【 10 Job Interview Tips 】How to Avoid Job Interview Mistakes?

How to prepare for a job interview? Interview is one of the most important parts in seeking a job since it can reflect your ability, personality and attitude to your future employers. However, rich working experience and strong academic background cannot secure your job offer. If you make blunders in your interview, not only will you leave a bad impression to your boss, but you will also be taken off the list immediately. For people who are desperate for job interview tips, HelloToby has come up 10 common mistakes made by the interviewees during the interview.

1. Avoid lateness – One of the greatest job interview tips

You are advised to arrive the interview venue 5 to 10 minutes earlier. If you are failed to attend the interview on time, this shows to your employers that you lack time-management. If you encounter any emergency situation when you are on your way to the interview, you should inform the Human Resources officer as soon as possible.

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2. Inadequate job interview preparation

You should do enough research before the interview. Some interviewees don’t know much about the details of the company and the job positions. Some of them even do not prepare for the job interview self-introduction! Before the interview, you should spend some time knowing more about the company and preparing for frequently-asked questions.


3. Unnecessary body gestures

One another important job interview tips is minding your own unconscious gestures. Appropriate body gestures can help you to express yourself. Yet, gestures like flicking hair, folding arm, shaking legs and biting fingers will leave a bad impression to the interviewer that you are an unprofessional and undisciplined person. You should try your best by not doing them during the interview!


4. Lack of eye contact

When you are introducing yourself or answering questions, you should always keep eye contact with your interviewer. Avoiding eye contact with them will leave an impolite and unconfident image to the interviewers. Even though you might answer their questions well, your behavior still leaves them a bad impression.

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5. Inappropriate interview attire

The definition of an appropriate interview attire largely depends on the job nature. In general, wearing a tidy blazer and a shirt is already fine. For design jobs, you can wear smart casual for the interview. Still, you are never advised to wear trousers or slippers for your interview.

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6. Bragging

It is reasonable for you to express yourself in the interview. Still, it doesn’t mean that you should lie or exaggerate your ability and qualifications. Experienced interviewers can identify if you are mentioning the truth. If you are lying about yourself, they will definitely kick you out after realizing that. With enough job interview preparation and interview skills, you can manage to answer the top job interview question already by using the job interview tips.


7. Concentrate on your phone

When you are waiting for the interview, you should never keep sending a message or frequently using your phone even you might feel extremely bored! It will let others think that you don’t care about this job. You are advised to turn off your mobile or switch your phone to silent mode in order not to interrupt the interview.

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8. Negative and passive attitude

Every employer prefers to have positive employees. Being too permissive or lacking confident are not preferred. Behaviors like being conceited, snobbish or criticising former employers will leave them a bad impression.


9. Interrupting others aggressively

It is good for expressing yourself in a confident way. Still, it doesn’t mean you should interrupt your interviewer when they are asking. If you are having a group interview, do not take all the chances to talk or refute others, this will leave an impression to others that you are not a team player and difficult to communicate.

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10. Do not ask question / asking bad questions

The interviewers usually will ask if you have any question regarding the job before the interview ends. If you refuse to ask, then you surely miss a good chance to show your passion for this job. Try to impress the interviewers by using some interview techniques to ask the details of the position or the company’s future plans. If you really don’t have any job interview question to ask, you can refuse to ask. It is still better than asking bad questions like “does this job need to OT?” or “when can I leave the office?”.


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