Need Extra Income? Top 10 Freelance Jobs in Hong Kong (2018 Update)

For we the employed masses in Hong Kong, work is primarily for paying bills with the pipe dream that one day we would save enough to pursue our aspirations. Our monthly salaries may only be sufficient for daily expenses without the extra financial flex for saving enough to buy a place of our own or starting a business. Then is all hope lost? A good part-time job provides you with an additional income stream which can help you shore up your savings and beat the vicious cycle of “working just to get by”. HelloToby lists out the top 10 freelance jobs and their respective going rates, potential merits and shortcomings for your consideration. (→Chinese Version)


1. Online Language Tutor

Many people who register as language tutors on online language schools, use communication software such as Skype to teach according to a self-determined flexible work schedule. The rate for teaching Chinese depends on your teaching experience. The standard rate is around US$20 – $30 an hour and the tutor needs to pay subscription fees to the website. If you can maintain a good relationship with your students, this role can be a source of reliable long-term income.

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2. Data Entry

Data entry generally involves typing from a source or dictating from a recording. If you can type fast and accurately, data entry suits you best. You can work in an office for HK$60 – $80 an hour. If you would like to have flexible working hours, and are confident in your abilities, why not take up roles such as working on movie subtitles or transcription, which allows you to work from home and pays according to piece rate. Writing up an hour of video subtitles can net over HK$1,000 whereas typing out an hour long recording can be net over HK$500.

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3. Translator

Translation is one of the most common types of freelance work for many Hongkongers. The most common form is Chinese to English translation. Translating from English to Chinese pays less, netting around HK$0.5 – $1 per word whereas Chinese to English pays more at the rate of $0.8 – $1.5 per word. Translating in certain professional fields such as legal or academic publications yields higher pay.

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4. Graphic Designer

There are a lot of graphic design freelance jobs available but the pay tends to fluctuate. If the job is difficult to break down into small tasks, you can estimate the duration of time needed and quote a flat rate of HK$300 an hour which would net you an overall fee of HK$900 for 3 hours’ worth of work. Tasks which can be quantified such as type setting can charge more than HK$120 per page.

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5. Writer

Is writing still a worthwhile enterprise? In the digital realm, many websites are in need of constant content to promote site wide audience engagement which in turn drives a lot of demand for freelance work in content writing. The charges are normally tabulated by piece rate at roughly HK$0.3 – $1 per word. If you are a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or a renowned expert, the fee can be over HK$10 per word. You can simply work at home, finish the writing jobs and earn money online in Hong Kong!


6. Video Production

Video production is another popular line of freelance jobs. The nature of work within the profession is predominantly on a part-time basis and they are constantly in need of talent. Even undergraduates can get a lot of work. Freelancers can charge HK$1,000 – $2,000 for editing a 1 to 2 minute long video whereas actually making a video from scratch can net you more than HK$10,000.

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7. Delivery

If you have a motorcycle license and enjoy the ride, delivering fastfood can be your choice of freelance job in Hong Kong. An hourly pay of HK$60 is the working standard and some companies also offer commissions on a per order basis. The more orders you deliver, the higher you are paid.


8. Part-time Waiter/Waitress

If you do not have a specialist skillset, part-time waiting is also an option. The hourly pay is above HK$40 and over HK$70 – $100 for waiting in hotels. Though there are many apps which help you to find waiting jobs, it is nonetheless more advantageous to have an agent to guarantee a regular stream of work. One of the main benefits of waiting is that the pay is normally doled out in cash.

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9. Music Tutor

Tutoring musical instruments are also popular amongst many people. The pay starts from HK$100 an hour depending on grades. Take teaching piano lessons as an example, tutoring grade 8 piano could net as much as HK$500 an hour. If you teach at a music center, they would normally take 50% off your pay in commission fees. Setting up your own network and running your own business proves the preferable option. (Register as a music tutor on our platform now.)

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10. Performance Artist

More unpredictable than the other options at hand but with a huge potential payoff, taking part in casting calls be it as a part-time actor, model, musician or performance artist can net you a sizable pay ranging from HK$500 for a few hours work as an extra in a student film to an upwards of HK$20,000 for a two day commercial shoot. There are a few prerequisites for approaching this line of work, namely that you have a personal website, a small degree of prior experience and more importantly, a comp card which showcases your “best looks” and personal stats.

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