【 Slash guide 】Top 10 outstanding Slash in Hong Kong

Many university graduates and experienced workers wish to find a secure job with high income and good benefits. Still, this is no longer the case owing to the economic transformation. The job market has become more competitive than ever that there are not many jobs with the above benefits. Do you still want to work for your own boss like forever? If no, you can be your own boss by receiving jobs with different nature directly from other clients, and you can also work at home! The people who work in this way are known as slash. HelloToby shows you 10 extraordinary slash in Hong Kong.

1. What is slash meaning?

Slash means the symbol “/”. The reason why they are regarded as slash is that they use “/” to show they receive different freelance work on their CVs. On their CVs, they will show “Job 1/Job 2/Job 3” to introduce themselves. The word slash was first invented in the US to describe the young people who don’t have a stable job and start having their own slash career.

Some people criticised the freelancers and slash for being a NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training). However, slash is completely different from that. They are knowledgeable, ambitious, having different life goals, wishing to have an all-round self-development and self-empowerment. There is no exact threshold to become a slash. They don’t need to be well-educated or affluent. They need to have their own special skills by involving different kinds of work so that they are competitive enough not to be replaced by anyone. According to a report conducted by HKFYG, more than half of the post-80s or post-90s interviewees have worked as freelance HK workers since it can earn more money and have more control over the time-management.

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2. 10 excellent young Slash in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, there are many freelancers who dare to chase their dream. Here are 10 talented slashes with different outstanding skills from different sectors. Their experience worths to be learned.


2.1. Eman Lam (林二汶)

Credits to Eman Lam

In her own book, she regarded herself as a slash and the boss of herself. Apart from being an independent singer, she started expanding her slash career path to other sectors, such as advertisement narrating and writing for newspaper columns. She believes that slash is not used to differentiate experts and generalists but how you manage your own life.



2.2. Elva Ni (倪晨曦)

slash career
Credits to Elva Ni

As the winner of the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant in 2005, she later worked as a model in Hong Kong. Besides, she engaged in movie production, advertisement production, Event MC, TV program MC. Besides, she involves in non-entertainment businesses like yoga-teaching, e-commerce, make-up teaching. She is undoubtedly an all-rounded slash.



2.3. Vincci Cheuk (卓韻芝)

Freelance HK
Credits to Vincci Cheuk

Cheuk worked as a DJ when she was still 13 years old. She was well-known for the radio program Gee See Goo Bi. Since then, she worked as a director, a program host, a screenwriter, a voiceover, a lyricist, an advertisement endorser. Besides, she created comics, stand-up comedy. Along with her grandma, two of them wrote books together and produced a TV traveling program.



2.4. Jenny Chan (陳珍妮)

work at home
Credits to Jenny Chan

Known as the “Slash Queen”, the former TVB news host Jenny Chan received different jobs. She works as an English and Cantonese MC, a program host, a marketing promoter, a content writer, a translator, a language trainer, a shadow writer, a French teacher, an English teacher, a stock commenter. She is interested in dancing performance and Shu Shu.



2.5. Lisa Cheng (鄭麗莎)

Credits to Lisa Cheng

Known as ‘Hong Kong’s Spider-Girl’, Cheng was the winner of Cheung Chau Bun scrambling competition. She doesn’t only represent the Hong Kong bodybuilding, rock climbing, gymnastics teams. She is also a recognized trainer of fitness, rock climbing, gymnastics, boxing, Muay Thai, healthy dance, healthy ball, belly dance. In her spare time, she worked as a visiting lecturer at different universities, a TV programs host, a columnist, a model, a stage actress, stunt actress and brand endorser. After giving birth to 3 children, she is popular among the mothers. Saying that she is an outstanding slash is not exaggerated.



2.6. Cat Ng (吳天麗)

Credits to Takumiphotography

Ng was a former beach volleyball player in Hong Kong Beach Volleyball Team which represented Hong Kong to join the Incheon Asian Games. She is also a tattoo artist who made herself a tattoo of Golden Bauhinia on her foot. She hosted on sports program on VIU TV before.



2.7. Will Cho

slash career
Credits to Will Cho
Credits to Will Cho

The post-80’s Will Cho is one of the most down-to-earth slashes. He doesn’t graduate from any top university. He even was dropped from his IVE diploma to work as a part-time worker in the coffee shop for a few years. To balance his working stress, he continued to work as part-time and travel around the world. The starry night sky photos taken on the Sunset Peak by him went viral on the internet. He was thus nicknamed as “little prince of the galaxy”. He was thus invited to be an advertisement actor, a columnist, a host of TV hiking program. He is now a landscape photographer.



2.8. Siu Hak (小克)

work at home
Credits to HOKKfabrica

Siu Hak is a local comic artist in Hong Kong. He is well-known for his work “Deaf Cat”. He is also a lyrics writer for cantopop. His song includes “If I were Eason Chan” by Mr. He also made a parody on different songs. He also knows how to make the animation that he worked with the director Wong Kar Wai as a freelance HK animation maker. He was an illustrator to create the cartoon Mood Board.



2.9. Queenie Chan (陳莉敏)

slash meaning
Credits to Queenie Chan

Chan participated in Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1995. She worked as a model and a flight attendant. However, she was well-known for undergoing plastic surgeries for 30 times. She shared her plastic surgeries, facial tips and dating experience with her reader on the blog. The hit rate of her blog posts exceeded 90 million times. She proclaimed herself as “first Web-j in Hong Kong”, “Cixi-class blogger”, “Big sister in Youtube”. After gaining popularity, she worked as a programme producer, a reality TV show host, a columnist, a medical beauty consultant, an online store owner, a recipe author, an accessories designer, and a creative director.



2.10. Erica Yuen (袁彌明)

slash career
Credits to Erica Yuen

After leaving the entertainment industry, Yuen worked for the newspaper media as a columnist and a video-maker to teach make-up skills and share her political views. She set up a grocery store Mi Ming Mart to sell skincare products. She is also a chairperson of a political party and ran for the Legislative Council campaign.


Are you impressed by the achievements made by these slashes? Don’t underestimate yourself, you can also be a successful slash. By trying different work, you can earn more experience and be as successful as them!


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