Yiu On Estate and get off at Ma On Shan Village terminus. Walk along the outskirts of Ma On Shan for around an hour to reach the campsite.

Features: The Ngong Ping area is one of the few alpine grasslands in Hong Kong, with the mountains and rivers, vast horizons, and beautiful scenery. If you want to enjoy the scenery of Sai Kung City with the Sai Kung Inner Sea, may wish to go slightly further to reach the Ngong Ping viewing platform. However, part of the road is more difficult and strenous, suitable for campers with more hiking experience.


7. Shui Long Wo Campsite – Perfect for a Camping Group

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Shui Long Wo, Ma On Shan Country Park

Tent Space: 8

Facilities: Grill, table, benches, dry toilets and mobile toilets

Transport: Take Bus 299X from Sai Kung or Sha Tin Town Center, and get off at Shui Long Wo. Walk for about 20 minutes along the MacLehose Trail heading for the camp.

Features: The Shui Long Wo Campsite is big, with green grass, a flat ground, as well as complete facilities such as the barbecue grill – perfect for a camping group. Sai Sha Road 4 is a short walk above the campsite, with has Hong Kong’s sole imitation of the astronomical observation platform that is definitely worth a visit.


8. Lau Shui Heung Campsite – Beautiful Reflection of the Sky

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Tent Space: 7

Facilities: Barbecue stove, table, stool, sewage hole, drying rack and dry toilets.

Transport: Take Minibus 52B at Fanling MTR Station to Hok Tau, and get off at roundabout up the ridge of Lau Shui Heung Road. Follow the river for about 30 minutes and you can reach the campsite.

Features: Lau Shui Heung Campsite is located south to the river, in a quiet and pristine environment next to a large section of willow trees. When the weather is clear, you can enjoy the beautiful reflection of the sky in the river.


9. Hok Tau Campsite – For Parents to Bring Their Children

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Camp Location: Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Tent Space: 40

Facilities: Grill, table, stool, drying rack, bathroom, gazebo and standard toilet facilities

Transport: Take Minibus 52B at Fanling MTR Station, and get off at Tsun Hom Tsuen MTR Station, and then proceed along Crane Road to Tsuruni Reservoir. The journey takes about 15 minutes only.

Features: Hok Tau Campsite is beside a gathering of green trees, with a BBQ site and bathroom and toilet facilities, so even the first-time camper can rest assured. There are many streams along the areas as well as beautiful scenery. The road is also easy, taking only one hour to finish. You can also walk to the ecological resort of Sha Lo Dong – this is a great option for parents to bring their children to enjoy the beautiful nature.


10. Rotary Park Campsite –  For the Family Picnic

【Outdoor Camping】The Top 10 Hong Kong Camping Sites

Location: Rotary Park (Tai Mo Shan Country Park)

Tent Space: 4

Facilities: Barbecue pits, tables, benches, sewage drains, flushing toilets and sinks.

Transport: At Tsuen Wan West Railway Station Terminus or Tsuen Wan Railway Station, take Bus 51 to Kam Tin and get off at Country Park Station. It is just a 5-minute walk to the campsite.

Features: The camp is located in the Tai Mo Shan Country Park Rotary barbecue area. Along the way home music trail with natural education trails, suitable for the family picnic. There is an element of what would make a great family trip: the natural education, paired with an observation deck nearby with views of Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi, bring a delightful scenery to feast your eyes upon.


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