【 Successful CV 】10 Things You Should not Do on Your CV

Sending resume is the first and the most important step in job application. When you are applying for a job, your CV is the first impression you will leave to your potential employers. If you fail to write a good one, you might thus lose the chance to be shortlisted by the HR officers! How to write a CV which avoids all the CV mistake? Or confused by the CV format? HelloToby gives a breakdown below.

1. Include too much personal information on your CV

It is already enough for your CV to contain your name, email address and contact number. Including personal information like address, marital status, date of birth and ID card number on your CV is not necessary. You can provide them when you fill in the job application form during the interview.

CV mistakes


2. Irrelevant job experience

Imagine you are going to apply a marketing job, it is unnecessary to write down the clerical work you have done before. Writing too much irrelevant working experience only wastes the space on your CV.


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3. Lengthy CV – one of the greatest CV mistakes

The CV format should be concise and informative! Even though you might want to express yourself, writing a long CV might only make it not user-friendly for the HR officers to read. A proper CV should only contain 1 to 2 pages and use point forms. If you don’t know how to write a good one, you can always go through good resume sample and CV template on the internet.


4. Reference Details

Some people tend to include the information of the former employers on your CV. It just wastes your space on the CV if your employers do not request you to write down the reference information.

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5. Vague CV Summary

Apart from mentioning resume skills, job duties, and working content, your achievements are more appealing to the employers. Adding statistics like “helping the company to cut 10% cost” or “increase sales revenue by 20%” will allow the employers to understand your ability more.


6. Inconsistent typing format

CV mistakes like inconsistent use of fonts and wrong spacing will leave the employer a bad impression on you as it looks very informal and unprofessional. If you want to emphasize on any points, you can simply bold the word.

CV format


7. Wrong spelling and incorrect grammar

Having CV mistakes like spelling and grammar mistakes on the CV will harm your credibility. It will leave your employer a careless impression on you. To make sure your CV is grammatically correct, you need to check for a few times before sending the CV out. You can use grammar checking tool if you need further reassurance.

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8. A ridiculous email address

Using an email address with the name like HarryPotter@email.com and doglover123@email.com is undoubtedly considered one of the biggest CV mistakes. After the HR officer sees it, he or she might doubt your judgement. If you want your resume looks professional, you can consider opening another email addressl for the job application.

CV summary


9. Not tailor-made CV

One size does not fit all. Sending same CV to every companies will not guarantee a job interview chance for you. If you want your CV to attract your employers, you have to tailor a CV for them which fits its requirement and shows that you are a capable candidate.


10. Personal Hobbies

You are not advised to include your personal hobbies in your CV unless it is highly related to your applied job. For example, you can include illustrating as your interests if you are writing a designer CV. If not, your potential employer might not be interested in it.


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