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Working in Hong Kong is a bleak image of long hours, strict expectations, and immense pressures. Therefore, in recent years, many people have opted for having part time jobs in Hong Kong. While working hours are flexible enough, they can still talk to their employers on their own terms and negotiate times that tie in to their schedules. However, although there are no clear thresholds for pursuing a freelance career, not everyone is competent! Immediately ask yourself the following 8 questions – and if you answer them well, a freelance work truly is the job for you.

1. Particular skills for freelance work

To be a freelancer, the most important stems to be very good at a specific area! Whether you engaging in a design freelance, freelance programming, or a IT freelance, it is best to have at least 1-2 years of relevant work experience, and it is even more satisfactory if you have a recognized qualification certificate! For example, if you have attended a course, held a license or a professional qualification, clients would be able to trust you to be professional and reliable.


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2. Work alone effectively under a long time

In most jobs, you work with other colleagues to share and distribute tasks and roles. If you encounter problems, you may discuss and ask each other questions. Apart from having a colleague and a supervisor, there will be work instructions to serve you and you will have someone to monitor your work progress and performance.

But to do everything you can to get a job done by yourself requires a lot of motivation. Receiving quotes, getting visitors, collecting contacts, and more – these are things you have to do yourself to fulfil all the necessary aspects of running a successful business. If you are accustomed to working alone, you may have no problem with Freelancing. But if you depend on exterior motivation, and are not suitable to working independently, you should think twice.

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3. Self-discipline

Don’t simply think freelance work is complete freedom – it’s really about time management and self-control. Usually, the client hires a freelancer in a time-constrained situation, and want a timely delivery of the request. If you want to establish a long-term relationship with your client, you may not be able to come forward with expediency or deliver goods after the deadline. If you have delays or lack the self-motivation to get work done by other’s time constraints, slash career may not be right for you.



4. Consistent standard of Freelancer

As mentioned above, a freelancer has to be self-made. Freelancers require dedication and must be motivated to complete all requests to the best of their ability, so that the client is satisfied, to ensure that the remuneration paid to work with the chief executive. If there is a mistake in the work, there is noone to check or edit your work – you bear the burden. So Freelancers must not do anything carelessly, and the quality of work should be guaranteed so a trust is established between the client.


5. Reliable network of people

To be a successful Freelancer, the most important thing is to establish relations with the guests – it is like the establishment of a fixed source of income. The best way is when you return to full-time freelancing with already a network of acquaintances and repeat buyers. Sometimes, when clients are especially happy with your work, they may recommend you to friends or other guests, effectively promoting you and your business.

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6. Communication and negotiating skills

One of the biggest problems faced by the freelancer is is to negotiate with clients from time to time. You have to know how to promote yourself, understand the needs of customers, and build good relations. In addition, it is not uncommon for Freelancers to be pushed down . In some cases, guests may ask for impossible results: whether it is a tight delivery deadline or unreasonable demands. It is important that the freelancer know how to negotiate and talk down such demands while retaining a good relationship with the client!

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7. Financial foundations

You may want to become a full-time freelancer, but when starting out, the customer source is not stable. If you do not have a successful job full on out, your income will not be stable. Your part time jobs also need to invest in themselves from time to time, such as purchasing the latest computer software, tools and equipment, and even enrolling in advanced studies.


8. Tolerate unstable life

If you engage in full-time freelance HK work, you can not expect to be able to go back and work anytime, or expect a quiet weekend free from working on requests. Freelancer can receive a client’s urgent calls anytime. If the workload is heavy or the time management is falling behind, you may need to work day and night. Ask yourself, can you tolerate a unstable life? If you are all about fixed scheduling and take a break from your lifestyle on a regular basis, you will not be able to fit in with a freelancing career.

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