10 Top-Paying Jobs and their Starting Salaries for Fresh Graduates in Hong Kong 2017

When choosing a career, it is important that you take your strengths and passions into account, but you might also want to know which jobs pay well and offer great career prospect. If that’s the case, here are the 10 highest paying jobs and their starting salaries for fresh graduates in Hong Kong that you may consider. (→Chinese Version)

1. Management Trainee

Starting salary: HK$16,000 – $40,000

Management trainee programs provides comprehensive training for fresh graduates who aim for leadership and want to develop a professional career in the relevant industries. It usually takes around 1 – 2 years to rotate around different departments, allowing the trainees to get familiarized with cross-function business operations and be equipped with the required skills and hands-on knowledge of the markets. Some starting salaries of of MT in notable companies:

  • Jockey Club: Around HK$16,000 – $18,000
  • MTR: Around HK$20,000
  • Banks: Around HK$17,000 – $25,000
  • HKMA: Around HK$40,000

2) Surveyor

Starting salary: HK$20,980

The Hong Kong Housing Authority offers various building surveying graduate vacancies with a monthly salary of HK$20,980. Those who have obtained professional qualification can get promoted to assistant building surveyor (HK$25,000) and with certain years of work experiences they can apply for the position of building surveyor with a monthly salary starting on Master Pay Scale (MPS) point 30 (currently HK$56,755).

3) Pilot

Starting salary: HK$24,235 (GFS cadet pilot) – $36,000 (Dragonair cadet pilot)

There are mainly two ways of becoming a pilot in Hong Kong – either you join the cadet pilot programs organized by Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or the Government Flying Service (GFS) , or you enroll in a fight school and obtain a commercial pilot licence overseas. It is not easy to become a cadet pilot, however, as you need to be proficient at English and go through a series of assessment and tests during the selection process. The starting salary of a cadet pilot can be up to HK$36,000, varying from organization to organization.

4) School Teacher

Starting salary: HK$26,700 (CM teacher) / HK$28,040 (GM teacher)

In aided secondary schools, certificated Master/Mistress (CM) are non-graduate teachers posts for those who hold non-standard qualifications while Graduate Master/Mistress (GM) are for graduate teachers. The monthly salary of CM and GM grade teachers starts on $26,700 (MPS point 14) and HK$28,040 (MPS point 15) respectively. However, if you do not have appropriate teacher training (eg. PGDE), your starting salary would be one point lower than the normal salary.

5) Executive Officer II (EO)

Starting salary: HK$28,040 (MPS point 15)

EO has been one of the most popular jobs among fresh graduates in recent years, since civil service is a fairly stable and high paying career option. Executive officers are responsible for a wide variety of work including human resource management, departmental administration, system management as well as regulatory functions and complaints management.

6) Registered Nurse (General)

Starting salary: HK$28,040 – $30,000 or above

Graduate students with a degree in nursing can become an enrolled nurse with a monthly salary of HK$20,060. Those who have completed a pre-registration nursing program are qualified to become registered nurse and entitled to higher starting salary on MPS point 15 (currently HK$28,040). Since Hong Kong has been facing a critical nursing shortage, some private hospitals are offering higher pay (up to HK$30,000 or above) to attract more high-quality nurses.

7) Police Inspector

Starting Salary: HK$39,660 – $42,110

Police inspectors earn a monthly salary of HK$39,660 and are entitled to various employee benefits such as education assistance, housing benefits, free medical and dental care. If you are a degree holder and have passed in “Use of Chinese” and “Use of English” in the Common Recruitment Examination can even start on HK$42,110 per month. If you aspire to join the force, you can apply for the Police Mentorship Program, which is open to all full-time non-final year undergraduates of 11 local tertiary institutes.

8) Trainee Solicitor

Starting Salary: HK$40,000 – $49,445

Law students who work as a trainee solicitor can earn around HK$20,000 in small law firms and up to HK$40,000 in international law firms. Some graduate students might choose to join the Department of Justice Legal Trainee Scheme, which provides legal trainees with 1 – 2 year practical training. Legal trainees (solicitor) will receive a monthly salary on MPS point 27 (currently HK$49,445).

9) Administrative Officer (AO)

Starting Salary: HK$49,445 (MPS point 27)

Administrative officers (AO) serve an important role in the government and need to take part in various kinds of areas such as policy formulation, resource allocation and launch of government programs. While AOs earn much higher pay than EOs, it is also much more difficult to become an AO than being an EO as candidates must display great sensitivity to current affairs and be familiar with government policies.

10) Medical Doctors

Starting Salary: HK$50,000 or above

Being a medical doctor has always been one of the most honorable professions in the society. To become medical practitioners, you need to complete a 6-year medical program and 1-year internship in accredited hospitals. Public hospital doctors starts on a basic salary of about HK$56,755 with monthly allowance of more than HK$15,000.

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