【 Work at Home 】The 10 Tips on finding a freelance job

Apart from their full-time job, many Hong Kong people will earn additional income by having a freelance job. Some of them might even become a full-time freelancer, who is known as slash, to fully earn money for the freelance jobs. There are successful cases of freelancers, such as the former TVB news host Jenny Chan. Despite the flexibility of the freelance jobs, there are different issues you should be aware of.


1. How is the freelance job counted?

There are many kinds of freelance jobs in the market and their price charged can be drastically different. Yet, a simple counting method can still be found.
First of all, you should ask about the job nature and the deadline for the job. You should also estimate your own hourly rate and the time you need to finish the job so as to count your own minimum price charged. You can send a higher quotation to see if the customers can accept the quotation or not.

You should also be noticed that the customers should pay you deposit (usually not more than 50% of the freelance quotations) after you two make an agreement. Before the project finish, the customers should also pay you the rest of the money. Don’t forget to ask your customers to issue an invoice for you after the job ends.

Freelance Job

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2. Re-confirm the freelance job details

In general, the agreements of freelance job details are made verbally. Yet, you should send an email to the customers after you two confirm the working contents and requirements as a mean to protect the mutual rights. For the long-term working freelancers and customers, a freelance contract shall be signed.


3. Punctuality

You should try your best to ask for more time to do your task. Do not start working right before the deadline or cannot finish the product after the deadline. Most of the customers (especially the big companies outsourcing their work to the freelancers) have to go through different auditing processes. Therefore, they tend to hire a freelancer who values punctuality.

freelance invoice

Apart from being punctual, there are other necessary qualities to be a successful freelancer. If you want to check out whether you are a qualified freelancer, don’t miss this blog post!

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4. Aftercare work

The aftercare work means that you should ask suggestion from your customers to see if there is anything you can improve. There are not many freelancers will do the evaluation with the customers. By doing so, this can reflect that you are a reliable freelancer with a good working attitude. This is good to build a long-term working relationship.


5. Freelance Tax arrangement

Paying tax is one of the civil responsibilities. As the outsourcing companies will also file tax to the government. Some of the freelancers might not only need to file profits tax but process business registration. You can choose either to charge your customers in the name of either individuals or companies.

freelance tax

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Personal Tax PreparationCompany Tax Preparation


6. Expand your horizon

If you wish to reach more customers, you must leave your own comfort zone! By meeting more people, you can reach more customers and have more freelance jobs.


7. Enhance your freelance portfolio

For jobs like freelance translator HK and freelance designer, your portfolio can sort out your experience and let your potential customers understand your previous work and working style. You can put your portfolio on the Facebook page or webpage to promote.


freelance portfolio

To attract more customers, you have to enhance and improve your portfolio! You can seek help from HelloToby’s resume editors for optimizing your portfolio!

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8. Make good use of the freelance platform

Apart from using the Facebook page and website to find potential customers, you can make good use of some freelance platform like HelloToby to find customers who might need your services.

freelance HK

Don’t forget to check out the Marketing section if you want to find more customers!


9. Self-management

Even though the freelance work is very flexible and the income earned can even more than a mere full-time employee. Yet, all the hard work cannot be done with good self-management. You should build up your own personal network before you resign your full-time job and use your spare time to do freelance jobs. In this sense, you can understand your working time needed and train up your self-management skills.


10. Wealth management

If you have a full-time work, the money earned by being a freelancer can be deemed as an additional income. Still, you should learn how to manage your income properly and avoid spending it randomly. You should save them up or invest them. If you are a full-time freelancer, you should even better learn how to manage your wealth since the business can be bad sometimes.


You should be more firm on the payment issue like setting the arrangements on how to receive deposits from your customers and have freelance invoice. These can help you reach a good wealth management.


Before considering starting a freelance career, you can take a look from the past experience.

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