【Become a Pro】5 steps to be a professional makeup artist

Although makeup may seem simple, it is needed to tie in with the features of different people and match the occasion. If you aspire to become a professional makeup artist, it is necessary to follow these five important steps. (→Chinese Version)

1. Prepare a certain amount of money

To become a makeup artist, you may need to purchase different types of cosmetic products and tools in addition to applying for a makeup course, roughly an investment of $ 50,000 – $ 80,000. In addition, when you begin a business, you must be able to afford to losing your income even if it is only a slight possibility. Therefore, it is better to save even more money for emergency use.


2. Enroll in makeup artist courses

Do not think that simply liking makeup can lead to you becoming a professional makeup artist. Interest itself is not enough, it is best to enroll in a makeup school to attend the needed courses. There are makeup schools in Hong Kong, with courses covering Japanese makeup, evening makeup, bridal makeup, stage makeup and even stunt makeup. In addition to make-up techniques, you will learn to analyze the guest’s skin, facial features and other theoretical knowledge to apply the most flattering styles. Another than that, some people choose to study abroad in Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia.

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3. Obtain professional qualifications

Although becoming a makeup artist requires professional qualifications, particularly prestigious recognitions and certificates can definitely improve your competitiveness. One is the British ITEC international makeup certificate and diploma, we’re talking a well-known vocational qualification certificate with the highest of level 3. If you want to get the ITEC, it is best to apply for the relevant test design courses. It is because that the contents of ITEC exams involve practical cosmetic exams, a secondary submission of an individual worksheet, and a written examination. Other’s include the Swiss CIDESCO International Beautician Diploma and the British CIBTAC qualification certificate.


4. Actively participate in internships

Everyone’s facial features and skin conditions are different. Therefore, makeup artists need to hone their understanding of makeup technology, undergo practical work, take the initiative on weekdays, actively participate in makeup schools, and pursue internship opportunities to increase experience.



5. Expand the network

A newcomer to the makeup industry faces a huge problem, and its turning it into a day job. In fact, a lot of makeup artists thrive based on having clients that are acquaintances. You will have to establish your own personal network, for example, get acquainted with more friends, maintain contact with existing clients, spent more time with the photographer or other staff to communicate and establish relations.


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